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Measles Outbreak In Europe: More Than 500 Infected By Contagious Virus Amid Declining Vaccination Rates

Countries most hit by the measles outbreak in Europe have low vaccination rates, WHO revealed. What factors are behind the declining immunization levels in these countries?

Public Health

Tasmanian Tiger Sightings Prompt Scientists To Search For Extinct Marsupial In Australia

The Tasmanian tiger, or the thylacine, is believed to be extinct but recent plausible sightings of the carnivorous marsupial prompts scientists to conduct a survey. How do eyewitnesses describe the creature in potential sightings?


Cats Love Human Company More Than Food: Here Are Signs Your Feline Pet Likes You

Cats may not be that antisocial at all. A study found that these felines prefer to be with humans than chowing down on food, but how do you know your pet kitten loves you?


Court Declares Coke Products Sprite And Fanta 'Poisonous'

A judge in Nigeria ruled that Coke products Sprite and Fanta could pose health threats to consumers. How do certain ingredients in these beverages become poisonous when consumed?

Public Health

Breastfed Kids Not Necessarily Smarter But Mothers Should Still Consider Breastfeeding Babies: Here's Why

A new study debunks the idea that breastfeeding babies would make them smarter. Despite this, there are a number of reasons why mothers are still urged to consider giving breast milk to their kids.

Public Health

Mice Infested Hunter-Gatherer Settlements Before Dawn Of Agriculture, Ancient Teeth Suggest

Mice have been living alongside hunter-gatherers 3,000 years before humans learned how to farm. What attracted the rodents to go to human settlements?

Animals March 28, 2017

Spinach Leaves Turned Into Beating Human Heart Tissue Offer Hope Amid Organ Donor Crisis

Scientists turned a spinach leaf into a beating human heart muscle. The proof-of-concept work may eventually lead to biomedical solutions that can help alleviate shortage of donated organs.

Biotech March 28, 2017

Frozen Taquitos Recalled Because Of Potential Plastic And Rubber Contamination

Ajinomoto Windsor recalled more than 35,000 pounds of frozen and ready-to-eat beef taquitos that have been shipped to several states in the United States. What are the products affected by this food recall?

Public Health March 27, 2017

Contraceptive Pill May Protect Against Cancer For Up To 30 Years

Women who took oral birth control pill appeared protected from breast cancer and endometrial cancer for up to 30 years after they stopped taking oral contraceptives. Does this mean use of the pill is completely safe?

Public Health March 27, 2017

Atheists And Highly Religious People Least Afraid Of Death: Study

People at the far sides of the faith spectrum are least afraid of dying. Researchers found that atheists and people who are very religious are least scared of death.

Feature | Health March 27, 2017

Gravitational Wave Pushes Supermassive Black Hole Away From Center Of Host Galaxy

Kicking out a supermassive black hole away from the center of a home galaxy requires energy equivalent to 100 million supernovas simultaneously exploding. This is how a gravitational wave helped expel a black hole from its galactic home.

Space March 27, 2017

Giant Polar Bear Skull Found In Alaska Could Be Ancestor Of 'King Bear'

A skull of a giant bear that walked in the ancient lands of Alaska 1,300 years ago was discovered in 2014. What does the cranium tell about the creature?

Animals March 26, 2017

Breaded Chicken Recalled After Metal Was Discovered Inside: Other Foreign Objects Found In Food Products

OK Foods recalled nearly 1 million pounds of breaded chicken because of metal discovered inside the meat. Here are other cases of foreign objects in food that prompted recalls.

Public Health March 26, 2017

Vitamin C Sepsis Treatment Cured Patients But Experts Warn Healthcare Workers Against It: Here's Why

A doctor claimed to have found a cure for sepsis and used this to treat about 150 patients with high success rate. Experts, however, are not yet convinced and warned other healthcare workers not to use the Vitamin C treatment.

Medicine March 26, 2017

Immortal Stem Cells Allow Scientists To Produce Unlimited Supply Of Blood

Scientists developed a technique to produce unlimited supply of red blood cells using immortal stem cells. What are immortal stem cells and how do they work to produce billions of red blood cells?

Biotech March 25, 2017

Blood Test Offers Non-Invasive Method Of Detecting Early Stage Cancer

CancerLocator is a blood test that offers a non-invasive way to detect lung, breast and liver cancer in the early stage and has a success rate of 80 percent. How does it work?

Medicine March 24, 2017

Unlucky DNA Mutations Explain Why People With Healthy Lifestyle Still Get Cancer

Random bad luck DNA mutations can be blamed for some cases of cancer. Does this mean that a healthy lifestyle no longer matters when it comes to preventing cancer?

Public Health March 24, 2017

Largest Artificial Sun Could Be Key To New Method Of Producing Renewable Energy

Hydrogen can be a source of clean and renewable energy. The world's largest artificial sun, the Synlight, could pave the way for a new method of extracting hydrogen fuel.

Energy March 24, 2017

New Zealand's Kaikoura Earthquake Suggests Higher Chances Of 'Big One' Occurring In 30 Years

The Kaikoura earthquake that struck New Zealand defies long-held assumptions about individual faults and size of potential quakes. The phenomenon also increases the likelihood of the powerful Big One occurring in California in three decades.

Earth/Environment March 24, 2017

Getting Breast Implants May Cause Blood Cancer: Other Cosmetic Procedures With Unwanted Side Effects

The FDA announcement on a link between breast implants and ACLC, a rare type of blood cancer, may raise concerns over the safety of breast enhancement procedures. Here are other cosmetic surgeries that come with health risks.

Public Health March 23, 2017

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