Stephen Hawking turns into doomsday prophet (thanks to 'God Particle')

Stephen Hawking fears that the Higgs boson, a.k.a the God particle, could become unstable at energies above 100 billion giga-electronvolts and create a vacuum bubble that could destroy everything in the universe.

Energy September 10, 2014

Could our world be a 2D hologram?

A new study from the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory explores whether three dimensional reality is just an illusion.

Energy August 27, 2014

Climate change damage, a warming ‘hiatus,’ and carbon cuts: So much to do, so little time

The U.N. is in the process of drafting a report urging nations to start cutting carbon dioxide emissions before more damage to the climate from global warming becomes inevitable. A report by the IPCC debunks the idea that there has been a 'hiatus' on climate change in the past few years.

Energy August 27, 2014

Cutting carbon emissions: Boon for healthcare, boon for economy

There could be monetary benefits to cutting carbon emissions: healthcare savings. A recent study by MIT researchers shows that savings in healthcare costs can make up for the cost of some carbon-reducing initiatives.

Energy August 25, 2014

Go solar with a view using newly developed transparent cells

Researchers are working on technology that could turn every window or smartphone screen into an electricity generating solar cell. Transparent coating absorbs sunlight to create energy while still allowing a view.

Energy August 20, 2014

Go solar with a view using newly developed transparent cells

Researchers are working on technology that could turn every window or smartphone screen into an electricity generating solar cell. Transparent coating absorbs sunlight to create energy while still allowing a view.

Energy August 20, 2014

Scientists unlock energy conversion abilities of photovoltaic cells

New technique involving spectroscopy can quickly test an organic material's suitability for solar power cells. Advance could lead to more efficient organic photovoltaic cells, researchers say.

Energy August 20, 2014

Scientists develop technique to record quantum behavior of electron

A new report by researchers from collaborating universities significantly contributes to the developing science on quantum computing and opens new possibilities for further research. Here’s what they discovered and developed.

Energy August 18, 2014

Laser cooling technique raises microscope sensitivity 20 times

Researchers from The Australian National University were able to improve the sensitivity of atomic force microscopes by using a laser cooling technique, making the microscopes adept at detecting even a single virus.

Energy August 18, 2014

Electron’s quantum behavior recorded by lasers

Control of an electron's quantum state could bring quantum computers and information systems a step closer, researchers say. Technique uses laser light to observe, control the spin state of a single electron.

Energy August 15, 2014

This is how genetically engineered fruit flies can save humanity from hunger

Genetically engineered fruit flies can reduce the damage they cause to fruits and vegetables. The genetically engineered fruit flies produce only males.

Energy August 15, 2014

Hemp beats out graphene for high-performance energy storage

Scientists have discovered a new way to use hemp fibers to create electrodes that can more efficiently fuel supercapacitors than graphene, what was previously thought to be the top contender.

Energy August 14, 2014

Hemp beats out graphene for high-performance energy storage

Scientists have discovered a new way to use hemp fibers to create electrodes that can more efficiently fuel supercapacitors than graphene, what was previously thought to be the top contender.

Energy August 14, 2014

Sandwich-Making Method Gets More Advanced By Cornell Researchers

Cornell physicists develop a method of layering atoms for thin films to place in electronic devices after conducting a study that found that simply layering the atoms like a conventional sandwich caused certain layers to flip, producing ineffective films.

Energy August 6, 2014

Eavesdropping via potato chips? Yup, it can happen

Researchers figure out how to capture sound from vibrating objects, ranging from bags of chips to plants. An algorithm produces sounds from vibrations generally too subtle to be picked up by the naked eye.

Energy August 5, 2014

Tesla-Panasonic giga dream takes wings in form of gigafactory

Tesla has forged a partnership with Panasonic that will help the electric car company fuel its dreams of building a gigafactory that will introduce low-cost battery packs that will launch the electric car into the mainstream market.

Energy August 4, 2014

Tesla’s ‘Gigafactory’ may be heading to Reno, Nevada

Tesla has broken ground for a possible Gigafactory location in Reno, Nevada. However, the company has not yet committed to the site, and is looking at other possible locations.

Energy August 2, 2014

No gas price spike on horizon as summer moves ahead

It looks like gas prices will be stable for the rest of summer. The prices may even fall, as they have already in some places like New Jersey.

Energy August 1, 2014

Panasonic will pour $1 billion investment to Tesla's Gigafactory: Report

Panasonic will be investing a total of $1 billion in Tesla's planned "Gigafactory," with an initial $200 million to $300 million investment planned to supply required machinery to the project.

Energy July 30, 2014

Breakthrough seen as 'Holy Grail' of battery design: Could improve smartphone and electric car battery life

New battery design could finally allow for longer battery life in our smartphones and tablets. Researchers are using anode, a metal, to create smaller and lightweight batteries with more power capacity.

Energy July 29, 2014

Holy Grail of the mobile device battery takes a big step closer to reality

Stanford researchers claim they're closer than ever to what would be the Holy Grail of battery power: creation of a pure lithium anode. Battery power is one of the top challenges with mobile computing devices and smartphones.

Energy July 28, 2014

Stanford scientists make lithium batteries better for future mobile devices

Researchers at Stanford discovered a new breed of lithium batteries that has longer and more lasting power. The batteries can increase a cellphone’s battery life by two to three times.

