Microsoft: India will produce the next breakthrough mobile app the world will love

4 April 2014, 4:05 am EDT By Lori Sandoval Tech Times
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There's something about tapping the skills set of people from other countries with diverse cultures because oftentimes, creativity is in the variety.

Microsoft Corporation has looked into its crystal ball and predicts that the next break breakthrough mobile application will come from --not from the United States -- India.

Why India? Well, as they say, maybe because it comes with the territory - India being a home to one of the biggest IT industries in the world. India also has developed over 10 percent of the current applications in the market.

As one of the largest software providers in the market today, Microsoft has high hopes that the next breakthrough in software development will come from that side of the fence.

"The fact that more than 10 percent of the apps are being developed by Indian citizens is a great thing. People want to tap in and acknowledge the power Indian developers have. There is no secret that India has a lot of software developers," said Joseph Landes, General Manager, DPE -Microsoft Corporation.

Which is why the company has encouraged all developers from India to create and bring to the table their brightest ideas and let the world know that latest breakthrough came from that country.

"I think, (what) we should do in India not just to be known in making apps. People know, we can do that and that we have great software developers. Now the next step would be to have that breakthrough app that everyone in the world uses and it came from India. That's a big thing. And we (Microsoft) spend a lot amount of time on it," Landes, who is now based in Bangalore, India, said.

It seems India has acquired a lot of attention from the company that the latter has its focus largely on the Indian market, even to the point of launching many of its new product releases, like those from Nokia, first in India before the U.S. market.

"India is doing so well, selling phones. People really love the Nokia brand, Nokia phones. In some ways the announcements (here) are more quickly applicable to Indian market," he explained.

Landes couldn't contain his enthusiasm and belief in the power of Indian developers, so he confirmed that things would happen as planned.

"It (next breakthrough app in India) is not just possible, it is going to happen," he said.

It makes one wonder, will India hit or meet expectations of its biggest fan? It remains to be seen.

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