Foxconn, Sharp May Still Build An LCD Manufacturing Plant In The US: Report

Sharp states that it is carefully considering the possibility of building an LCD facility in the United States. Some sources estimate that it will cost around $8 billion if it will be as large as the similar Sharp LCD facility in Guangzhou, China.


Amazon To Add 100,000 Jobs In The United States Over Next 18 Months: Should Credit Go To Trump?

Amazon plans to add 100,000 full-time jobs in the United States over the next 18 months, and the team of President-elect Donald Trump was quick in taking credit. However, the jobs might not be what Trump wanted in his campaign.

Business January 13, 2017

United Retires Jumbo-Jet Icon Boeing 747 Ahead Of Time

In a memo to its workers, United Airlines announces the accelerated retirement of its Boeing 747 fleet, called the "Queen of the Skies," once symbolizing what's edgy and advanced in air travel.

Business January 12, 2017

Instagram Stories Gets Full-Screen Ads As Daily User Base Reaches 150 Million

Instagram began embedding non-intrusive ads into its users Stories beginning Jan. 11. They contain unclickable promotional contents that will be paid according to the impressions they generate.

Business January 12, 2017

Walmart App Lets Buyers Scan Items While Shopping And Skip Checkout Lane

Tired of queuing up at long lines at your local Walmart? The company has relaunched an app that allows you to check out and pay for your groceries without having to wait for a cashier to become available.

Business January 11, 2017

Sonos CEO Steps Down After 14 Years Due To Heated Smart Speaker Competition

Sonos' John MacFarlane has already tendered his resignation after 14 years serving as the company's CEO. He will also relinquish his board seat, merely staying as a mentor for the company's employees.

Business January 11, 2017

Rolls-Royce And Jaguar Land Rover Experience Car Sales Growth In 2016

The global demand for both JLR and Rolls-Royce cars resulted in the two companies achieving sales growth in 2016. Rolls-Royce recorded its second-highest sales in the company’s 113-year-old history.

Business January 11, 2017

Alibaba Looks To Create 1 Million New Jobs In US, Billionaire Founder Jack Ma Tells Trump

Jack Ma, the billionaire founder of the Alibaba Group, had a 'great meeting' with President-elect Donald Trump. Alibaba is looking to create 1 million new jobs in the United States.

Business January 10, 2017

Sharp Gearing Up To Begin iPhone OLED Production In 2019

Sharp is reported to set up an OLED manufacturing plant in Zhengzhou, China, which will produce OLED panels for future iPhones. The factory will begin production in two years from now.

Business January 10, 2017

US-Based Snapchat Setting International Headquarters In Post-Brexit UK, Marking An Odd Move

While other tech firms such as Google, Facebook and Uber settle in countries with lower tax rates, Snap is making an odd move. Snapchat's parent company has decided to set its international headquarters in post-Brexit UK.

Business January 10, 2017

Samsung Shares Hit New Record High Despite Galaxy Note 7 Recall

By scoring a record high in the stock market, Samsung Electronics has bounced back and won over the confidence of its investors. With its Galaxy S8 set to release soon, Samsung seems to be on track to generate profits.

Business January 9, 2017

Sears, Kmart And Macy's Are Closing Down Stores: Here's A Full List Of Where They'll Shut Down

While many online businesses thrive, some of the more established businesses are not always able to keep up. Sears, Kmart and Macy's are the biggest examples of that -- the retailers will be closing down stores.

Business January 6, 2017

Tesla Motors' $5 Billion Gigafactory Now Online: World's Biggest Factory Starts Battery Production

The $5 billion Gigafactory is now online as Tesla Motors has initiated the mass production of lithium-ion battery cells at the facility. The move was made despite the fact that less than 30 percent of the Gigafactory's structure is completed.

Business January 4, 2017

More Twitter Executives Leaving: China Boss Kathy Chen Is The Latest To Depart

Twitter's Greater China managing director, Kathy Chen, has announced her departure over the weekend. Chen is the fifth Twitter executive to leave the company in the past few months.

Business January 3, 2017

Carpooling Services UberPOOL And Lyft Line Could Put NYC Taxis Out Of Business, MIT Study Finds

Three thousand four-person cars executed via ride-sharing services could serve 98 percent of New York City’s transportation infrastructure, according to an MIT study. Could it potentially replace traditional cabs?

