Mattel Debuts Tesla Model S Hot Wheels

At about $100,000, a fully loaded Tesla Model S P85D is strictly for adults. At a $1.09, a Tesla Model S Mattel Hot Wheels should be strictly for kids... but adults are bound to snatch them up quickly.

The miniature toy car, which comes in silver and red, is already a collector's item that can fetch $30 to $50, according to Bloomberg. That means adults will show them off as die-cast models on their shelves just as much as children will rev them up during playtime.

"Tesla is a brand that resonates across a range of consumers, from collectors to kids," said Chris Down, Hot Wheels senior vice president and general manager, speaking to Bloomberg.

"Everyone relates to the vehicles. Tesla designers came into our studio. To a kid, it has to look like 'Wow, that is like a life-size Tesla Model S.'"

Renowned designer Ryu Asada sketched the 1/64 scale model before it went into full production. The all-electric Model S is Tesla's second vehicle, with the Model X sport utility vehicle scheduled to roll out for purchase within the next few months. There's also a more economical Model 3 sedan on deck for 2017.

With Tesla located in Palo Alto and Mattel in El Segundo, the two California-based brands hope to keep the collaboration going strong in the future. Don't forget that Mattel still has Matchbox under its umbrella and it will also debut a Model S version.

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