Google now wants to keep your home secure with Dropcam buy


It is clear that Google wants total dominance of your home when it purchased Nest, now it is more apparent after a new report claims the company is seriously considering the purchase of DropCam for smart home security purposes.

Dropcam is the maker of connected home security cameras, and if purchased by Google, the company could see its business increase tremendously in the coming years.

It is not certain if both companies are still sitting around the negotiating table, but we'd like to think so since Dropcam is a perfect fit for Google and its plans to dominate the home. Dropcam has become popular in recent years since the company began its business back in 2009. The company is known for delivering high quality video and easy setup, so users won't have to scratch their hairs out to understand what needs to be done.

Dropcam even stores video in the cloud, but that is an extra cost to users. We expect if a deal with Google is met, storing recorded video to the cloud will transform into a free service, and such a move could attract more customers.

While getting into the home security game is a good fit for Google, and while the company might believe they can help protect homeowners from whatever is out there, the big question is, can homeowners trust Google with their privacy? Let's be straight about this, Google is an advertisement company and will always be an advertisement company. Furthermore, the more information Google has about us, the more powerful it becomes.

This is going to be a huge problem for Google, and the company will want to educate potential users of what it sets out to do.

We don't believe Google is planning something nefarious here, but that's beside the point. Information powers Google and we have a feeling the company might give users the option to give up their privacy inside their homes for new relevant services.

Microsoft came across problems with the Kinect camera since it is always on and connected to the cloud; it is likely since Google eats information for lunch; the company could come under a larger backlash than what Microsoft was forced to endure.

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