Apple has now officially sent out invites for a special event on Sept. 12, happening at its newly minted Apple Campus in Cupertino, California.

This marks the first event Apple will hold in its massive "spaceship" headquarters. This one, in particular, will occur at the Steve Jobs Theater, named after the company's late CEO.

Apple didn't explicitly say what it's for, but the company is expected to unveil the iPhone 8 during the said event. Previous reports predicted Sept. 12 as the official launch date for Apple's 10th-anniversary iPhone, and it seems they were just about right.

Steve Jobs Theater

The Steve Jobs Theater is one of the marvels inside Apple Campus. It doesn't look anything like a theater because the only thing visible is a glass-covered rotunda jutting above ground. The proper auditorium is actually underground, which is pretty cool. Jobs would probably be impressed. In fact, this whole campus was his idea.

iPhone 8 Unveiling Set For Sept. 12: What Else Do We Expect To See?

Aside from the new flagship iPhone and two rumored iterative upgrades to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple might unveil a few upgrades across its entire product line, such as the Apple Watch Series 3, which is reportedly LTE-capable and more phone-independent than last year's model, and a 4K and HDR Apple TV upgrade.

iPhone 8 Rumors

The iPhone is perhaps this year's most speculated phone. Up to this day, rumors still keep flying about, unsurprisingly, and some of them actually make sense.

OLED Display: The phone will allegedly have an OLED display — a first for the iPhone — and minimal bezels on all sides, which essentially makes the front panel all-screen.

No Home Button: If the all-screen rumors are true, it only means Apple is ditching the home button and instead force users to teach navigational gestures. This leaves the question of whether Apple will also get rid of Touch ID in favor of a different biometric technology.

3D Facial Recognition: Since the iPhone 8 will reportedly have no home button, Apple will scratch Touch ID and replace it with sophisticated cameras that are capable of 3D facial recognition. While rational, this rumor is very likely to be false since Touch ID has become one of the key components of later iPhones.

Price: This is expected to be the most expensive iPhone yet, with a speculated price point of $999. The Galaxy Note 8, however, will retail for about $1,000. Perhaps this might be the era of luxury smartphones.

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