Amazon, Lennar Team Up To Create 'Smart Homes' Built With Alexa

Amazon revealed that it is teaming up with home builder Lennar to create houses that have built-in Alexa technology. Users can test out the houses in Amazon Experience Centers across the country.

Gadgets May 9, 2018

Netgear Releases $299 Orbi Tri-Band WiFi Cable Modem System: How Will It Save You Money?

Netgear released the Orbi Tri-Band WiFi Cable Modem System on May 7. It combines a WiFi router with a cable modem, which could help consumers lower their cable bill.

Gadgets May 8, 2018

Amazon Hardware On Sale, Just In Time For Mother's Day: Grab Discounts For Echo, Kindle, And Fire Devices

Husbands and sons looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift might want to check out the latest Amazon hardware discounts. Special offers include 30 percent off for the Echo Show and 25 percent off for the Kindle.

Gadgets May 6, 2018

Facebook To Launch Smart Speaker In International Markets First: Here’s Why

To avoid adding insult to its data privacy injury, Facebook will be releasing its smart speakers in international markets first. It’s smart enough to know the Cambridge Analytica scandal is still fresh in the minds of U.S. folks.

Gadgets May 3, 2018

Oculus Go Now Available: Will The $199 Standalone VR Headset Push Virtual Reality Into Mainstream?

The Oculus Go, a $199 standalone virtual reality headset that does not need to be connected to a high-end PC or smartphone to function, is now available. Will the device accelerate the entry of VR into the mainstream?

Gadgets May 2, 2018

PlayStation 5 Production Reportedly Starting Soon, With New Chip In Store

TSMC started high-volume production for a new chip focused on gaming applications, fueling speculation that the PlayStation 5 could enter production soon as well. Here's what we know so far.

Gadgets April 30, 2018

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Brings Parental Controls And Alexa For Kids, At $79.99

Amazon launched a new Echo Dot Kids Edition smart speaker that comes with special features, a kid-friendly Alexa, and a two-year warranty with a free replacement. The device is up for pre-order now at $79.99, and here's what it brings.

Gadgets April 26, 2018

Amazon Teases ‘Fire TV Cube,’ Will Reportedly Come With Far-Field Microphones Like Echo Devices

Amazon is close to unveiling what’s called the Fire TV Cube. The device is rumored to have Echo-like voice command capabilities and also act as your everyday streaming device.

Gadgets April 25, 2018

HTC Wants To Train Workers In VR With The New Vive Pro 2.0 Kit

HTC just released the Vive Pro 2.0 Kit, a new product aimed at corporations rather than individual gamers. Through virtual reality, businesses can train their workers and do more.

Gadgets April 25, 2018

GoPro Shaves Up To $100 Off Select Models With Any Old Camera Trade-In

GoPro launched a new trade-in program that shaves $50 off the Hero 6 Black and $100 off the GoPro fusion. Customers can trade in any eligible digital camera, not just old GoPro cameras.

Gadgets April 19, 2018

Alexa-Enabled Amazon Fire TV Editions Of Toshiba And Insignia Smart TVs Launching In Collaboration With Best Buy

Amazon and Best Buy geared up to launch Fire TV Editions of Toshiba and Insignia smart TVs this summer. The special editions will come with Alexa baked-in, promising a superior TV experience.

Gadgets April 18, 2018

Obsolete And Outdated Technology That People Still Use Today

Although there are many great gadgets today, some people prefer to use older technology. Here are 20 examples of outdated technology that people are still using today.

Gadgets April 20, 2018

Nintendo Switch eShop Is Getting More Games, Including 'Don't Starve'

Nintendo eShop's latest games just arrived, bringing a Nintendo Switch port of a well-loved survival game from 2013 titled 'Don't Starve.' The new update also featured 16 more titles for the Switch and one for the Wii U.

Gadgets April 14, 2018

Motorola's New Moto Mod Adds Stereo Speakers To Your Moto Z For Just $60

Motorola added a new Moto Mod product for its Moto Z lineup. The new Moto Stereo Speakers retail for $60 but come with a few caveats compared to previous stereo speaker accessories.

Gadgets April 13, 2018

Second-Generation Snap Spectacles Could Come Soon, According To FCC Filing

An FCC filing revealed that a new Spectacles might be hitting the market soon. It appeared that despite the first Spectacle's failure, Snap is not stopping at two models.