Business January 3, 2017

45,000 Robots Keep Things Moving At Amazon Warehouses

Amazon makes packing and shipping items more efficient with the perfect mix of human and robot interaction

Business December 31, 2016

Tech IPO Expected To Pick Up In 2017: Snap, Uber, AirBnb And More

Market analysts predict that Snap Inc. will open the floodgates for the tech IPOs once it goes public in March next year. Companies such as Uber and Spotify are expected to jump on the bandwagon afterwards.

Business December 30, 2016

Amazon Patents Flying Warehouse That Delivers Parcels In Minutes Via Drones

Amazon has a new patent for 'airborne fulfillment centers,' basically detailing flying warehouses. The AFCs would be stocked with various items and ready to deliver parcels in minutes via drones.

Business December 30, 2016

Uber And Lyft Address Discrimination Concerns, Explaining Their Practices: Here's The Deal

Uber and Lyft have officially responded to a letter Senator Al Franken sent last month, following a study that pointed out discriminatory cases. The companies explained their practices and pledged to take further steps to combat potential discrimination.

Business December 30, 2016

Facebook Acquires The Eye Tribe: How Will The Eye-Tracking Startup Improve The Oculus Rift?

Facebook has acquired The Eye Tribe, which is an eye-tracking technology startup. The social media company made the acquisition to further improve the capabilities of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

Business December 29, 2016

Amazon Reports Best Holiday Season: More Than 1 Billion Items Shipped, Echo Speakers Top Sellers

Amazon had a terrific holiday season so far, announcing that it was its best ever. The company shipped more than 1 billion devices worldwide now and its Echo speakers enjoyed great success, but here are some other interesting stats.

Business December 28, 2016

CES 2017 Preview: What Are The Expected Trends And New Devices At The Upcoming Event?

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is coming soon, with CES 2017 to run from Jan. 5 to Jan. 8. Here are the expected trends for the annual event, along with some of the new products that will be showcased.

Business December 27, 2016

Snap Inc. Gets Better At Augmented Reality With Up To $40 Million Purchase Of Israeli Company

Snap Inc. quietly acquired Israeli startup Cimagine for up to $40 million, boosting its augmented reality division. The purchase caps off a busy year for the company, in which it rebranded from Snapchat and launched the massively popular Spectacles.

Business December 25, 2016

If Verizon Cancels $4.8 Billion Yahoo Acquisition After New Security Breach, What Might The Carrier Do Next?

Verizon's $4.8 billion acquisition of Yahoo's online operations might be in jeopardy after the disclosure of another security breach. If Verizon backs out of the deal, what might the carrier do next?

Business December 18, 2016

If Donald Trump Will Really Build A Muslim Registry, Count These Companies Out: Google, Apple, Uber, Facebook, And Microsoft, Among Many Others

Several tech companies have said that they will not participate in the creation of the Muslim registry that President-elect Donald Trump proposed during his campaign. Among the companies are Google, Apple, Uber, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Business December 17, 2016

Putin Directly Involved In Democratic Party Hacks? US Intelligence Officials Think So

U.S. intelligence officials reportedly have new evidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin was directly involved in the Democratic Party hacks. Putin reportedly wanted to undermine and discredit the United States as a global leader and hurt Hillary Clinton in the process.

Business December 15, 2016

Donald Trump Chooses Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick For Strategic And Policy Forum

Donald Trump has selected the CEOs of Tesla and Uber to be part of a group of business leaders who will meet with him from time to time to discuss issues. The president-elect also met with Silicon Valley executives last Dec. 14.

Business December 15, 2016

Facebook Is Thinking About Buying Original Video Content: Why Is The Social Network Considering Such A Move?

Facebook is in discussions to purchase original content from creative partners, including scripted shows, game shows, and sports shows. There is already a lot of video on the social network, so why is the company considering such a move?

Business December 15, 2016

Never Again Pledge: Tech Workers Oppose Donald Trump Muslim Registry On Fears Of Mass Deportations And Genocide

On fears of mass deportations and genocide, hundreds of technology workers from Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Mozilla and a slew of other companies signed a pledge not to help Donald Trump's administration create a Muslim registry.

Business December 15, 2016

Bill Gates Leads $1 Billion Green Energy Fund To Combat Climate Change: Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos Join The Initiative

Bill Gates and some of the world's richest individuals teamed up to pledge a $1 billion investment fund as part of an initiative called Breakthrough Energy Ventures. The fund aims to help advance clean energy production to counter climate change.

