Gap wants you to 'Dress Normal' in its fall marketing campaign. Here's why you shouldn't

The tagline of Gap's fall marketing campaign is "Dress Normal." But if the clothing chain wants to keep riding its recent wave of success, it's going to have to do better than that.

FEATURE August 22, 2014

'XCOM: The Board Game' is coming

The latest offering from the 'XCOM' franchise isn't another video game. It's an innovative board game.

FEATURE August 21, 2014

The movement to empower women online is strong, but will it work?, a website for women to participate in online conversation without the presence of men launched recently. This is the latest attempt to try to make a safe space for women online.

FEATURE August 22, 2014

Huge 'Star Wars: Episode VII' spoilers reveal main villain and juicy plot details

There are some honking big rumored spoilers in this article for 'Star Wars: Episode VII.' If true, they change the entire Star Wars universe forever.

FEATURE August 15, 2014

7 songs that defined youth culture through the decades

A recent Slate article discussed why we love music from our teenage years so much. To inspire your own nostalgia, here are the songs that defined youth culture from the 1950s to today.

FEATURE August 15, 2014

These new words added to Oxford Dictionaries are cray-cray adorbs

Oxford Dictionaries has posted its quarterly update of new words and phrases. There are dozens of additions, mostly taken from youth and Internet culture.

FEATURE August 14, 2014

Four reasons you should be watching WGN's 'Manhattan'

If you haven't watched WGN's 'Manhattan,' a dramatic television series based on the men and women responsible for the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, New Mexico, you may want to tune in.

FEATURE August 14, 2014

6 things we learned from Edward Snowden's 'Wired' cover story

Edward Snowden is on the cover of 'Wired' magazine's September 2014 issue, which hits newsstands Aug. 26. Here are the six most intriguing parts of Snowden's interview with reporter James Bamford.

FEATURE August 13, 2014

Celebrities react to the news of Robin Williams' death

Robin Williams was found dead in his Tiburon, Calif. home on Monday, Aug. 11. Hollywood took to Twitter to celebrate the life of the beloved actor and comedian.

FEATURE August 12, 2014

Happy 'Shark Week!' Here are the 17 most famous sharks in pop culture

"Shark Week" kicks off Sunday, Aug. 10 on Discovery Channel. To get ready, here are the 17 funniest, scariest and downright weirdest sharks in pop culture history.

FEATURE August 10, 2014

Review: 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Visual History' is a comprehensive examination of the pop culture icons

Fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be blown away by the quality and exhaustive history of this 'Ultimate Visual History.' Insight Editions has knocked another one out of the park.

FEATURE August 9, 2014

More 'Star Wars' is coming to Disney Parks. Here's 7 attractions we'd like to see

Disney used to be all about Mickey Mouse, but now the legendary film studio's parks are about to get a whole lot more "Star Wars." Here's 7 attractions we think they should create.

FEATURE August 7, 2014

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' reboot: What critics are saying

The 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' are back on the big screen with new, CGI-made looks. But is the movie any good?

FEATURE August 6, 2014

End of an era: Sprint CEO Dan Hesse steps down as carrier continues to struggle

Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint, will leave his post on August 11. Nicknamed 'Captain Kirk' during his leadership years at AT&T Hesse leaves Sprint after seven years of keeping the struggling carrier alive in one of the most competitive marketplaces.

FEATURE August 6, 2014

Happy birthday, MTV: Here are the 5 most iconic music videos

MTV is 33 years old today. Has reality TV killed the video star?

FEATURE August 1, 2014

The five biggest stories from San Diego Comic-Con 2014

Plenty of trailers, announcements and news came out of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Find out what made the biggest headlines.

FEATURE July 28, 2014

Why 'Doom' creator John Romero says PC gaming is 'decimating consoles'

The famed game designer behind first-person shooter classic 'Doom' shares his thoughts on the state of gaming and why computers beat consoles.

FEATURE July 28, 2014

'Seinfeld' may be coming to Netflix

Jerry Seinfeld answered fan questions on Reddit, including when 'Seinfeld' will come to Netflix.

FEATURE July 25, 2014

Comic-Con 2014: Five things to look forward to

There is a lot to look forward to from the largest geek gathering of the summer, but some stand out from the rest. Find out what you should keep an eye out for this weekend.

FEATURE July 24, 2014

Amazon Fire Phone review round up: Lacks firepower to take on iPhone 5s

The Amazon Fire Phone will be released on July 25. Reviews on the smartphone are saying that it is found lacking compared to its competition, such as Apple's iPhone 5S and Samsung's Galaxy S5.

FEATURE July 23, 2014

Batman Day: Five comics you need to read

Today, DC is celebrating the Dark Knight’s 75th anniversary in style with 'Batman Day.' Start the festivities off right by checking out these classic Batman comics.

FEATURE July 23, 2014

Here are five New Yorker articles you should read while they are free

In honor of the New Yorker opening up its archives, here is a list of our favorite New Yorker stories.

FEATURE July 22, 2014

Android Wear spotlight: LG G Watch Review. Here's what early users say

The LG G Watch running on Android Wear is definitely on the right path, but is it worth spending $229 for? Experts weighed in with their reviews.

FEATURE July 7, 2014

Nintendo's shareholders are becoming angrier than Bowser

Nintendo held its annual shareholder meeting last week, leading some to voice their concerns over the company's fiscal future.

