Saving Sea Ice From Global Warming: $500 Billion Geoengineering Project Is On

The $500 billion geoengineering project to save the Arctic is seen to restore the ice level of the polar region to where it was two decades ago. Beyond the massive cost, the project is feared to have adverse effects on the food chain.

Earth/Environment February 23, 2017

Pond Warming Enhances Climate Change By Driving Out Carbon Dioxide: Study

A new study has unveiled the serious threat posed by warming ponds in accentuating climate change. It says when ponds are warmed, they reduce the stored carbon dioxide and triggers huge emissions of methane gas which traps heat.

Earth/Environment February 22, 2017

Climate Change Can Supercharge Atmospheric Rivers That Bring Drought-Ending Floods In California

Climate change can influence the atmospheric rivers that brought record breaking rains in California. How does a warming world affect the intensity of the so-called rivers in the sky?

Earth/Environment February 21, 2017

Alps Ski Season Shortening, To Lose 70 Percent Snow Cover

The Alps in Switzerland may lose 70 percent of the historic snow cover by the end of the century. Based on a new study that analyzed the impact of global warming on the mountain, the fallout will shorten the ski season.

Earth/Environment February 19, 2017

‘Blob’ In Pacific Ocean Ramps Up Ozone Levels Above Western US

'The blob,' a mass of unusually warm water in the Pacific Ocean, escalated ozone levels above the western United States, according to a new study. The blob created the ingredients for ozone production and the pollutant was high in places like Washington.

Earth/Environment February 20, 2017

January 2017 Emerges As Third Hottest In 137 Years: NASA

January 2017 ranked as the third hottest January since modern record-keeping began in 1880. The recent finding was based on a monthly global temperature analysis by NASA scientists.

Earth/Environment February 17, 2017

From Heat Waves To Hunger: Scientists Reveal Fatal Health Risks Of Climate Change

There's no time to waste when it comes to climate change. Heat waves, disease outbreaks, and hunger could kill more people as Earth heats up, warned scientists at the recent Climate and Health Meeting in Atlanta.

Earth/Environment February 17, 2017

EPA In The Trump Era: Reports Claim New Executive Orders To Reshape Environmental Protection

The fate of the Environmental Protection Agency lies in the hands of the Trump administration. Reports of more than a few upcoming executive orders could reshape the agency.

Earth/Environment February 19, 2017

Deep Reefs Cannot Help Restore Destroyed Shallow Reefs

Scientists have long wondered whether deep coral reefs could become sources of new larvae to restore damaged shallow reefs. Now, a new study in Queensland has found that deep reefs cannot ultimately recover destroyed shallow reefs.

Earth/Environment February 16, 2017

Why Have Earth's Oceans Lost 2 Percent Of Their Oxygen?

Past studies have shown that the world's oceans continue to lose their oxygen concentration over time. Now, a new report successfully quantifies the extent to which oceans are losing their oxygen levels.

Earth/Environment February 16, 2017

Earth's Hidden Continent 'Zealandia' Discovered, Reveal Scientists

Research has revealed that New Zealand and New Caledonia are part of a continent called 'Zealandia.' The continent is nearly 4.9 million square kilometers long and is currently submerged in water.

Earth/Environment February 16, 2017

Arctic Refreezing Plan Coming From Arizona Scientists

Concerned over escalating temperature in the North Pole and loss of ice, scientists from the Arizona University have come forward with an Arctic refreezing plan that involves installing 10 million wind-powered fans to spray sea water during winter.

Earth/Environment February 16, 2017

Banned Chemicals Continue Hounding Ocean Life: What Are PCBs And PBDEs?

Learn more about PCBs and PBDEs, two persistent organic pollutants (POPs) recently found in alarming levels in the world's two deepest marine trenches. Where do they come from and what are their toxic consequences?

Earth/Environment February 16, 2017

Western US Sitting Over Vast Expanse Of Molten Carbon

Western United States is sitting over a vast expanse of molten carbon that is stored beneath a depth of 200 miles. According to a study, this carbon will ultimately reach the surface and induce serious climate change issues.

