The Steve Jobs Theater, Where Apple Will Unveil The iPhone 8, Has A Big Secret

Apple has kept its 2017 iPhone models, including the highly anticipated iPhone 8, under wraps, and apparently, the auditorium where the devices will be unveiled also holds one big secret.

The iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus, and iPhone 8 will be unveiled in a Sept. 12 event in the Steve Jobs Theater, which will make them the first devices that will be announced inside Apple's new "spaceship" headquarters in Cupertino, California.

The Secret Of Apple's Steve Jobs Theater

The Steve Jobs Theater, named after the late visionary CEO who served as the face of Apple in its climb to prominence, will feature two customized rotating elevators. The elevators will turn as they ascend and descend, so that passengers will enter and exit the auditorium through the same door despite going in and out from different directions.

"So far, so Apple — the more elegant single door, with its complex engineering, preferred to the more obvious double-door solution," wrote Bloomberg's Alex Webb. An elevator with doors on each side will work the same way, but is apparently deemed too conventional by Apple.

The rotating elevators, however, is not the surprise, nor is it the auditorium, which takes up four stories underground.

After CEO Tim Cook and his colleagues finish their presentation of the new iPhones and other new Apple devices, an inside wall that hides a hollow space will be retracted to reveal the product demonstration space to the event's attendees. A vanishing wall to open up the physical products for attendees to hold sounds like a very dramatic unveiling, in a manner that Jobs himself would likely applaud.

Neil Cybart of Above Abalon uploaded blueprints of the floor plan of the Steve Jobs Theater, and it provides a clearer view of what Apple has planned for its Sept. 12 event. The attendees will enter the underground auditorium through the elevators, walking along a circular wall toward their seats. After the event, the circular wall that they passed will then be retracted to reveal the exhibit space, where the iPhone 8 will be waiting for them.

Apple Set To Unveil The iPhone 8

Only a few days remain before Apple unveils several new products, though it is the iPhone 8 that is getting most of the attention.

The iPhone 8 price is expected to range from $1,000 to $1,200, which is understandable given its rumored design overhaul and new features such as the Face ID facial recognition technology and wireless charging. All the details about the smartphone will be known on Sept. 12.

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