Gadgets April 13, 2018

What You Need To Know About Amazon Alexa — Secrets Revealed

Amazon Alexa has revolutionized the way our homes work and Amazon Echo is a big part of that. Here are 20 facts about this technology that you need to know.

Gadgets April 17, 2018

Vizio's 2018 TVs Are Brighter And More Colorful Than Ever Before

The 2018 lineup showcased by Vizio reveals TVs that come with full array local dimming technology. Not only are the new models equipped with FALD, but they also feature Dolby Vision and HDR10.

Gadgets April 12, 2018

Amazon Fire TV Stick And Fire TV 4K On Sale: Which One Should You Buy?

Amazon is offering discounts for the Fire TV Stick, sold for $29.99, and the Fire TV 4K, sold for $49.99. Both devices come with a wide range of apps and the Alexa voice remote, so which one should you buy?

Gadgets April 9, 2018

Spotify’s First Hardware Product Might Not Be A Smart Speaker, But Something For Your Car

Spotify will release a 4G-capable standalone music players for cars, according to an offer that seemingly was released ahead of schedule. The device’s cost will be stacked on top of a typical Spotify subscription.

Gadgets April 7, 2018

The Rise Of The Smuggler Drones? $80 Million Worth Of iPhones Flown Into China

Authorities took down a major smuggling operation that utilized drones. The smugglers used drones to fly a pair of 200-meter cables between Hong Kong and Shenzhen in mainland China, sneaking $80 million worth of iPhones across the border.

Gadgets March 31, 2018

First Magic Leap One Units Ship To Developers Under Tight Scrutiny: Must Be Locked In A Safe

A few select developers have reportedly received the first Magic Leap One units but under tight scrutiny. Developers must commit to locking the headsets in a safe when not in use.

Gadgets March 31, 2018

GoPro Launches Cheap, Basic Hero Camera At $199: What Does It Offer?

A new GoPro Hero is now available for purchase, and it's the company's cheapest camera yet. At $199, however, the new Hero camera does make some notable compromises.

Gadgets March 30, 2018

Logitech Unveils The 'Crayon' Stylus, Rugged Combo 2 For iPads

Logitech announced the Crayon Stylus and the Rugged Combo 2 case. These are designed to work together with the new iPad, which targets schools and school districts.

Gadgets March 28, 2018

Roccat's New Gaming Keyboard Horde AIMO Features 'Membranical' Key Switches

Roccat just launched the Horde AIMO featuring 'membranical' keys that give players the best of membrane planks and mechanical keyboards. Roccat also equipped the keyboard with more new features.

Gadgets March 27, 2018

Sony's 2018 OLED TVs Have A $2,800 Starting Price

Sony just announced the prices of its new OLED TVs, which it first showcased at CES 2018. The pricing rivals that of LG's cheapest OLED TVs yet.

Gadgets March 26, 2018

Lenovo's Mirage Camera With Daydream Goes Up For Preorder

The Lenovo Mirage camera with Daydream was spotted on Amazon as currently available for preorder. The listing revealed that it will arrive on May 4.

Gadgets March 26, 2018

Amazon Patents New Delivery Drone That Responds To Human Gestures

Amazon's new delivery drone can react to people waving or flailing their arms around. It would be able to adjust its behavior depending on the gesture that a person makes.

Gadgets March 23, 2018

Gadgets May Become More Expensive In The US, And You Have Trump To Blame For That

President Donald Trump is planning to place tariffs on goods from China. This may lead to higher prices for electronic gadgets such as smartphones and laptops, and may possibly include Apple products such as iPhones.

Gadgets March 23, 2018

Smoke Detectors That Can't Sense Fire? 500,000 Smoke Detectors Recalled After Not Being Able To Sense Fire.

Fire safety company Kidde is recalling almost 500,000 smoke detectors sold in the United States and Canada for not being able to detect smoke. This defect could put a lot of lives in danger.

Gadgets March 23, 2018

TCL's Affordable 6-Series Roku TVs Are Coming On May 1

With a May 1 release date, TCL issues a press release on what to expect from its 6-Series lineup. The new televisions boast HDR technology, Dolby Vision, and more.