Earth/Environment February 15, 2017

Air Pollution Caused 1.1 Million Premature Deaths In India During 2015, Global Report Suggests

A recent report indicates that India is on an equal footing with China in terms of air pollution. Apparently 1.1 million premature deaths have been caused in India due to the low quality of air in the country.

Earth/Environment February 15, 2017

High Levels Of Toxic Chemicals Contaminate Marine Animals In Deepest Ocean Trenches

PCB, a toxic chemical banned in the 1970s, was found in crustaceans living in the Mariana Trench. The level of contamination in these marine animals is 50 times higher compared with that of crabs in one of China's most polluted rivers.

Earth/Environment February 14, 2017

Arctic Temperatures Rise: Sea Ice Cover Sets Record Low For January

Arctic sea ice has set another record low for January as temperatures in the region continue to rise. A scientist says the warming event in the Arctic is a 'chicken-egg' phenomenon.

Earth/Environment February 11, 2017

Research: Wildfires May Become More Frequent And Extreme Because Of Climate Change

Wildfires can inflict severe social and economic damage. Researchers believe that these fires could become even more damaging and more frequent because of the changing climate.

Earth/Environment February 12, 2017

Iceland On Alert, Several Volcanoes Show Unusual Activity Levels

Unusual activity levels in Iceland’s four major volcanoes has put the country on alert. Out of all the volcanoes, geophysicists reveal that Bárðarbunga and Katla pose significant threat to the people.

Earth/Environment February 10, 2017

Ancient Underwater Landslide Triggered 8-Story High Tsunami Near Australia's Great Barrier Reef

The Gloria Knolls Slide, an undersea landslide that occurred more than 300,000 years ago, produced underwater hills and may have triggered powerful tsunami. The Great Barrier Reef may have dampened the impact of the waves.

Earth/Environment February 10, 2017

Fossil Record Could Aid In Conservation: Humanist Approach To Conservation Discussed By Experts

Experts in different fields believe fossils could give significant clues in the fight for wildlife conservation. Combining paleobiology with conservation biology could provide the best methods for conserving species.

Earth/Environment February 12, 2017

Asia's First Vertical Forest To Be Built In Nanjing To Combat China's Air Pollution Problem

Asia's first vertical forests will be built in Nanjing, China by Italian architects. What are vertical forests and how will this combat China's air pollution problem?

Earth/Environment February 12, 2017

'Unimaginable Levels' Of Radiation Recorded At Fukushima Nuclear Plant: Should We Start Worrying?

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan, suffering a meltdown in March 2011 after a twin earthquake and tsunami disaster, has registered unbelievably high levels of radiation. Is this a cause for immediate concern, or should we stay put?

Earth/Environment February 9, 2017

Crack In Antarctica’s Ice Shelf Larsen C Heading To Full Split

The fast growing giant crack in the Larsen C Ice shelf of Antarctica is threatening big changes in the landscape. The resulting iceberg may be massive and will be about the size of half of Lebanon.

Earth/Environment February 9, 2017

More Than 450 Ancient Earthworks Resembling Stonehenge Built In Amazon Rainforest

Researchers discovered hundreds of mysterious earthworks that were once hidden by mature trees in the Amazon rainforest. The discovery challenges the idea of the Amazonian forests being pristine ecosystems.

Earth/Environment February 7, 2017

Beware: Microfibers Found In Fleece Jackets Are Now In Your Food

Every time you wash synthetic fleece jackets, vests or pullovers it introduces plastic microfibers into the environment—and into our food. It remains largely unclear how this form of plastic pollution is harming our health and wildlife.

Earth/Environment February 8, 2017

Carnivorous Plants Became Leafy Predators Through Convergent Evolution

Meat-eating plants underwent similar genetic changes. Genetic analysis of three species of pitcher plant and another carnivorous plant revealed that distantly related predatory plants followed a similar path to plant carnivory.

Earth/Environment February 7, 2017

NOAA May Have Manipulated Climate Change Data Ahead Of Paris Conference

Scientist John Bates claims NOAA has manipulated the 2015 climatic change data to satisfy political agenda before the Paris Conference. The report is believed to have hidden the fact that global warming paused in the period since 1998.

