Amazon Echo Silver For Senior Citizens Comes Alive Thanks To 'Saturday Night Live' Skit

'Saturday Night Live' just debuted the Amazon Echo Silver, a smart digital assistant for old people. It can output extremely loud sound, respond to any name that remotely resembles Alexa, and more.

Gadgets May 14, 2017

Amazon Echo Owners Can Now Make Free Voice Calls And Send Messages To Other Alexa Devices

Amazon revealed that its new update would let Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Alexa app users make and receive free voice calls. Users will also be able to leave messages in case the dialed contact does not answer.

Gadgets May 11, 2017

Amazon Officially Unveils Echo Show With A Touch Screen: Specs, Features, Pricing, And Availability [Video]

Amazon has officially introduced its latest smart speaker, the Echo Show equipped with a 7-inch touch screen. The gadget is up for preorder now and will start shipping next month, and here's what it can do.

Gadgets May 9, 2017

Comcast Launches Xfinity xFi Cloud-Based Gateway: Smart Wi-Fi For The Smart Home, Now Easier To Manage

Comcast launched a new cloud-based gateway called Xfinity xFi, aiming to simplify home network management and deliver smarter Wi-Fi. With xFi, getting started is as easy as downloading an app.

Gadgets May 8, 2017

World's Quickest Camera Can Film 5 Trillion Images In A Second

Researchers invented the fastest camera in the world called Frequency Recognition Algorithm for Multiple Exposures or FRAME. This camera can capture five trillion frames per second.

Gadgets May 5, 2017

This Flying Sphere Has A Drone Inside: Meet The World's First Spherical Drone Display

NTT Docomo has announced the world's first spherical drone display and it will demonstrate it later this month. The flying sphere features an LED frame and houses a drone at its center, but it will take a while to hit the market.

Gadgets April 27, 2017

The Yi Halo Is A Monster Camera Rig Film Creators Will Love And Google Competitors Should Be Very Afraid Of

Yi, in partnership with Google, just unveiled the Yi Halo, a Google Jump-powered VR rig packing 17 4K cameras. With the Yi Halo, Google and Yi wants VR and 360-degree filmmaking to be accessible and scalable to many.

Gadgets April 25, 2017

DJI Ronin 2 Unveiled: What Does The New Camera Stabilizer Offer To Filmmakers?

DJI has unveiled the Ronin 2, a camera stabilizer that could very well be the perfect one for filmmakers. The Ronin 2 can carry cameras weighing up to 30 pounds and remain stable at up to 75 miles per hour.

Gadgets April 24, 2017

Here's Why The IllumiBowl Comes With A Multi-Color Toilet Night Light

Building on the success of its first toilet light, IllumiBowl has taken that popularity in stride, announcing its attempt at a sequel. Here’s what the second-generation device, called the IllumiBowl: Anti Germ, can do.

Gadgets April 24, 2017

Bose QuietComfort 35 vs Beats Studio Wireless: Which Wireless Headphone Should You Buy?

In an era steadily choosing to go wireless, finding a pair of Bluetooth cans can be difficult. Hopefully this comparison between the Beats Studio Wireless and the Bose QuietComfort 35 helps you decide.

Gadgets April 22, 2017

Google Home vs Amazon Echo: Which Smart Speaker Is Smarter And Which Should You Buy?

More people are jumping into the smart speaker trend lately, and if you’re about to become one of them, you better know what you’re choices are. So should you pick Amazon Echo or Google Home?

Gadgets April 22, 2017

Juicero Defends Its Expensive Machine: You Can Squeeze Those Packs By Hand, But You Shouldn't

Bloomberg recently proved that the Juicero juice pressure may not really be worth that $400 price tag, as a hand squeeze can easily do the trick. Juicero has now fired back, saying that, yes, you can squeeze the packets by hand, but you shouldn't.

Gadgets April 22, 2017

Google Home Starts Getting Multi-User Support: Smart Speaker Can Now Recognize You By Voice

Google Home has now enabled multi-user support, allowing users to pair up to six Google accounts with the smart speaker. It can now also tell different voices apart, something Amazon Echo can’t do.

Gadgets April 21, 2017

Facebook Unveils 2nd-Generation Surround 360 Cameras With ‘Six Degrees Of Freedom’ Technology, Also Records 8K Video

Facebook has now unveiled the second-generation Surround 360 cameras, capable of recording 8K video and stitching scenes with Six Degrees of Freedom technology. The company also has grand plans to make this kind of platform more mainstream.

