Samsung Unveils SleepSense, A Connected Sleep Monitoring Disk

3 September 2015, 6:04 am EDT By Brian Heater Tech Times
Samsung unveils SleepSense, a connected sleep-monitoring disk, at IFA 2015.
  ( Brian Heater | Tech Times )

Samsung's second big Internet of Things announcement at today's IFA kickoff event is all about sleep – something we haven't been getting a lot of this week.

The SleepSense is a flat disk that slips beneath the user's mattress, monitoring sleep and other vitals such as heart rate, breathing and movement in real time. According to the company, the little disk offers up to 97 percent accuracy with the data it collects on seven sleep points via a smart device. It can also send that information to loved ones via email in case of a problem.

And, since this is Samsung, after all, the system is connected to at-home devices like the air conditioner, thermostat and television via the SmartThings app, adjusting them accordingly based on a user's sleep patterns for a comfortable sleep environment that is crucial for good quality sleep.

It was developed in partnership with medical device manufacturer EarlySense.


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