FEATURE July 3, 2014

Android L: Everything that you need to know

Android L is Google’s most dramatic update to its mobile platform to date, and it includes a lot of new things, including a major design overhaul, work-play separation, 64-bit compatibility and so much more.

FEATURE June 27, 2014

Google I/O 2014: It's an Android world. What you need to know

One of Google's big announcements in its keynote speech is the Android L, which is the next big update for the operating system.

FEATURE June 26, 2014

Google I/O 2014: Here's what technophiles should expect

The rumor mill goes a-churnin’ now that Google I/O is just around the corner. Some say the developer conference will be all about hardware, others say software. But it’ll most likely be a mix of both.

FEATURE June 23, 2014

Smartphone Rumble: Amazon Fire vs. Apple iPhone 5s vs. Samsung Galaxy S5

Amazon is testing the waters with the launch of the new Fire smartphone. iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S5 have a new competitor in the market.

FEATURE June 22, 2014

Quantum computers versus ordinary computers? Boring fight. Draw.

A recent study dispels the premise that D-Wave’s quantum computers are way faster than conventional computers, suggesting the need for more speed to be considered a supercomputer. Has D-Wave broken its promise?

FEATURE June 22, 2014

Amazon Fire Phone boasts 3D visuals, unlimited storage and, of course, a shopping scanner

Amazon's smartphone is finally here, and it comes with a host of unique features. Chief among them: a scanner for identifying and purchasing products instantly.

FEATURE June 18, 2014

The Galaxy Tab S might be the iPad killer Samsung has been waiting for?

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S tablet is gearing up to throw the gauntlet to the iPad. With a superb display and robust features, could the Galaxy Tab S be the iPad killer?

FEATURE June 14, 2014

Las Vegas shooting suspects obtained guns via Facebook?

“Need rifle. Can anyone help?” That’s what Jerad Miller posted on Facebook just a month before he and his wife Amanda Miller began shooting random individuals in a Walmart and pizza parlor in Las Vegas.

FEATURE June 10, 2014

Surface Pro 3 review roundup: First impressions are in and they're good

Surface 3 Pro has been unwrapped and various tech Web sites are already reviewing it with generally positive things to say about the tablet. One thing to take from the critics is that Microsoft may have finally nailed down a tablet-laptop hybrid device with the Surface Pro 3.

FEATURE May 26, 2014

Watch Dogs is the most awaited game of the year: Here's why

Watch Dogs will be launching in less than a week. It is the most anticipated game of the year and one that gamers have been waiting for since the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One systems.

FEATURE May 25, 2014

FCC will revise proposed net neutrality plan, will ensure it is fair for all

FCC is hard-pressed amid public outrage over chairman Tom Wheeler's new proposal on net neutrality, and even the man who coined the term net neutrality, Tim Wu (third from left), isn't biting it.

FEATURE May 12, 2014

There is a Spider-Man in you. Scientists find out genomic similarities between spiders and humans.

Researchers have mapped the genome of a spider for the first time in history. The international team of researchers were able to map the genome of a velvet spider.

FEATURE May 11, 2014

Symantec declares death of antivirus, creates team to rescue hacked businesses

Symantec's anti-virus software such as Norton is "dead," as per company executive. Since cyberattacks are evolving, companies providing defenses against such have finally evolved as well, creating better defenses ahead.

FEATURE May 7, 2014

FCC says net neutrality is not dead amid pay-for-speed proposal

The Federal Communications Commission plans to send a new proposal that would guide Internet traffic, but critics argue that this goes against its Open Internet or net neutrality principle. Here's what both parties have to say.

FEATURE April 25, 2014

HTC One M8 review: High-end design, gorgeous display, and more make it the best smartphone on the market

The HTC One M8 proves that the best Android smartphone on the market isn't coming from Samsung any longer and its combination of premium parts and high end specs make it the best new smartphone regardless of platform.

FEATURE April 19, 2014

Meteorites from Mars may hold clues to early Martian atmosphere: How different was it from ancient Earth?

A new study focusing on the Martian meteorites found on Earth reveals that the early atmospheres of these two planets were very varied, but the nature of their differences remains unclear.

FEATURE April 20, 2014

Google displays prototype Project Ara smartphone - It looks like cool Legos

Google finally unveiled prototype Project Ara modular smartphones at its first developer conference for the project. The Project Ara smartphones look even more wild in real, hands-on photos than they do in all the promotional videos. Will you buy one?

FEATURE April 16, 2014

Another Google Glass user mugged in San Francisco: Will you buy this wearable even with anti-tech threats?

As Google rolls out its extended one-day Explorer Program tomorrow, another alarming incident against a Google-Glass user comes into the picture. It makes one wonder: is the wearable device still safe to use?

FEATURE April 15, 2014

Reviews in on Amazon Fire TV: Gaming, search get tepid applause from media device critics

Amazon's TV device cited for search functionality and gaming aspect but even those features could be improved, say reviewers.

FEATURE April 14, 2014

Comic Sans haters, meet Comic Neue: Love, love, love and no more font bullying?

Will the creation of Comic Neue font save the heavily bashed Comic Sans? It remains to be seen. Read how the creators of these two fonts actually came up with the idea.

FEATURE April 9, 2014

Goodbye Windows XP, hello Windows 8.1 updates: Here's what to know

The apocalypse of Windows XP is inevitable, but word says Windows 8 with a point-one update is better and more convenient for users. Besides, XP users are more vulnerable to security threats now without the custom support. Will old-timers do the shift?

FEATURE April 8, 2014

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