The Most Searched Celebrity On Google In 2014 Was...


There were many movers and shakers this year who entertained us, broke our hearts and even changed the world. However, only one famous individual reigns supreme as the most searched on Google in 2014, and it kind of hurts.

Robin Williams topped Google's annual list of the top 10 trending searches worldwide. The actor, whose tragic death on Aug. 11, 2014 shocked the world, was understandably a major search term on Google this year with fans trying to understand what happened, but even more importantly to find ways to celebrate his life and legacy online. Williams also topped the "Loss" category, followed by other heartbreaking passings this year of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Peaches Geldof, Shirley Temple and Maya Angelou.

The only other individual to make it into Google's top trending searches list was Conchita Wurst, who won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Wurst, who is the drag name of Tom Neuwirth, turned heads for her win of the legendary European song competition because of her performance of "Rise Like a Phoenix" and also for her unique brand of drag, wearing a completely feminine look with the exception of a full beard on her face.

Google's list of most searched people of 2014 is star-studded, filled with celebrities who bared it all, won it all and lost it all this year. Jennifer Lawrence, who starred in two major movie franchises (The Hunger Games and X-Men) this year and was also at the center of this summer's celebrity nude photo leak, earned the top spot on Google's trending people list. She was followed by Kim Kardashian, who of course made a huge splash this year with her marriage to Kanye West and her recent revealing Paper Magazine cover. Julie Gayet came in at No.3 on the list, and although she may not be a household name in the United States, you probably know of her at least. The French actress made headlines this year because of her alleged affair with Francois Hollande, the president of France.

The athletic category of trending Google searches of the year was a similarly international affair. Footballer James Rodriguez was No.1. The 23-year-old was a midfielder for Colombia in the 2014 World Cup. Michael Schumacher, the German Formula One champion who was left paralyzed after a skiing accident at the end of 2013, was the second most trending athlete on Google this year. America's Ray Rice took the No.3 spot on the list.

Head over to Google to see the full lists and check out the complete Year in Search.

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