Gadgets April 19, 2017

The $75,000 Flying Eye Is The First Broadcast Quality 6K VR Drone In The World

The Flying Eye by 360 Designs is the first broadcast quality, live streaming virtual reality drone in the world. The $75,000 device highlights the growing importance of 360-degree content in media and the expanding applications of drone technology.

Gadgets April 17, 2017

Amazon Makes Its Echo Far-Field Voice Recognition Technology Available To Third-Party Developers, But Why?

Amazon announced that it will let third-party developers and hardware manufacturers know the secrets to building Echo devices, along with the technologies built inside it. But don’t get excited yet.

Gadgets April 14, 2017

Not Sure What Your Google Home Can Do? Here’s A Complete List Of Voice Commands

Google Home is an excellent smart speaker that’s capable of performing a trove of activities, from hailing an Uber ride to dimming the lights in your home. Here’s a complete list of everything you can do with it.

Gadgets April 13, 2017

Google Home Getting Google Keep Shopping Lists, But That's Not All: Multi-User Support Also In Tow

Google Home has been gradually getting better and new updates are now taking things to the next level. Google Keep lists are now moved to the Home and Express apps, and the smart speaker is also getting multi-user support.

Gadgets April 10, 2017

Leaked DJI Spark Looks Like A Little Mavic Pro: Is The Drone For Racing Or Selfies?

Leaked images of the next DJI drone, supposedly named the Spark, have surfaced. The drone, which looks like a smaller Mavic Pro, is speculated to have a parimary purpose of either selfies or racing.

Gadgets April 7, 2017

Meet SwitchCharge: Nintendo Switch Case That Enhances Battery Life Of The Console

Nintendo Switch could soon get additional battery support thanks to a charging case dubbed SwitchCharge. This case would provide an additional 12,000 mAh battery support to the portable gaming console.

Gadgets April 7, 2017

Western Digital Unveils ‘My Passport SSD’ With USB Type-C And Up To 1 TB Of Storage

Western Digital is going to release a portable SSD storage drive called My Passport SSD, available in configurations of up to 1 TB. Available this quarter, the drives will still be more expensive than your average external HDD.

Gadgets April 7, 2017

Digital Foundry Xbox Scorpio Specs Reveal: 6-Teraflop Beast With Polaris GPU, Jaguar CPU, And More [Video]

Digital Foundry delivered its exclusive Xbox Scorpio reveal, and the console is a real beast on all fronts. A six-teraflop beast with Polaris graphics, Jaguar CPU, 12 GB of RAM, and more, firing up a remarkable performance.

Gadgets April 6, 2017

TASER Changes Name To Axon, Offers Free Body Cameras To Police Nationwide

Stun gun maker TASER has announced a major movement for the company, beginning with a name change. It has also begun to focus on body camera, software, and training services.

Gadgets April 6, 2017

Microsoft Bets On Exclusive Xbox Scorpio Reveal Through Digital Foundry, The Biggest Xbox One Critic

In an odd and interesting twist, Microsoft is submitting its upcoming Xbox Project Scorpio for an exclusive Digital Foundry reveal. Considering that Digital Foundry is among the biggest Xbox One critics, this should be really good.

Gadgets April 5, 2017

Samsung DeX Price And Release Confirmed: Galaxy S8 Docking Station Up For Preorder Now

Samsung has officially listed the DeX docking station on its website, complete with pricing and release details. The Galaxy S8 docking station is available for preorder now.

Gadgets March 31, 2017

Amazon Echo Not Responding Or Not Hearing You Properly? Here Are Possible Fixes

The Amazon Echo is a very useful smart home gadget, but users run into certain problems with the smart speaker from time to time. If your Amazon Echo is not hearing or understanding you properly, here are a few solutions.

Gadgets March 29, 2017

Samsung Reveals 34-Foot Theater Cinema Screen With 4K And HDR Support

Samsung unveiled its first 34-foot display dubbed the Cinema Screen. This screen would be able to reach brightness levels that are 10 times more than that of ordinary current-gen theater displays.

Gadgets March 29, 2017

PlayStation 4 Pro Media Player Gets 4K MP4 Video Support

The Sony PS4 Pro media player has received support for 4K videos as promised. Users will be able to access 4K VR videos if they own the PlayStation VR headsets.

