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21 Things You Didn't Know About DJI Drones

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a DJI drone! We look into some interesting facts, little-known details, and amazing features of DJI drones that dominate the multi-billion industry.

Company April 12, 2018

27 Most Inspirational And Motivational Quotes By Influential Leaders In Tech

Looking for an inspiration or a good confidence booster? Here are some words of wisdom from the most influential leaders of the tech industry.

People February 16, 2018

Teens Today Less Interested In Sex, Alcohol Compared To Counterparts From Previous Decades: Are Gadgets To Blame?

American teens today are not as interested in sex, alcohol, dating, or driving compared to older generations. Here's what's happening.

Public Health September 19, 2017

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Guide: How And Where To Find Hestu So You Can Upgrade Your Inventory

If you enjoy playing 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild' on your Nintendo Switch, here's a quick guide to help you start upgrading your inventory by finding Hestu.

Video Games March 11, 2017

Saturn's Tiny Moon Pan Looks Like A UFO, A Ravioli, An Empanada - But It's Not Weird At All In Space

The internet is in love with the latest image of Saturn's moon Pan, with people tagging it as the ravioli moon, UFO moon, and more. However, Pan is not weird at all, and here's why.

Space March 11, 2017

Can Rain Spread Diseases? Amazing Video Shows How Raindrops Propel Bacteria Flying Through Air

A new study paints a scary picture of how raindrops can help spread bacteria. Watch the video here.

Earth/Environment March 8, 2017

Best Galaxy S7/S7 edge Deals: Samsung Offers $250 Discount, Best Buy Includes $410 Worth Of Freebies

Looking for the best Galaxy S7 deals or the best Galaxy S7 edge deals? Check out these smartphone promos from Samsung and Best Buy

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 3, 2017

Colon And Rectal Cancer Rates Up Among Generation X And Millennials: Symptoms, Risk Factors And What To Do

Colorectal cancer incidents in young adults are going up in the United States, according to a new study. Here are the signs, symptoms and other useful information to give you a clearer picture about this disease that claims thousands of lives every year.

Public Health March 2, 2017

Nintendo Switch Review Roundup: Should You Buy The Game Console Or Should You Wait For Now?

Here's a Nintendo Switch review roundup to help you decide if you should buy the $300 game console or hold off purchasing for now.

Video Games March 1, 2017

Boston Dynamics Officially Unwraps Handle, A Robot That Can Go Anywhere (No, You Can’t Run Away From It)

Boston Dynamics rolls out an official video of its wheeled robot Handle. Here's what it can do.

Google February 28, 2017

AT&T Lowers Price Of Unlimited Data Plan, T-Mobile Swings Back With 3 Lines For $100 Offer

The unlimited data plan price war rages on, with AT&T offering new plans called Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Choice and T-Mobile sweetening the deal with a free third line.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 28, 2017

Nintendo Switch Games: List Of Confirmed Titles, Release Dates, And More

Can’t wait for the Nintendo Switch? Here’s a complete list of Nintendo Switch games to get you more excited.

Video Games February 27, 2017

Best Smartphone Deals: AT&T Samsung Galaxy S7 BOGO Offer, Best Buy Slashes LG G5 Price By $340

The excitement builds up as MWC 2017 opens its gates, but if you want to enjoy a BOGO Galaxy S7 deal from AT&T or an LG G5 with a big discount, here are the details.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 25, 2017

Cloudflare Leak: How Bad Is CloudBleed And What You Should Do

You might have heard of the Cloudflare leak and you might be worried if you're affected by Cloudbleed. Here are the details you need to know.

Security February 25, 2017

TRAPPIST-1 And Its 7 Earth-Sized Planets: Videos, Images, And Everything You Need To Know

Say hello to TRAPPIST-1, a star that's a lot younger than our sun, and the seven planets revolving around it. Here's how scientists discovered them using the Spitzer telescope, and check out what life could be like on these exoplanets.

Space February 24, 2017

Nintendo Switch Early Impressions: What The Experts Are Saying About The Hybrid Console's Hardware And Software

Planning to buy Nintendo Switch? We outline for you the first impressions of experts about the upcoming $300 game console.

Video Games February 24, 2017

Users Report 2016 MacBook Pro Keyboard Issues: High-Pitched Sounds, Non-Functional Keys, And More

Users are reporting 2016 MacBook Pro keyboard problems. Here's what we've learned so far about the MacBook Pro keyboard issues.

Apple February 23, 2017

Scratch That: Your Cat Will Not Give You Mental Illness

Owning cats does not up your risk for mental disorders such as schizophrenia and psychosis, among other mental illnesses. Here's the proof.

Public Health February 23, 2017

Android 7.0 Nougat Update Rolls Out To Sprint HTC 10 And AT&T LG G5

The Sprint HTC 10 and AT&T LG G5 Android 7.0 Nougat update has started rolling out. Here are the details of the release.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 21, 2017

Apple March 2017 Event: Be Ready For Red iPhone 7, iPad Pro 2 And 128 GB iPhone SE

A new rumor supports older rumors that it will be raining new iPad Pros during the Apple March 2017 event. And yes, there's more and here's what we know so far.

Apple February 21, 2017

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