Female activists join forces to battle climate change

Female activists rallied for the human rights of indigenous people in a forum presented by the Women’s Earth and Climate Change Action Network. The conversation celebrated the women’s leadership roles.

Feature September 23, 2014

The big picture of diversity: Zooming in to see U.S.’s racial divides

Have you ever wanted, or needed, to visually see what kinds of diversity different regions of the U.S. offer? University of Cincinnati researchers just released two large-scale, high-resolution maps that let you do just that.

Feature September 23, 2014

No Planet B: Why I am glad I went to the People's Climate March

Getting caught up in the action may be the best way to inspire everyone to get involved and care. Here's why the People's Climate March on Sept. 21 reminded me that I'm not a useless bystander.

Feature September 23, 2014

'Doctor Who' review: A report card for 'Time Heist'

The show went all "Doctor's 11" this week, with the Time Lord taking Clara and a pair of newbies on a bank heist at the most secure bank in the universe. But as ever, nothing is what it seems.

Feature September 22, 2014

Atomic bombs, female scientists and Los Alamos: An interview with 'Manhattan' creator Sam Shaw

TV series 'Manhattan' tackles the creation of the first atomic bomb. In this exclusive interview with series creator and writer Sam Shaw, we learn why this period of history is still fascinating today.

Feature September 22, 2014

iOS 8 tips, tricks, new features you need to know

Apple's latest iOS 8 brings with it a gamut of new features. We give you a lowdown on the top 8 nifty features, tips and tricks.

Feature September 27, 2014

Apple Pay vs. Google Wallet features compared: Which is better and why

How different is Apple Pay from the two-year-old Google wallet? Which payment method should you use? Find out here.

Feature September 22, 2014

The top Marvel and DC TV series you need to watch this Fall: No, not Star Wars Rebels

TV shows on a hiatus and new series are popping up in numbers this Fall. We have the best of the comic-book world listed here for you to watch. We promise, there will be no regrets.

Feature September 23, 2014

10 parasites inside the human body. They look scary but are they harmful?

Parasites can enter the human body through various means like drinking contaminated water, eating raw or under-cooked meat, getting bitten by mosquitoes, or improper hand washing. Once infected, different parasites cause varying degrees of harm on the human body from mild to fatal.

Feature September 22, 2014

iPhone 6 release: Who really lined up to buy the new Apple smartphone - Chinese mafia and resellers?

Who really are buying the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus? A new documentary shows the darker side of all the Apple marketing hype.

Feature September 22, 2014

'Gotham' Prep: The comics you should read before watching Fox’s new Batman drama

Before you tune in to Fox's hot new drama 'Gotham,' now's the perfect time to get caught up on the show's inspiration. Here's a list of comic books you should read ahead of watching the series.

Feature September 22, 2014

Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs, features compared: The winner is...

With both Apple and Samsung unleashing new phablets into the consumer space, we take a look at how the Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus measure up against each other. Which device has more fire power to entice consumers?

Feature September 23, 2014

10 original streaming TV shows you should be watching right now

With 'House of Cards' and 'Orange is the New Black,' the time of Internet-only programming has come. Cable and broadcast networks should be nervous, because these 10 streaming shows are easily as good as anything they have to offer.

Feature September 19, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 6: Which flagship smartphone is better?

Apple has finally unveiled the iPhone 6, which includes a number of upgrades over the iPhone 5S. Will those upgrades be enough to go up against an Android heavyweight in the Samsung Galaxy S5?

Feature September 21, 2014

'Metal Gear Solid V' news: 20 minutes of gameplay shown at the Tokyo Game Show

Hideo Kojima took to the stage to show over 20 minutes of action from 'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain,' but that wasn't the only thing he revealed at the show.

Feature September 18, 2014

National Cheeseburger Day: 7 chain restaurants with meat-free burgers

There's no reason why vegetarians and vegans need to sit on the sidelines for National Cheeseburger Day. Several restaurants around the country offer meat-free alternatives.

Feature September 18, 2014

9 Scottish movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix in honor of the Scottish independence referendum

The Scottish independence referendum takes place Sept. 18 and Scotland will decide whether it wants to break away from British rule. Here are 9 movies and TV shows on Netflix that celebrate the country.

Feature September 18, 2014

'Destiny': How to get the best exotic and legendary gear

Wondering how to get all the best gear in 'Destiny'? We're here to help.

Feature September 17, 2014

What's the most popular email service in the world?

Gmail seems to be the cool email service to use nowadays, but are most people actually interested in using it? Here's the email services people are actually searching for.

Feature September 17, 2014

Mars homes could be built in 24 hours using 3D printers

3D printing technology known as contour crafting could provide a resourceful and economical means to construct colonies on Mars or other celestial bodies.

Feature September 16, 2014

Microsoft has just bought Mojang for $2.5 billion: Should Minecraft fans be afraid?

It’s official. Microsoft is buying Minecraft maker Mojang for $2.5 billion. Is it goodbye Minecraft as we know it for the millions of fans?

Feature September 16, 2014

'Mockingjay': Let's break down the new 'Hunger Games' trailer

The final, full-length trailer for 'Mockingjay - Part 1' is finally here. Let's look at some of the most famous scenes from the book.

Feature September 15, 2014

'Doctor Who' review: A report card for 'Listen'

'Doctor Who' has been frightening children for decades, with scary creatures, many of whom live in the dark. 'Listen' set out to find the most perfect hider ever, but wound up digging deep into the hearts of the Doctor, Clara and Danny.

