Terrifying Mobile Game Turns Your Phone Into A Found-Footage Horror Movie

As if watching reruns of Criminal Minds alone at night wasn't terrifying enough, a team of developers at the Kansas City-based Novum Analytics have released a trailer for their app that can turn your own house into your worst nightmare.

Night Terrors, an alternate-reality game, uses your phone screen and horror-trope sound effects to create an immersive (and terrifying - don't forget terrifying) experience that you can have right in the comfort of your very home.

Because demon eyes glowing in the dark just screams comfort.

According to their IndieGoGo page, the app uses your phone's camera to process everything in real time: "photorealistic elements are added to the camera feed. Audio is spatialized, mixed with the microphone feed, and then routed to the headphones delivering an immersive binaural audio experience." 


The game does have an imperative (besides making it impossible for you to fall asleep ever again): your mission is to save a girl that is trapped inside your house, and to, well, not die.

Novum Analytics also has some parting advice on how to win the game: "it doesn't involve sitting on your couch."

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