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Japanese Scientists Figure Out Where Asteroid Ryugu Might Be From

Where exactly did the mysterious Ryugu asteroid come from? Japanese scientists think they now know the space rocks that could be its possible source parents.


Vegan YouTuber Yovana Mendoza Caught Eating Fish, Explains Health Issue

YouTuber Yovana Mendoza is now explaining herself after a video of her eating fish surfaced. She explains that she had to add meat to her diet due to a health condition.

Healthy Living/Wellness

Massive African Watusi Steer Brought To Petco To Test Leashed Pets Policy

Two ranchers brought an African Watusi to Petco to test the store's policy on bringing pets. Fortunately, Oliver was warmly welcomed to the local Petco.

Feature | Culture

Geostorm To Give Northern US, Canada Chance To See Aurora Borealis

People in places such as New York, Michigan, and Maine may have the rare chance ot witnessing the aurora borealis this weekend. This is due to a geostorm that will bend around the Earth's magnetic field.


Some ADHD Drugs May Increase Risk For Psychosis

Can medication for ADHD increase the risk for psychosis? Researchers of a new study found that while the risk is still low, the Adderall type of drugs can.

Medicine March 22, 2019

Strawberry, Spinach, Kale Top Dirty Dozen List Of Food With Cancer-Causing Pesticide Residues

What are the fruits and vegetables included in the most recent 'dirty dozen' report? The popular kale is nearly at the top of the list, following strawberries and spinach.

Public Health March 22, 2019

Dozens Of New Species Discovered In Fossil 'Treasure Trove' In China

Researchers are describing a treasure trove of fossils along a river in China. Half of the dozens and dozens of fossils are of previously undescribed creatures, and they suspect there are more.

Ancient March 21, 2019

Space Orbiter Captures Image Of 'Hairy Blue Spider' On Planet Mars

Incredible new images from the ExoMars mission show the surface of Mars. One of the photos appear to show 'hairy spiders' that are actually the result of dust devil activity.

Space March 16, 2019

Three Or More Eggs A Week Linked To Increased Risk For Heart Disease

Are eggs more good or bad for the health? A new study adds to the debate, and unfortunately, it's not very good news for people who love to eat eggs.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 16, 2019

Critically Endangered Porpoise Found Dead, Conservationists Say Possibly Less Than 10 Of Species Left Alive

The carcass found by conservationists is believed to be that of the critically endangered vaquita porpoise. It is possible that only 10 of the species remain alive.

Animals March 15, 2019

Claire's Recalls Makeup Products Because Of Asbestos Contamination

Claire's is conducting a voluntary recall of three cosmetics products for possible asbestos contamination. If inhaled, asbestos can cause serious adverse health issues.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 14, 2019

Softer Foods Gave Ancient Humans Ability To Pronounce 'F' And 'V' Sounds

How did humans come to pronounce the letters "f" and "v"? Researchers of a controversial new study believe that it may have something to do with a shift in ancient humans' diet.

Ancient March 14, 2019

More Young Adults, Teens Experience Mental Health Problems In Past Decade

The percentage of teens and young adults with mental health issues increased sharply in the past decade. What may be the cause of the increase?

Healthy Living/Wellness March 14, 2019

Ferry Hits Marine Animal In Sea Of Japan Injuring 80 Passengers

A ferry in Japan carrying 121 passengers and four crew members possibly collided with a whale. Many passengers were injured, 13 of which were serious.

Feature | Science March 9, 2019

California Man Ernest Quintana Told He Was Dying Via 'Robot' Video Call In ICU

A California hospital is now under scrutiny after a 78-year-old in the ICU was told he only had days left to live via a robotic video call. His family is upset with the way the news was broken.

Feature | Health March 9, 2019

Rabid Raccoons Identified In Manhattan For The First Time Since 2011

Rabid raccoons have been found in New York for the first time in eight years. Health authorities are urging New Yorkers to vaccinate their pets.

Public Health March 9, 2019

World’s Oldest Tattoo Kit Includes Tool Made From Human Bone

Researchers rediscvered four ancient tattoo tools that were thought to be lost in a fire. Together with an ink pot discovered in 1963, the find is the world's oldest known tattoo kit.

Ancient March 9, 2019

NASA's New Horizons Team Releases 3D Images Of Ultima Thule

It's time to bring out the 3D glasses or practice crossing the eyes. NASA released new images of Ultima Thule, showing the KBO in 3D.

Space March 9, 2019

LOOK: Hubble Image Shows 2 Galaxies Colliding

A new image from NASA and ESA's Hubble Space Telescope shows two galaxies colliding. The two galaxies were initially thought to be a single, irregularly shaped galaxy.

Space March 9, 2019

SpaceX Crew Dragon Set To Return To Earth From Inaugural Mission

The Crew Dragon is set to return to Earth after five days of being docked to the International Space Station. It now has to prove that it can safely return home in one piece.

Space March 8, 2019

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