Feature September 15, 2014

'Destiny' review: Dead space

A technical marvel, 'Destiny' stumbles when it comes to making players care about the world and activities developer Bungie has spent half a decade creating. The result is an uneven misfire with massive potential.

Feature September 15, 2014

First 'Destiny' reviews officially hit: A mixed bag of galactic proportions

'Destiny' reviews are officially here: what do the critics have to say about the biggest game of 2014? Find out in our rundown.

Feature September 12, 2014

One Twitter user tells brands what we all think of their 9/11 tweets

Many people use social media to comment on tragic events, whether they are in the present or from history. However, brands should probably stay away from doing this.

Feature September 12, 2014

iPhone 6 pre-order begins at midnight: Which iPhone? Which carrier? Where's the best deal?

Pre-orders for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will begin on the first minute of Friday, September 12. Here is everything buyers need to know to get the best deal.

Feature September 12, 2014

A brief history of the Batmobile on the big screen

In honor of the new ride from 'Batman v. Superman,' we're taking a trip down memory lane of all the Batmobiles the Dark Knight has driven on the silver screen. Do you remember them all?

Feature September 11, 2014

The 11 most moving magazine covers commemorating the 9/11 attacks

Today marks the 13th anniversary of the attacks on September 11, 2001. These magazine covers capture the sadness, fear and resilience of that tragic day.

Feature September 11, 2014

Lethal League PC review: An anti-gravity, baseball fighting game

Lethal League is defined by developer and publisher Team Reptile as a "competitive projectile fighting game. What does that mean? A lot fun fun, that's what.

Feature September 11, 2014

Today is Internet Slowdown Day. Here's why there's a spotlight on net neutrality again

Some of the biggest websites have joined forces to support net neutrality on Internet Slowdown Day on Sept. 10. Why is the debate over net neutrality heating up again?

Feature September 10, 2014

Apple iPhone/Watch event leaves questions, disappointment in its wake. What would Steve Jobs say?

The much hyped product launch Tuesday was longer than most Apple events, and while innovations got applause and standing ovations, there is just as much talk now about what Apple didn't talk about. Like battery power, true Watch costs and of course the fashion.

Feature September 10, 2014

Apple Pay has arrived: Can it kickstart the mobile payment system?

Apple introduces Apple Pay, a newer, better and supposedly more secure way to pay for goods and services. Is the American public ready to give up its age-old credit cards?

Feature September 11, 2014

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus unleashed: Too little, too late?

Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are finally here. Are they enough for Apple to take over the innovation lead?

Feature September 13, 2014

With U2's new album launch, Apple makes 2014 feel like '1984'

During its product launch on Sept. 9, Apple revealed U2's new album would be given to every iTunes customer for free. But doesn't this move go against everything Apple believes in?

Feature September 10, 2014

Apple iPhone 6 event: 4 painfully awkward moments

Apple announced the iPhone 6 and its smartwatch at a big event in Cupertino today. It was a great presentation, but it wasn't without some truly awkward moments that were hard to watch.

Feature September 9, 2014

The Ray Rice video inspires women to explain '#WhyIStayed'

The graphic video of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was released on Sept. 8. It inspired many women to share their stories on Twitter of "#WhyIStayed" and "#WhyILeft" when they experienced domestic abuse.

Feature September 9, 2014

The disturbing way the NFL handled the Ray Rice debacle

Ray Rice has been cut from the roster of the Baltimore Ravens and indefinitely suspended by the NFL after video of him striking his wife unconscious in the elevator of an Atlantic City casino was made public.

Feature September 9, 2014

8 awesome Apple commercials in honor of its product launch

Apple's products have changed the world and so have its advertisements. In honor of its product launch event on Sept. 9, where the iPhone 6 is rumored to be revealed, take a look at the company's best commercials.

Feature September 9, 2014

Sega Dreamcast's 15th anniversary: Celebrate with 15 games that helped define the system

Today marks the 15th anniversary of Sega's last game console, the Dreamcast. To celebrate, we're highlighting 15 games that helped to define the console that was gone too soon.

Feature September 9, 2014

Doctor Who review: A report card on 'Robot of Sherwood'

Robin Hood is just a myth, right? Doctor Who tackled that question in the hilarious 'Robots of Sherwood.'

Feature September 8, 2014

The Streamy Awards 2014: What You Need To Know

The 4th annual Streamy Awards streams live on Sep. 9. Find out everything you need to know about the online video showcase.

Feature September 5, 2014

Samsung unveils Galaxy Note 4 with extras but no breakaway features

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is out. The new phablet has plenty of bells and whistles but critics think the improvements are incremental and Samsung faces a tough challenge when Apple debuts iPhone 6 on Sept. 9.

Feature September 3, 2014

The Sydney Morning Herald used Comic Sans on its front page, and the Internet went crazy

The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia's oldest newspaper, used Comic Sans on the front page of the Sept. 3 issue. Of course, this put the Internet in a frenzy over the use of the much-maligned typeface.

Feature September 4, 2014

iCloud? Find My iPhone? What should be blamed for nude celebrity photo leaks? Neither, says Apple

Apple confirms targeted iCloud accounts were compromised in nude celebrity photo leaks but denies its systems have been breached.

Feature September 4, 2014

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