Gadgets March 21, 2018

HTC Vive Pro VR Headset Preorders Now Open For $799, While Vive Price Drops To $499

Preorders for the HTC Vive Pro are now open for $799 each, with the highly anticipated VR headsets to start shipping on April 5. Meanwhile, the price of the HTC Vive has been further dropped to $499.

Gadgets March 20, 2018

Meet Loomo, Segway's Mini Transporter And Robotic Sidekick That Captures Photos And Video

Meet Loomo, a mini-transporter and robotic sidekick that aims to take on the traditional Segway. Loomo auto-follows, captures video, and shoots photos. Here's everything you need to know about the new robot by Segway Robotics.

Gadgets March 8, 2018

LG's OLED TVs Are More Affordable Than Ever In 2018 With A $3,000 Starting Price

In the market for an OLED TV? If so, then you should know that LG has announced a $3,000 starting price for its premium offerings, complete with the a9 processor and other features.

Gadgets March 6, 2018

Amazon Alexa Is Having Some Major Issues: Voice Commands For Most People Aren’t Working

Many users were startled on March 2 when all of their Echo devices started becoming unresponsive, with Alexa unable to follow commands. It seems there’s been a problem with Amazon Web Services.

Gadgets March 4, 2018

Amazon Slashes Fire TV Prices: $30 For Streaming Stick And $50 If You Want Go 4K

Amazon just cut the price of its popular streaming sticks in an effort to lure more customers to Prime Video. The entry-level stick now only costs $30, while those who want 4K will have to spend a bit more.

Gadgets February 26, 2018

Spotify Reportedly Building Its Very Own Connected Hardware Products

It looks like Spotify is this close to launching its very first hardware product, according to just-spotted job listings. Could the streaming service be building its own smart speaker?

Gadgets February 21, 2018

Nima Sensor Can Detect Peanut Traces In Food

Nima, a startup based in San Francisco, California, has created a food sensor that can help detect peanuts in food. Here's everything you need to know about the lifesaving device.

Gadgets February 19, 2018

SensAheart Can Test For Heart Attacks Before They Happen

SensAheart can predict a heart attack before it's about to occur. The device was created by Emil Katz, the founder and CEO of Novamed, after his closed friends ignored symptoms of a heart attack.

Gadgets February 13, 2018

Apple’s HomePod: Reasons Not To Buy Apple’s New Smart Speaker

Thinking about buying Apple’s latest wireless smart speaker, the HomePod? Here’s all of the reasons not to buy Apple’s expensive smart speaker.

Gadgets February 13, 2018

You Can Now Ask Alexa To Create Your Music Playlists For You

Amazon is rolling out a new feature that will allow users to create music playlists through voice command. This new Alexa capability is initially available to Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime Music subscribers in the United States.

Gadgets February 9, 2018

Amazon's Alexa Update Adds Voice Commands For 2018 Winter Olympics

Amazon is updating its Alexa mobile app to support voice commands for the 2018 Winter Olympics, which kicks off on Feb. 9. Here's a guide of how to get the latest Alexa app update and new voice commands.

Gadgets February 7, 2018

Best Buy Will Stop Selling CDs This Summer

In stores still selling physical copies of music, vinyl has seen a resurgence while the CD is collecting dust on shelves. Best Buy has made a decision to stop selling CDs this summer.

Gadgets February 6, 2018

Meet Xiaodie, A Smart Companion Doll Built To Please Lonely Men In China

Meet Xiaodie, the most recent smart companion doll from EXDOLL. She has the ability to chat with her owners, play music, and do the dishes, although, she prefers to be called baby.

Gadgets February 5, 2018

Startup Owl Is Taking Dashcams To The Next Level With Voice Control, LTE Connectivity

Silicon Valley startup Owl unveiled a new dashcam that boasts of always-on LTE connection and voice command features. The security camera that never sleeps will start shipping this February with selling price of $350.

Gadgets February 2, 2018

Elon Musk's Zombie Apocalypse Flamethrower Has Made $7 Million

Elon Musk's Boring Company has sold $7 million worth of flamethrowers. The Tesla CEO claims the flamethrower is perfect for fighting off hordes of zombies.

Gadgets January 31, 2018

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