Gadgets March 28, 2017

PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Issues After Update: Sony Is Aware Of The Problem And Is Working On A Fix

The PlayStation 4 update 4.50 broke the console's Wi-Fi connectivity, yielding error NW-31297-2. Sony is aware of the PS4 Wi-Fi issues and is looking into the matter, but no fix is available yet.

Gadgets March 23, 2017

Marriott Hotel Deciding Between Amazon’s Alexa And Apple’s Siri As Digital Assistants For Its Hotel Rooms

You could soon find Alexa or Siri in a hotel room as a digital assistant. Marriott is currently testing which technology it’ll use for many of its hotel rooms, hoping it could turn into a global platform down the line.

Gadgets March 23, 2017

Samsung DeX Station And 5,100 mAh Power Bank For Galaxy S8 Leaks Ahead Of Launch

A 5,100 mAh powerbank and dock station may be launched for the Samsung Galaxy S8. The powerbank and DeX station may be priced at $75 and $159, respectively.

Gadgets March 23, 2017

Logitech Reveals New Education-Focused Accessories For 9.7-Inch iPad

Logitech launched its Rugged Combo keyboard case for the newly launched 9.7-inch iPad. This product has been designed especially for students and can be used inside classrooms.

Gadgets March 22, 2017

Order It And It Will Come: Amazon Alexa Now Supports Prime Now 2-Hour Delivery Service

Amazon has added support for Prime Now deliveries through Alexa-enabled Echo devices, letting users order items and have it delivered in just two hours. The move is seen as Amazon further making Alexa a part of the core shopping experience.

Gadgets March 21, 2017

Avegant Introduces Light Field Technology That Could Change The Mixed Reality Industry

Avegant’s Light Field Technology allows users to interact with virtual objects at close range, taking augmented reality one step closer to passing the visual Turing test.

Gadgets March 19, 2017

Best 4K TVs 2017: Samsung KS9000, Sony X930D, And Insignia NS-55DR710NA17

HD is slowly being phased out by UHD, with games, shows, and movies embracing the higher resolution. To help you join the fun, here are some of the best 4K TVs of 2017 worth considering.

Gadgets March 17, 2017

Samsung Reveals Wall-Mounted TVs That Look Like A Picture Frame

Samsung unveiled the concept art of an innovative TV named ‘The Frame’ during CES 2017. The product is said to combine the functionality of both a TV and a picture frame when it's switched off.

Gadgets March 15, 2017

Android On Your iPhone? Make It Possible With The Esti Eye Case

The Esti Eye, launched on Kickstarter, looks to bring the Android experience into the iPhone. The Android-powered case also provides iPhone users with features such as an additional 2,800 mAh battery and extra 256 GB of storage.

Gadgets March 15, 2017

Amazon Echo Update Adds New Audio Streaming Options: How To Pair Amazon Echo With Bluetooth Speakers

The Amazon Echo has received a neat update that adds a highly requested feature. You can now pair the Amazon Echo with Bluetooth speakers to stream better audio, so here's how to do it.

Gadgets March 14, 2017

Alexa Made To Talk Out Of Creepy Skull Instead Of Amazon Echo Speakers

Mike McGurrin uploaded The Yorick Project on, detailing how he was able to make digital assistant Alexa talk out of a skull instead of Amazon Echo speakers. It is never too early for Halloween!

Gadgets March 14, 2017

SXSW 2017: Festival Unveils Virtual Reality, Bots And Gadgets For Digital Natives

Technology takes the spotlight at the South by Southwest Festival 2017 as some of the hottest gadgets, bots, and VR tech make their first appearance.

Gadgets March 12, 2017

HEXAGON: Meet The All-In-One Gadget For Bicycle Enthusiasts

The HEXAGON is a multi-purpose gadget that will ensure the safety of cyclists and the people around them. The all-in-one gadget is expected to launch on Tuesday.

Gadgets March 11, 2017

Lost Your Phone? Amazon Echo Can Locate It For You

Get Alexa to find your smartphone when you lose it. Here are two ways Amazon Echo can help locate your smartphone using Alexa voice commands.

Gadgets March 12, 2017

Meet Sonos Playbase: $700 Speaker That You Can Pair With Your TV

Sonos has introduced a brand new speaker. The company has come up with a redesigned system, called Playbase, which acts as the stand for the TV while at the same time provides home theater sounds when connected to it.

Gadgets March 7, 2017

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