Bentley loves Apple, films 'Intelligent Details' ad with iPhone 5s and edits with iPad [Video]


Bentley Motors tapped the power and efficiency of a smartphone to send a message across in its recent advertisement, Intelligent Details, shot using an iPhone 5s. The short film, lasting for four minutes and a half, was posted Wednesday on YouTube.

The film crew commissioned by Bentley made use of iPhone 5s attached to a special mount to keep the phone's camera steady while taking shots on the move. A special lens was also used and attached to the smartphone for better image quality. The short documentary evened out further details from the smartphone's bigger sibling, the iPad Air, thanks to its Movie and Photo feature said to help assemble the video. Other apps, such as the FiLMiC Pro, were also used. Rigs and adapters were also used. Interestingly, the video was edited right inside the brand's latest model in highlight: Bentley's Mulsanne.

A luxury motoring brand, Bentley shows the commissioned video in a classic black-and-white thematic scene said to be a documentary of the history of the company's cars and design philosophy. The video likewise shows Luc Donckerwolke, director of design, and SangYup Lee, head of exterior design, discussing Bentley's flagship and what inspired them as designers for the brand.

Featured in the short documentary is Bentley's Mulsanne model that costs $298,000 or £225,000.

"The film highlights the fusion of luxury, performance and technology within the Bentley Mulsanne and reveals the manner in which Intelligent Details was filmed, assembled and edited using the in-car connectivity and entertainment platform," the YouTube video description states.

It also shows how the car can use both electric power and petrol, as well as how it can be plugged for recharging. With electric power, the vehicle can be driven for 30 miles. The video says the iPhone 5s was mounted on a different chassis made from carbon fiber, one that is similarly used in sports and racing cars. The luxury vehicle also comes with tables intended for iPad as holder and for a wireless keyboard of Apple devices.

Bentley's ad is not the first advertisement shot with a smartphone, an iPhone 5s to be more specific. The London Fashion Show in September 2013, hosted by Burberry, was also recorded with said smartphone model, says research.

However, some analysts say Bentley's recent documentary of Mulsanne model plays more than a company gimmick to showcase Apple's technology or the power of smartphones in general. Rather, it further displays Bentley as a vehicle brand of timeless class and functionality but adaptive to new technology.

Below is the short documentary of Bentley Mulsanne.

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