Woolet Is The Smart Wallet You Will Never Lose

5 March 2015, 1:45 am EST By Anu Passary Tech Times
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Woolet - a next-gen smart wallet - claims to keep your cards and cash safe. The ultraslim men's wallet can be synchronized with your smartphone, ensuring that it is always connected with the user.  ( Woolet | Kickstarter )

Are you absent-minded and do you misplace your wallet frequently? Fret not as Woolet - the smart wallet it's very hard to lose - is coming to play savior.

Woolet is a next-gen smart wallet that claims to keep your cards and cash safe. The ultraslim wallet is designed to be synchronized with your smartphone, which basically ensures that this Bluetooth-powered wallet is always connected with its user.

"We set out to create the ultimate wallet to keep men's most essential belongings safe. A no-compromises wallet that you will never lose. A smart wallet that protects your valuable cash and cards in every situation," notes the project description on Kickstarter.

At just 9.9 mm thick, this smart wallet is made of "quality, durable leather" and is handcrafted. Another plus is that Woolet is self-charging so users don't need to splurge on expensive batteries. Developers are testing recharging by movement and body heat.

The wallet is also big enough to accommodate the world's major currencies. Woolet's mini-sensor syncs to a user's smartphone and offers protection in five different ways.

The standout feature of Woolet is that if it is synced to a user's smartphone and the distance has been set (between 20 feet to 85 feet), then users will get an alert if they have left their phone somewhere or if it gets stolen.

The built-in distance tracker has an accuracy of close to 0.4 meters. The app also remembers where Woolet was last if you misplace it and will aid you in retracing your steps. If you lose it, you can make it ring to find it. It also comes with an RFID-blocking sleeve.

Woolet will be compatible with devices running Android or iOS. If the company exceeds its Kickstarter goal then a Windows Phone app maybe in the offing, too. To be compatible, smartphones need to support Bluetooth 4.0 or 4.1. The basic model starts at $99, and

Woolet will be available in two hues: classic suede and black. With 29 more days to go, the product has already sauntered past its $15,000 goal. The campaign has already raised $101,206 and has 799 backers (at the time of writing).

Those who would like to pledge money for Woolet can head to the Kickstarter page where the campaign runs through April 2.


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