Amazon joins hands with USPS to offer Sunday delivery

Amazon customers in Los Angeles and New York can now get packages seven days a week.

Business November 12, 2013

Smartphones eating into DSLR camera sales

Shipments of high-end cameras including ones from Canon and Nikon could fall 9.1 percent by the end of 2013.

Business November 11, 2013

FCC announces mobile broadband speed test app for Android

The app by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is a broad-based effort to gauge actual download and upload speeds against advertised speeds of providers.

Business November 11, 2013

Gogo now gives you power to make inflight calls and SMS

Gogo's Text & Talk over Wi-Fi is one step closer to make full phone calls inflight. And a step closer to making your cattle class trip more miserable.

Business November 10, 2013

Analyst backs Ford's Mulally as likely successor of Microsoft's Steve Ballmer

An industry analyst predicts that Ford CEO Alan Mulally will be named Microsoft CEO come December.

Business November 10, 2013

Facebook quietly tests star ratings for business pages

Likes on Facebook might matter but soon, business owners may have to deal with a five-star rating system that reflect the sentiments of customers.

Business November 10, 2013

BlackBerry pins hope on John Chen, offers attractive package

John Chen, interim CEO of BlackBerry, is going to have a base salary of $1 million. He will also get a bonus, which will be around $2 million and stock whose worth will be $85 million.

Business November 9, 2013

Stephen Elop ready to sell Xbox and ditch Bing as Microsoft CEO: Report

If Stephen Elop becomes Microsoft's next CEO, Bing and Xbox could be in deep trouble.

Business November 10, 2013

Hackers hack, makes away with Bitcoins worth $1.2 mn

Hackers have made away with Bitcoins worth $1.2 milliom.

Business November 9, 2013

3rd Tesla Model S catches fire, burns stock

The Tesla Model S has caught fire, the third incident in five weeks.

Business November 9, 2013

Apple stores to offer iPhone 5s and 5c display and parts replacement service

Getting a brand new iPhone in exchange of a damaged unit might soon become history as Apple stores will soon begin hardware repairs and parts replacements of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Business November 8, 2013

HackerOne: Tech giants team up to offer bounties on Internet bugs

Facebook, Google and Microsoft have teamed up to offer bounties for hunting Internet bugs.

Business November 9, 2013

Microsoft COO Kevin Turner in race to become Steve Ballmer's successor

Microsoft Corp. board Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner is reportedly one of the internal candidates on the shortlist that has been prepared for finding current CEO Steve Ballmer's successor.

Business November 8, 2013

Canada blocked Lenovo-BlackBerry deal over security concerns: Report

The Canadian government had stopped Lenovo from acquiring BlackBerry due to security concerns.

Business November 8, 2013

Compuware recognized as Deep Application Transaction Management leader

Independent industry analyst firm, Research in Action has recognized Compuware as the no.1 vendor for Deep Application Transaction Management globally.

Business November 7, 2013

Twitter IPO: Shares soar nearly 100 pct on first day

Twitter began Thursday with a bang. The micro-blogging site couldn't have expected a better start.

Business November 7, 2013

Amazon joins hands with independent bookstores to boost Kindle sale

Amazon has launched a service called Amazon Source, which will allow local booksellers to sell Kindle and related accessories in their stores.

Business November 7, 2013

World's first character-based backup battery charger spotted on Kickstarter

Mimoco's BatteryBot, a character-based rechargeable backup battery for mobile devices, will be initially available in 10 designs.

Business November 7, 2013

Walmart glitch sends customers on online shopping frenzy

A glitch with Walmart website sent customers on a shopping frenzy as most products erroneously showed a price far below the real figure.

Business November 7, 2013

Tesla slips on battery shortage woes

Tesla shares slipped as the company announced that it is facing battery shortage issues.

Business November 8, 2013

Samsung promises dividend boost, dispels smartphone market saturation fears

Samsung has announced its plans to increase dividend yield and has dismissed market saturation fears in the smartphone space.

Business November 6, 2013

Google+ business users get more privacy

Business users on Google+ will now get more privacy.

Business November 6, 2013

Apple Arizona plant to create 2000 jobs

Apple is all set to grow its renewable energy-powered laboratory in Mesa, Arizona, which will produce sapphire crystals - the type used in iPhone 5s fingerprint scanners.

Business November 6, 2013

Google Helpouts launched (but you'll need to pay)

The Google Helpouts experts will assist people in myriad of areas ranging from making your dishes to applying the right makeup, all via video chats.

Business November 6, 2013

Mulally, Elop shortlisted to be Steve Ballmer's successor at Microsoft

Microsoft has reportedly shrunk the list of front-runners for CEO position as Steve Ballmer's retirement nears.

Business November 6, 2013

Alcatel Lucent seeks over $2 bn to fund recovery

Alcatel-Lucent is seeking $2 billion to put it on the recovery path.

Business November 5, 2013

Google injects $608 mn to boost Finnish data centers

Google has secures its spot in Finland for the long term with a new datacenter.

Business November 5, 2013

Wozniak hopes Apple cooperates with Google and Samsung instead of competing

BBC interviewed Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and he shared some interesting insights how tech companies should be.

Business November 5, 2013

iOS engineering head Henri Lamiraux retires

Apple's VP of engineer for iOS, Henri Lamiraux, has confirmed his retirement.

Business November 5, 2013

Are teens deserting Facebook for good?

Facebook posted gains on its mobile business but it admitted that teenagers might be looking elsewhere.

Business November 5, 2013

First Instagram ad unleashed: Michael Kors

The first Instagram ad has been released.

Business November 4, 2013

AT&T wants to buy Vodafone as early as 2014

AT&T may want to acquire Vodafone as early as 2014.

Business November 4, 2013

Oracle shareholders feel Ellison is overpaid

Oracle's shareholders feel that CEO Larry Ellison is overpaid.

Business November 3, 2013

Is Facebook interested in BlackBerry?

Facebook is rumored to be interested in making a bid for BlackBerry.

Business November 1, 2013

Dell finally goes private, delisted Tuesday

Dell Inc. has gone private and was delisted from Nasdaq on Tuesday, October 29.

Business October 31, 2013

1st Samsung Developer Conference sees launch of 5 new SDKs, more promises

Samsung has launched 5 SDKs at its first-ever developer conference.

Business October 30, 2013

Apple eyes Brazilian market

Apple is all set to open its first retail store in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, come February or March 2014.

Business October 29, 2013

Mysterious Google barge spotted in SF Bay: Latest Data Center or Google Store?

A mysterious barge belonging to Google has been espied in San Francisco Bay - a prototype data center or perhaps the Google Store?

Business October 29, 2013

Is Comcast unbundling HBO with limited channel package?

Comcast unbundling HBO? Not quite, but it's getting there.

Business October 30, 2013

Ford's Mulally won't join Microsoft...for now

Ford CEO Alan Mulally may not end up with Microsoft in 2014, according to new reports.

Business October 28, 2013

Google backtracks on its search banner ad promise

Search engine giant goes back on its 2005 promise of no banner ads on Google's home or web search results pages.

Business October 27, 2013

Tesla hires Apple VP to head car development

Tesla Motors has taken on board Apple's Doug Field to head its car development.

Business October 26, 2013

Bryan Cranston wants you to buy iPad Air in new video

"Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston is now pushing the iPad Air to consumers in Apple's newest commercial.

Business October 26, 2013

Instagram gives sneak peek of new sponsored ads

Instagram has released the first image of a sample ad, giving a sneak peek into the new sponsored ads.

Business October 26, 2013

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