Earth/Environment February 6, 2017

This Is How The Ice Sheets Of Antarctica Formed Very Rapidly About 34 Million Years Ago

Scientists have linked two older theories to explain how the ice sheets of Antarctica formed very rapidly. The first theory focuses on climate change, while the second theory focuses on dramatic changes in ocean circulation patterns.

Earth/Environment February 6, 2017

Radiation Levels Soaring At Fukushima Nuclear Plant Since 2011 Meltdown

Radiation levels at Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Plant have reached the highest since the 2011 meltdown. Nearly 530 sieverts of radiation in an hour have been measured near the second reactor in the nuclear plant.

Earth/Environment February 4, 2017

Great Barrier Reef: Poisonous Algae Killing Coral, Major Parts May Die By 2050

Increased CO2 levels in seawater may propel algae to emit more toxins, leading to the death of coral in the Great Barrier Reef. The coral may partly die by 2050 and get wiped out by 2100 per a new study.

Earth/Environment February 5, 2017

After Women’s March, March For Science Planned On Earth Day

Encouraged by the viral success of the Women’s March, scientists officially announce March for Science on April 22 at the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. – the same date for Earth Day 2017.

Earth/Environment February 6, 2017

Lost And Found: Scientists Discover Submerged Continent Under Mauritius, Urge Broad Study On Gondwana Split

Scientists of the University of the Witwatersrand, who reported the discovery of lost continent beneath island nation Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, has urged broader studies on the supercontinent Gondwana’s breakup.

Earth/Environment February 3, 2017

Early Oceans' ‘Green Rust’ Responsible For Earth’s Iron Ore Formation

Before they were the rusty red color commonly recognized today, banded iron formations started out green. According to researchers, ‘green rust’ formed the foundation for Earth’s iron ore.

Earth/Environment February 2, 2017

WATCH: Powerful 'Waterfall' Of Lava Gushes Into Pacific Ocean

A powerful 'waterfall' of lava continues to gush into the Pacific Ocean from a crack on the side of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano. Tourists and hikers alike flock to the scene to witness the spectacular lava flow.

Earth/Environment February 1, 2017

'Lost Continent' Trapped Beneath Mauritius, Confirm Researchers

Scientists have discovered a 'lost continent' trapped beneath the Mauritius islands in the Indian Ocean. The scientists found zircons that were 3 billion years old on Mauritius, whereas other rocks are not older than 9 million years.

Earth/Environment February 1, 2017

Man-Made Traffic Noise Can Hinder Communication Between Species

Findings of a new research reveal that man-made traffic noises act an an impediment to communication between species. Species are known to eavesdrop on the calls of danger from other animals.

Earth/Environment January 31, 2017

Ocean Acidification Kills Coral Reefs But Helps Tiny Shellfish Make Better Shells

New research suggests that shellfish are not negatively affected by ocean acidification, as previously thought. The organisms have an adaptive mechanism, allowing them to form their shells in spite of the increasingly acidic seawater.

Earth/Environment February 1, 2017

Researchers Date Massive Ancient Volcanic Eruption With Help From Fossilized Tree, Ice Cores

Using radiocarbon measurements, scientists have traced the date when the Changbaishan volcano in East Asia erupted. The research also debunks the theory that the eruption contributed to the collapse of the Bohai kingdom.

Earth/Environment January 31, 2017

Magnetic Pole Shift: A Closer Look At The Reversal Of Earth's Poles

Scientists have speculated a reversal in the Earth's poles, as a weakening in the planet's magnetic field was observed. Magnetic pole reversal will have far-reaching effects on life and infrastructure on the ground and in space.

Earth/Environment January 31, 2017

Earth's Water May Have Originated From Within The Planet's Mantle Not From Space

Computer simulations revealed Earth makes its own water deep in the mantle. The discovery could mean that water may have been formed within the planet and did not come from asteroids in space.

Earth/Environment January 30, 2017

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