CES 2015: Hyundai Blue Link will Let You Start, Lock, Unlock Car Remotely Using a Smart Watch

Hyundai has announced a revamped technology that will let its customers start, stop, lock and unlock their cars from a distance by using only their smart watch.

Dubbed Blue Link, the next-generation remote starter technology will be demonstrated at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas from Jan. 6 to 9 and at Pepcom's Digital Experience also in Las Vegas on Jan. 6.

The older-generation Blue Link first became available in the 2012 Hyundai Sonata mid-size sedan and was passed on through the 2013 lineup. Previously, owners of the said vehicles could start their cars using the Blue Link app on their smartphones, a service also offered by other companies specializing in remote starter technologies.

The new Blue Link, however, signifies Hyundai's expansion into the burgeoning wearable industry by allowing drivers to control their vehicles simply by swiping the screen on their smart watches or uttering a voice command.

"Connecting to your car through a smart watch and voice recognition was previously something seen only in science fiction movies," said Barry Ratzlaff, Hyundai Motor America's executive director of customer connect and service business development. "Now, we can provide this capability to owners of Hyundai vehicles equipped with Blue Link."

These vehicles include the 2015 Sonata, 2015 Genesis and Azera full-size luxury sedans. All vehicles equipped with the older Blue Link will also receive the upgrade to the next-generation Blue Link when the technology begins rolling out.

To use Blue Link on a smart watch, users can simply tap the icons on the watch to choose which task they want the app to carry out. They can also tap the microphone icon to speak into the smart watch to order Blue Link to do things, such as activating the remote start or remote stop. Users can also lock and unlock the car doors, turn on the lights or honk the horn from remote locations using Blue Link.

Hyundai also added a few more features that sweeten the deal, such as the ability for Blue Link to find the owner's car in a crowded parking lot and immediately call roadside assistance or Blue Link's technical support.

Blue Link on a smart watch needs to be paired with a smartphone with the same app via Bluetooth, and the phone must have an Internet connection via data or Wi-Fi for it to communicate with the car's electronic system.

Hyundai partnered with Station Digital Media to develop the smart watch app for Blue Link.

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