Business December 13, 2016

Donald Trump To Hold Tech Summit This Week: Attendees Include Tim Cook, Sheryl Sandberg, Larry Page, Satya Nadella, And More Top Execs

President-elect Donald Trump will be meeting with top tech executives this week in New York City. Among the attendees of the event are Apple CEO Tim Cook, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Alphabet CEO Larry Page, and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Business December 12, 2016

Bank Glitch Allowed Australian Man To Spend $1.3 Million On Luxury Travel, Sports Cars And Strippers

Security issues and systems-related problems in banks often lead to bad news for customers. However, for an Australian man, a glitch allowed him to have the ultimate bachelor lifestyle.

Business December 11, 2016

Amazon Go No-Checkout Store Is Real, But There Won't Be 2,000 Such Futuristic Shops - 'Not Even Close'

Amazon unveiled its futuristic Amazon Go grocery store this week, introducing a solution to eliminate checkout lines and registers. However, the company says it has no plans to open 2,000 such stores, 'not even close.'

Business December 9, 2016

AT&T To Refund $88 Million To Customers In Mobile Cramming Settlement With FTC

The FTC will now give out $88 million in refunds to customers as part of the 2014 mobile cramming settlement of AT&T. Current AT&T subscribers will receive bill credits, while former customers will be receiving a check in their mail.

Business December 9, 2016

Apple Supplier Foxconn Confirms Plans Of US Expansion: iPhone Price Could Go Up And Here's Why

Apple's assembly partner Foxconn confirmed plans of expanding its operations in the United States. If Foxconn makes iPhones in the country, the price of the smartphone could go up.

Business December 9, 2016

Microsoft's $26.2 Billion LinkedIn Acquisition Now Officially Closed

Microsoft’s $26.2 billion LinkedIn acquisition, the third biggest tech acquisition in history, is now a done deal. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief executive, said that the company plans to fuse Microsoft’s products and LinkedIn’s network together.

Business December 9, 2016

Uber Updates Rider Guidelines: If You Want To Keep Using The Ridesharing Service, Here's What You Should And Shouldn't Do

Uber has released a refresh on its rider guidelines, clarifying the expected behavior of passengers. The updated policies will likely only contribute to a better ridesharing experience for riders and drivers.

Business December 8, 2016

SoftBank's Masayoshi Son Promises Donald Trump $50 Billion Investment In The US

Business magnate Masayoshi Son of Softbank Corp. met with U.S. President-elect Donald Trump at the Trump Tower in New York to discuss a possible $50 billion investment in the United States. Said pledge could provide around 50,000 new jobs to American citizens soon.

Business December 8, 2016

Jack Dorsey On Donald Trump And On His CEO Jobs At Twitter And Square

Jack Dorsey thinks that Donald Trump using Twitter is 'fascinating.' Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and Square, has no plans of leaving any of the two companies.

Business December 7, 2016

Facebook Is Best Tech Company In Glassdoor's Best Places To Work 2017: Here's The Complete List

According to Glassdoor's list of 50 Best Places to Work in 2017 in the United States, social networking site Facebook is the second best option after Bain & Company. However, it is the best company to work for in 2017 for those in the tech sector.

Business December 7, 2016

How Amazon Go Cuts Checkout Lines And Cashier Jobs

The new Amazon Go grocery store offers customers a new shopping experience through automated services. However, the move could spell the end of jobs for millions of human employees.

Business December 7, 2016

Twitter Acquires Startup Yes Inc. To Hire A Former Googler As New Product Chief: How Will The Move Help The Social Media Platform?

Twitter acquired social media app maker Yes Inc. and made its CEO, Keith Coleman, as the company's new VP of product. Coleman is the sixth product chief of Twitter since 2007, filling a position that has been vacant since January.

Business December 2, 2016

Do You Think Donald Trump's Tweets Are Bad? You'll Hate The Fact That He Would Be Able To Text All Americans At Once

President-elect Donald Trump will soon gain access to the WEA system, which will allow him to send a text message to all Americans at once. Will Trump use the system similarly to how he airs his thoughts on Twitter?

Business December 1, 2016

GoPro To Layoff 200 Employees Following Karma Drone Recall

GoPro has fired 15 percent of its employees as it struggles to keep itself afloat. It is also currently dealing with a product recall and the departure of its president by the end of the year.

Business December 1, 2016

Cyber Monday Sales Smash Prior Records As Mobile Device Shopping Surges

Cyber Monday 2016 was a huge success. Online sales surged from those of last year’s big day, while the number of consumers shopping from mobile devices jumped significantly.

Business December 1, 2016

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