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Study links Caesarian births to higher autism risk

New study claims that Caesarian deliveries may pose risks to babies, as it may contribute to the development of autism and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. Here’s what researchers say.

Life October 28, 2014

Global warming will trigger severe winters in Europe, Asia

Expect severe winters in Europe and Asia in the years to come, says a new study by Japanese researchers. Blame melting sea-ice in the Arctic for that.

Earth/Environment October 27, 2014

Scientists come up with quick, affordable Ebola diagnostic kit

To help in the detection of the Ebola virus, a British company has developed a diagnostic kit that would detect even the smallest amounts of the disease in as short as 90 minutes.

Life October 15, 2014

Smoking-related illnesses in the US hit 14 million

Tobacco smoking, the leading cause of preventable diseases, has caused 14 million medical cases in the United States, according to the recent findings published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Life October 15, 2014

Stem cell treatment for blindness seems safe, no side effects

A new study from a leading company in the regenerative ophthalmology field seems to further confirm that stem cell treatment is an effective method even in treating specific eye diseases.

Life October 15, 2014

Backpacker discovers three-inch leech inside her nose a month after Vietnam trip

A British backpacker brought home an unlikely souvenir from her trip in Vietnam—and it was stuck in her nostrils! Here’s what she found after a month.

Life October 14, 2014

Recipient of bionic eye in North Carolina sees again after 33 years [Video]

Larry Hester, 66, became the seventh man in the U.S. to receive a bionic eye device that will assist him to see things again, though, not as normally as his previous vision had allowed. Hester suffered from retinitis pigmentosa.

Life October 13, 2014

Study finds link between hormone loss and colon cancer

New evidence shows that the lack of the guanylin hormone in the body can lead to colon cancer. Researchers, however, acknowledged that further studies are needed to confirm this.

Life October 12, 2014

Bigger brain does not make one smarter: Study

Having a bigger brain doesn’t make you smarter or more intelligent than the others, a new study reveals. Scientists say there are exceptions to the rule.

Life October 9, 2014

Tobacco users at higher risk for oral HPV: Study

Smokers, beware: You may be more prone to a sexually transmitted infection called HPV-16. Researchers say 80 percent of cancers in the back of the throat are linked to HPV-16, which in turn gets transmitted through oral sex.

Life October 9, 2014

Rising seas may cause daily floods in US East Coast by 2045: Report

A scientific report reveals intense and severe flooding could be experienced in the U.S. 15 to 30 years from now. Find out if your city is at risk.

Animals October 8, 2014

Your coffee drinking habits are brewed by your genes

Coffee and caffeine intake has different effects on different individuals. A new study suggests genes may play a role to such differences.

Life October 8, 2014

India's Mars Orbiter Mission sends back its first 3D images of Mars

India has made history yet again by successfully capturing a 3D image of Mars through the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The anaglyph 3D image was generated using multiple pictures taken by the Mars Color Camera.

Space October 8, 2014

Healthy fat in olive oil can save a failing heart: Study

A new research suggests that a dietary fat found in olive oil can help save a diseased or failing heart. Here’s what the researchers said.

Life September 30, 2014

Talk therapy better treatment option than medication for social anxiety

Sometimes you don’t need a pill to treat social anxiety disorder, a new study found. A good psychotherapy or a good talk will do.

Life September 29, 2014

Scientists discover blood marker that may help in early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

Latest study by the MIT found that amino acid levels in the blood stream could define if a person has early pancreatic cancer. Here’s what the researchers said.

Life September 29, 2014

Central California experiences more than 500 weak earthquakes. Should you worry?

An earthquake swarm, which consisted of more than 500 weak earthquakes, has been recorded in Central California. Experts say it's no cause for worry, and here's why.

Earth/Environment September 28, 2014

Mount Ontake volcano in Japan erupts, traps more than 250 hikers [Video]

Mount Ontake, which is the second-highest volcano in Japan, erupted on Saturday, resulting to several injuries and hundreds of stranded hikers. Rescue operations are underway.

Animals September 27, 2014

Warming of Pacific Ocean off North America due to changing winds, not human factors: Report

Humans, hear this: We are not to blame for the rising temperatures in the Pacific Coast off North America, says a new study. So who is to blame?

Earth/Environment September 24, 2014

NASA launches Mars Balance Mass Challenge with $20,000 prize

NASA needs design ideas for payloads to be used in future explorations on the Red Planet Mars. Registration has just opened, and the winner will take home $20,000 as prize.

Space September 23, 2014

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