Underwater Volcano Footage Offers Rare Glimpse Of Submarine Eruption

The eruption of Axial Seamount active submarine volcano in 2015 at the Northeast Pacific set off thousands of earthquakes. According to a new study, the eruption was recorded in real time by an underwater observatory and the data is helping researchers to predict when the next eruption will happen.

Earth/Environment December 17, 2016

Earthquake-Detection App Recorded Nearly 400 Temblors Worldwide Using Crowdsourced Data

After the release of the MyShake app for detecting earthquakes, UC Berkeley’s worldwide network has recorded 400 earthquakes in a span of 10 months from February to December with confirmed waveforms. The app can detect the first seismic waves and send the information to Berkeley Seismological Laboratory for analysis and advance alerts to the concerned regions.

Earth/Environment December 18, 2016

Biggest, Most Valuable Diamonds Form In Pools Of Liquid Metal Deep In The Earth's Mantle

Scraps of large and valuable diamonds reveal these gemstones formed within pools of liquid metal deep below the Earth's surface. They also form at depths about twice as deep as where most diamonds are born.

Earth/Environment December 16, 2016

Earth's Oldest Water Untouched For 2 Billion Years Holds Clue To Finding Alien Life On Mars

The world's oldest known water is discovered in Canada. At 2 billion years old, the ancient liquid hints of the possibility of alien life thriving underground on planet Mars.

Earth/Environment December 15, 2016

Asteroid Or Comet Strike May Lead To Extinction: Here's How Scientists Plan To Save The Earth

What are the measures proposed by scientists to deflect potentially hazardous asteroids and comets? One scientist warned humanity is currently ill equipped at dealing with space objects that can cause mass extinction.

Earth/Environment December 15, 2016

Earthquakes Come In Clusters Because Fault Lines ‘Remember’

The reason why earthquakes come in clusters was revealed by Northwestern University researchers. They said the localized seismic events have links with the memory of the latest quake maintained by the fault, giving the scope for more quakes.

Earth/Environment December 15, 2016

Solar Geoengineering Aerosol May Be Able To Cool Earth, Fix Ozone Layer: Harvard Study

To control the faster warming of Earth, merely reducing greenhouse gases will not work. One more way is stratospheric cooling by using light-reflecting aerosols, according to a new study by Harvard researchers who are offering a risk-free aerosol application that will not hurt the ozone layer.

Earth/Environment December 15, 2016

Sawdust Reinvented As Super Sponge To Soak Up Oil Spills

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory under the U.S Energy Department is mulling innovative use of sawdust as remediation material for mitigating oil slick at icy waters of Arctic ocean. The tests by PNNL were positive and trials are on to win the official approval for the improvised sawdust.

Earth/Environment December 15, 2016

Great Smog of London: Mystery Of 1952 Fog That Killed Thousands Finally Solved

The exact chemical processes that led to the 1952 London fog that killed thousands have not been fully understood. Now, researchers offer an explanation to what was behind the historic smog.

Earth/Environment December 14, 2016

Lost City Hidden Underneath Antarctica: Is It Atlantis?

Photos taken by NASA's Operation IceBridge mission reportedly show an ancient human settlement beneath the Antarctic ice. Could this be the lost city of Atlantis?

Earth/Environment December 13, 2016

Lake Buried In Ice Indicates Impact Of Climate Change On East Antarctica

A lake of freshwater was found underneath the Roi Baudouin ice shelf in East Antarctica showing that climate change has impacted the region. What are the dangers posed by englacial lakes?

Earth/Environment December 13, 2016

NASA Cancels Launch For Eight Microsatellites Designed To Better Forecast Hurricanes

NASA's CYGNSS mission launch was cancelled after pump problems arose. Teaming up with Orbital ATK, the space agency would have launched eight microsatellites into orbit Dec. 12 in an effort to better understand and forecast hurricanes.

Earth/Environment December 12, 2016

Why Scientists Are Trying To Save US Federal Climate Data Before Trump Assumes Office

With Donald Trump set to take office in January, scientists are now scrambling to save U.S. climate data on independent servers. Many believe that these crucial data could be lost under the Trump administration if not preserved immediately.

Earth/Environment December 14, 2016

Methane Gas On The Rise, Highlights Human-Driven Sources Of Greenhouse Gas Emission

Two new studies have warned that climate change mitigation efforts will fail by merely focusing on checking of carbon dioxide emissions. The threat from surging levels of methane is too high to ignore as it is a highly potent gas compared to Carbon dioxide.