Energy July 30, 2014

'Superhydrophobic' surfaces increase efficiency: Inspired by beetles, developed by engineers

NSF-funded researchers, inspired by the water collection system of the Stenocara beetle, created nanoscale and macro-scale surfaces to increase efficiency in condensers and create more effective diagnostic tests and microfluidic circuits.

Energy July 25, 2014

Japan boosts subsidy to drive 'green' car sales

Japan has boosted subsidies for energy efficient 'green' vehicles in attempt to get more consumers to purchase them. This includes building supply stations for the hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles.

Energy July 24, 2014

Seals develop fondness for offshore wind farms: Here's why

Researchers observed a portion of GPS tracked seals frequently visit offshore wind farms and pipelines. It turned out these man-made structures serve as attractive hunting grounds for these marine mammals.

Energy July 22, 2014

Global energy markets react to MH17 tragedy

Crude oil prices rise in response to the horrific crash of the Malaysian airliner. U.S. gas prices are still falling, so far.

Energy July 27, 2014

Average price of gasoline in U.S. drops four cents, now at $3.67 a gallon

The average price of regular gasoline in the United States dropped to $3.67 a gallon as refiners pass on their savings due to low crude oil prices to consumers.

Energy July 14, 2014

IBM $3 billion dream: Developing 'post-silicon' computer chip

With big data and cloud computing in mind, IBM's $3 billion research initiative seeks to push the sectors forward. The two-pronged initiative anticipates the shift away from silicon-based chips but intends to spearhead to the effort to make them smaller in the meantime.

Energy July 17, 2014

Researchers watch 'molecular-movie' of water-splitting process in photosynthesis

Researchers use powerful laser to watch photosynthesis in action. Work could be a step on the way to engineering artificial photosynthesis, they say.

Energy July 11, 2014

Elon Musk sends $1 million donation to Nikola Tesla Museum

The Oatmeal's Matthew Inman succeeds in convincing Elon Musk to pitch in. The money will be used to help complete the museum in New York.

Energy July 11, 2014

Park benches aren't just for sitting, they're now solar-powered charging stations

Female-led startup develops smart benches for Boston. The Soofas use solar power to charge mobile devices and record environmental elements.

Energy July 2, 2014

Boston parks get solar-powered mobile charging benches

These park benches aren’t only made for sitting—they’re for mobile phone charging, too! Check out what Soofa is all about, which will soon roll out in Boston.

Energy June 30, 2014

Quantum biology: Algae may prove to be key ingredient for organic solar cells

Strange quantum effect may be why some algae can survive with almost no light for photosynthesis. Finding could lead to more efficient solar cells.

Energy June 17, 2014

Trapping light now possible for longer time than previously thought

Researchers at the University of Rochester have discovered a method of creating nanocavities that can trap light longer than previously capable. Possible applications of the nanocavities include telecommunication devices and biosensing technologies.

Energy June 17, 2014

Eucalyptus trees aren't just for hungry koalas, they're biofuel producers as well

The eucalyptus tree, home to the popular koala bear, is more than just sustenance for animals. It has many properties that can help humans produce renewable energy, food and environmental benefits.

Energy June 12, 2014

More than a coffee fix: Starbucks installs Duracell Powermat wireless phone chargers

Battery dead? Phone owners can now walk into the nearest Starbucks store, place their phones over the circular charging spots on the table and watch as their phones come back to life, all while sipping a grande Frappuccino.

Energy June 12, 2014

Nanoparticle innovation promises cheaper, lighter solar cells

Solar cells could, one day, be painted onto surfaces, thanks to new nanoparticles

Energy June 11, 2014

Nanoparticles advancement makes for cheaper solar cells

New kind of nanoparticle could bring solar power to millions at an affordable cost. Technology could have other uses as well, Canadian researchers say.

Energy June 10, 2014

California, NY among states that want 3.3 million electric cars on the road by 2025

We’ll be seeing more electric cars on the roads of California and New York. The two states are joining six others in an effort to bring more than 3 million zero-emission vehicles to roads within 11 years.

Energy May 31, 2014

Volvo wants to build electric roads that can charge city buses

A future where cars, trains and buses are charged while running on the road may happen very soon, thanks to Volvo’s plan to build a public electric road slated for 2015.

Energy May 30, 2014

Forget power cords, batteries. This supercapacitor is the future of energy storage

The supercapacitor, developed by a team from Vanderbilt University, could make power charging cords and batteries obsolete.

Energy May 27, 2014

AT&T will install more solar charging stations in New York

AT&T beefs up its environmental-friendly solar-powered Street Charge units around New York. Here's a short list of places in NYC where you can charge your devices for free.

Energy May 20, 2014

Turn light into matter. This 80-year-old theory can be a reality in 12 months.

An experiment physically proving the Breit-Wheeler theory in 1934 could even unlock two of physics' greatest unsolved mysteries: the first 100 seconds of the universe and the composition of gamma ray bursts.

Energy May 21, 2014

Elon Musk: 200 gigafactories must be built to lower lithium battery prices

The world needs hundreds of massive battery factories to meet the demand for more energy-efficient vehicle battery packs in the future, according to Tesla chief executive Elon Musk.

Energy May 15, 2014

Tin-made solar cells are cost effective alternative to lead

Solar cells made of tin could revolutionize the renewable energy industry. This is the story of how they work.

Energy May 7, 2014

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