LOOK: These Twin Toddlers Battling The Flu Comfort Each Other With A Hug

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The video of twin toddlers Kolby and Kylan Rucker comforting each other amid their flu battle has touched the hearts of many. The twins shared a warm hug that has since been viewed by tens of thousands.

Viral Hug Video

Despite the current flu season being well on its way to becoming the worst in 15 years, there are still moments of compassion that manage to break through the cycle of disturbing news stories. One story in particular is that of the twin boys Kolby and Kylan, who were caught on camera comforting each other while battling the flu.

As it turns out, it was Kolby, who was first observed to have a fever. Soon after, Kolby developed a runny nose and had cough, and Kylan began exhibiting flu symptoms as well. Both tested positive for the flu, and their other brother came down with the flu also. Although the two were given a Tamiflu prescription, the drug was not available in the area, so they were instead given Children's Tylenol and Children's Motrin.

Amid their mother's worries, Kolby and Kylan had their own ways of comforting each other during their sickness, something they eventually shared with the internet. The video that has now gone viral shows the twin boys facing each other, clearly looking a little too melancholic for two-year-old boys. One of the young boys touches his brother's face, and the two young boys then share a hug.

The original Facebook post is captioned: "When the flu has hit and we have to get through this thing together."

The twins' mother, Kristina Watters, stated that none of her children were vaccinated, but that she will make sure to get them vaccinated in the future. So far, the boys have reportedly exhibited signs of improvement.

Worst Flu Season In 15 Years

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this year's flu season is on track to becoming the worst flu season in 15 years, perhaps even worse than the 2015-2016 flu season, which resulted in over 56,000 deaths.

So far, there are already 53 flu-related deaths among children, 80 percent of whom were not vaccinated. In the final week of January alone, there were 17 reported pediatric deaths. What's more, the end of January also saw the highest overall hospitalizations in about a decade, so much so that some officials have reportedly begun calling the season a "flunami."

Unfortunately, officials state that the flu season has not yet peaked and is expected to persist in the weeks to come. As such, they are urging the public to get vaccinated, especially since the average flu season can last anywhere between 16 to 20 weeks, and the nation is currently just in the 10th week.

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