Earth/Environment December 12, 2016

Resilience Area: Obama Orders Protection Of Bering Sea Against Oil Exploration

President Barack Obama on Friday ordered greater protections for Alaska’s Bering Sea against the dangers of oil exploration, expanding ship traffic, and climate change. The new executive order also boosts federal consultation of Alaska Native villages.

Earth/Environment December 11, 2016

Deadly 2016 Avalanche In Tibet Likely Caused By Climate Change

In July, a massive avalanche killed nine people and buried an area 4 square miles wide by pushing down 70 million tons of ice from the Aru glacier in western Tibet. Scientists say the event may be due to climate change, which is affecting even the most stable parts of the Tibetan Plateau.

Earth/Environment December 11, 2016

Radiation From Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Detected On US Shores: Should You Worry?

The seaborne radiation from Fukushima has reached U.S. shores. Cesium-134 was detected in samples of seawater taken from Oregon - is there reason for Americans to panic?

Earth/Environment December 10, 2016

Washington State Sues Agrochemical Giant Monsanto Over Toxic PCB Contamination

The state of Washington is suing agricultural company Monsanto for producing and selling toxic chemicals known as PCBs. The products have been found to cause serious health issues in humans and animals.

Earth/Environment December 10, 2016

Researchers Discover Way To Transport Gasoline 30 Times Faster Across The US

Gasoline may soon be transported 30 times faster than now and gas tanks could be filled in a matter of seconds, all thanks to a groundbreaking study involving alkanes, the main component in petroleum.

Earth/Environment December 10, 2016

Bedrock Evidence Shows Greenland Was Almost Ice-Free Before And It Could Happen Again

A new study has revealed that stability of the Greenland ice sheet cannot be taken for granted as bedrock evidence proves that it disappeared completely for an extended time in the last 2.6 million years. If the ice sheet melts faster under the impact of warming ocean, levels will rise drastically.

Earth/Environment December 9, 2016

Eclipse Analysis Points To Earth Spin Slowing Down Every Century

According to new research, the Earth's spin is slowing down. The study analyzed eclipses and suggested that various factors could also be responsible.

Earth/Environment December 8, 2016

Weather Channel Slams Breitbart News For Using Videos To 'Mislead Americans' About Climate Change

The Weather Channel calls out conservative website Breitbart News for using its own content to build a 'misleading case' about global warming. The company cited a video that Breitbart featured in a Nov. 30 article.

Earth/Environment December 7, 2016

New Weather Model Predicts Smaller But Stronger Storms In The US Due To Climate Change

New research analyzed the future evolution of storms through a new framework. The model sheds new light on previous scientific disparities between models of different researches.

Earth/Environment December 7, 2016

Antarctica Glows Blue: NASA AIM Observes Early Noctilucent Cloud Season Over Southern Hemisphere

According to NASA data, the sky above Antarctica is glowing blue as the noctilucent, or night-shining, clouds have arrived in the Southern Hemisphere. However, the early onset has baffled scientists with some suspecting its linkages with the warming of Arctic region.

Earth/Environment December 5, 2016

New Study Warns Massive Release Of Soil Carbon Dioxide Will Be Like Adding Another Fully Industrialized Country To The Map

A new comprehensive worldwide study on the effects of soil carbon dioxide warns against global warming. The impact of this pollution cycle will be similar to adding a highly industrialized country to the globe.

Earth/Environment December 3, 2016

Tornado Outbreaks On The Rise: Is Climate Change Cause For Blame?

A new study has raised questions about possible linkages between the rising number of tornado outbreaks and climate change though it has no hard evidence. The research highlights the possibility of certain meteorological factors being influenced by some aspects of climate change.

Earth/Environment December 3, 2016

Some Early Life Forms May Have Existed Fine Without Oxygen, Says Study

According to new research, life forms have existed on Earth prior to the formation of oxygen in the atmosphere. This was established on the basis of fossils of bacteria belonging to the geologic time known as the Neoarchean Eon that is more than 2.5 billion years ago.

Earth/Environment December 1, 2016

Water Should Be Boiling But Turns Solid Instead In Carbon Nanotubes

Inside the confines of carbon nanotubes, water behaves differently. According to researchers, this unusual behavior gives rise to unusual applications like ice-filled wires that are highly conductive.

Earth/Environment November 30, 2016

Record Coral Deaths Reported In Australia’s Great Barrier Reef For 2016

Coral die-offs in Australia's Great Barrier Reef for 2016 have been a record due to the warming of oceans. A study said the most affected has been a 700-kilometer patch at the northern part of the reef.

