John Oliver Destroyed Dr. Oz And It Was Hysterically Brutal


10 months ago, John Oliver called out Dr. Oz, pointing out Oz's endless affinity for bizarre dietary supplements.

Since that time, Oz has come under fire from a group of some of the top physicians in the United States. It doesn't sit too well with this group that Oz is allowed to serve as vice chair in the Department of Surgery at Columbia University, while also promoting what they call "quack treatments" on his daytime talk show. 

Dr. Oz recently addressed these accusations on an episode of his TV show and read a speech about the "fundamental right" in America of free speech — an argument that has nothing to do with the accusations leveled against him.

John Oliver being who he is, naturally couldn't resist commenting on Oz' arguments on his HBO show Last Week Tonight. Oliver annihilated Oz on last Sunday night's episode, using Oz' own arguments against him and poking fun at his pointless responses. Oliver then exercised his own "freedom of speech" as only he can.

Probably his choicest quip was when he address Dr. Oz directly, saying, "You are the worst person in scrubs who has ever been on television — and I'm including Katherine Heigl in that."

Watch the entire epic smackdown here

Last Week Tonight airs Sunday nights on HBO. Dr. Oz airs daily Monday through Friday in syndication.

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