Turning water to wine: Say hello to Jesus-inspired Miracle Machine


A machine that can make wine using an iPhone? A soon to be launched Kickstarter campaign can make that a reality. Two-dollar a bottle of red wine, anyone?

Inspired by the miracle of Jesus Christ, Kevin Buyer and Philip James, president and chairman of Customvine, respectively, found a perfect blend of Cana, Silicon Valley, and Napa Valley. The duo who are both veterans of the wine industry challenged themselves to find the right formula to inject a lot of science in wine production and came up with a product called The Miracle Machine.

"Kevin and Philip spoke to their friends in Silicon Valley. They explored the possibility of accelerating the winemaking process using a low amount of heat and a computer controlled environment. They also looked at the precise chemical breakdown of some of the finest wines in the world and realized that just as the scent industry is able to simulate smells, it is possible to replicate the delicate flavors of highly sought-after vintages," the website of The Miracle Machine stated.

The Miracle Machine lets anyone make their own wine at home. No vineyards needed. No long wait time. No mistakes. All consumers get is their perfect blend ready to be poured into their wine glasses. It is a device that might evoke a "wow" reaction even from people who don't drink or have liver cirrhosis. It might have a sticker price of $500 when it hits the shelves.

All wine lovers need to do is put a "wine kit" of ingredients into The Miracle Machine, run an app on their smartphone and pick what blend of wine they want to make, wait for a bit, and enjoy the wine.

The wine kit consists of a grape concentrate, yeast, and some other ingredients that can be bought from Customvine and Amazon after The Miracle Machine has been launched. Aside from empowering wine lovers to make their own wine, the new gadget also aims to save them money as it estimates the cost of a bottle of wine made using the device at $2. The company also plans to launch a wine club that can provide enough kits for a month's supply of wine for just $10.

There are six options for now: Burgundy white or red wine, Sonoma's Sauvignon Blanc, Tuscan aged wine, Oregon's Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay similar to what the best of Napa Valley produces. The company plans to expand the choices to almost 15 blends in the next few months.

While Buyer and James will not share the details of how the "Miracle" is done, its website hints what happens inside the wine jar-shaped device.

"At the heart of the Miracle Machine lies the fermentation chamber. Obviously we're keeping the exact science under wraps, but we can tell you the chamber uses an array of electrical sensors, transducers, heaters and pumps to provide a controlled environment for the primary and, as needed, secondary fermentation stages," its website read.

The Miracle Machine will have a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter to raise funds for its production.

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