Earth/Environment November 29, 2016

Biggest Exposed Fault On Earth Documented: Geologists Figure Out How The Indonesia’s Banda Detachment Fault Formed

A team of Australian geologists has detected Earth’s biggest exposed fault known as Banda Detachment in eastern Indonesia. It explains the long abyss formed under the Pacific Ocean and the reason for huge sea depths at Weber Deep.

Earth/Environment November 30, 2016

Key Antarctic Glacier Breaking Up From The Inside, Likely To Rapidly Retreat And Flood Coastlines

According to new research, the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica seems to be melting from the inside out. This type of behavior has previously been observed in the case of the Greenland Ice Sheet.

Earth/Environment November 29, 2016

A Warming Arctic: Svalbard Archipelago To Experience Average Annual Temperatures Above Freezing Point For The First Time

Temperatures in the Arctic are rising alarmingly as evidenced at Svalbard archipelago’s temperature in 2016 going above the freezing point. Other vagaries of climate change include vanishing sea ice and permafrost.

Earth/Environment November 28, 2016

Log Books From Early Antarctic Expedition Show Antarctic Sea Ice Hasn’t Changed Much In Size In 100 Years

New research suggests that the variations of the Antarctic sea ice are part of a natural pattern. The study shows that the change in the sea ice could be due to natural causes, and not influenced by climate change.

Earth/Environment November 26, 2016

Big Earthquakes Occur Where Faults Are Mostly Flat: Study

A new study has said the biggest earthquakes happened on faults that were mostly flat. It debunked previous theories that big quakes erupt at the border of young tectonic plates, implying curved faults are unlikely to cause huge earthquakes.

Earth/Environment November 27, 2016

Researchers ‘Breed’ Bacterial Protein Capable Of Making Silicon-Carbon Bonds

Scientists have managed to persuade a protein to catalyze silicon-carbon bonds. While these were already used in some industry prior to the research, they were all synthetic. This study is the first to prove they can occur under natural conditions.

Earth/Environment November 26, 2016

Earthquake Warnings Could Be Made Seconds Earlier With Gravity Signals

Scientists found a potentially faster method of detecting an incoming earthquake. The method involves gravity signals which occur earlier than seismic waves.

Earth/Environment November 25, 2016

Fireball Lights Up Florida Night Sky: What’s Happening?

A fireball was seen over the skies of Florida. People who reported the event to the police and the meteorological association have had different reactions to the strange occurrence.

Earth/Environment November 25, 2016

SpaceX Tapped To Provide Launch Services For NASA’s Ocean Surface Survey Mission

SpaceX won another NASA contract as part of the ocean surface survey mission, where the company will provide launch services for NASA. This collaboration is the latest in a successful series that made it famous worldwide.

Earth/Environment November 25, 2016

The Dead Sea Is Dying: World’s Saltiest Salt Lake Shrinking 3 Feet Every Year, Says Environmental Group

The Dead Sea is dying fast with water levels plunging every year. According to an eco group, the Dead Sea has fallen more than 80 feet since the year 2000, and its salinity is also increasing alarmingly.

Earth/Environment November 24, 2016

Climate Change Could Triple Extreme Rainfall Risks Across US, New Study Says

The United States could experience more frequent and more powerful downpours in the next few decades because of climate change. Researchers predict that the country could see a 400-percent increase in extreme rainfall risks by the end of the century.

Earth/Environment December 6, 2016

Researchers Turning To Transforming Carbon Dioxide Into Rocks To Reduce Global Carbon Emissions

Greenhouse gases play a big role in global warming so researchers have been exploring ways how to minimize them. In a study, a team from Iceland details how carbon dioxide can be turned into rocks as one potential solution.

Earth/Environment November 21, 2016

See Photos Of Uncontacted Amazon Tribe In Brazil Threatened By Illegal Gold Mining

Aerial images show a tribal community in the Yanomami indigenous territory in the Amazon jungle. The uncontacted tribe is being threatened by pollution and diseases brought by gold miners.

Earth/Environment November 20, 2016

Marrakech Vision: World's Most Climate-Vulnerable Countries Aiming For 100 Percent Green Energy

As part of a meeting dedicated to combating climate change, representatives from the world's most disadvantaged 47 states have agreed to actively engage in environmental policies. The countries promised to switch fully to green energy by 2030 to 2050.

Earth/Environment November 19, 2016

Powerful New Zealand Earthquake Lifted Seafloor Out Of The Water

The powerful earthquake in New Zealand caused the seafloor to emerge out of the water. The phenomenon known as coastal uplift exposed seaweed-covered rocks and marine animals above tide level.

Earth/Environment November 19, 2016

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