Google Pixel 3 Rumor Roundup: What We Know So Far

The Google Pixel 3 is one of the most highly-anticipated smartphone lines of this year, and leaks and rumors keep surfacing. While nothing is official yet, here's what we know so far.


Google Pay Guide: How To Use The New Payment System, How To Add Cards, And More

Google Pay is now rolling out and ready to use in the United States and the U.K. The new system replaces Android Pay and Google Wallet and further improves on the payment process inherited from the two.


Android P Will Not Allow Background Apps To Access Your Smartphone's Camera And Microphone

Android P code spotted by XDA Developers revealed that the upcoming operating system will prevent background apps from accessing the cameras and microphones of smartphones. This will make it much harder for hackers to invade the privacy of their victims.


Google Pay Begins Global Rollout, Unifying Android Pay And Google Wallet: Features And Perks

Google Pay launched worldwide and is available now on Google Play. The new payment solution unifies Google Wallet and Android Pay, offering a number of features and benefits.


Google Reveals Microsoft Edge Flaw: Foul Or Microsoft Is Just Too Slow To Create A Patch?

Microsoft seems displeased with Google's decision to publicly report a vulnerability with the Edge browser. Sources claimed the deadline was past due and that no action was taken by the Redmond firm.

Google February 20, 2018

Google Pixel 2 XL Rapid Charging Doesn't Work Below 20 Degrees Celsius

The Google Pixel 2 XL is apparently experiencing some issues with rapid charging. More specifically, the charging rate is dramatically slower in temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius, or 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Google February 19, 2018

Google Is Helping 911 Save Lives With Improved Location Data For Responders

Google helped 911 acquire more accurate location data for emergency calls in a trial that involved tens of thousands of calls in the span of two months across several states. Google’s tech could help 911 operators save even more lives.

Google February 18, 2018

Google Removes 'View Image' Button, But Here's How To Bring It Back On Chrome And Firefox

Users found out that Google has disabled the 'view image' button. However, there is a way to bring the option back for some browsers.

Google February 18, 2018

Google Shaves 20 Percent Off Pixel 2 And Pixel 2 XL For 'Loyal' Nexus Owners

Google wants to reward 'loyal' Nexus fans by offering discounts on the Pixel 2 series. The company has been sending e-mails with 20 percent discounts on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

Google February 17, 2018

Google Expands Project Fi Coverage To Over 170 Countries

Google’s Project Fi is now available on 170 countries, indicating that the service nearly covers major locations around the world. Despite the expanded reach, Google assured there will be no fee adjustments.

Google February 16, 2018

Google Removes ‘View Image’ Button On Search Results As Part Of Getty Images Partnership

Google just made a decision that could upset a lot of people who depend on Google Search to look for and download images. The convenient view image button is now gone.

Google February 16, 2018

Google Is Testing A Robot To Reply To Text Messages From Friends

Google is testing a robot to respond to messages from friends and family members via Facebook, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Skype, and Twitter. Called Reply, the latest feature will make it easier for smartphone owners to focus on the real world.

Google February 14, 2018

Google Chrome Finally Gets Built-In Ad Block Feature: Here’s How It Works

Google is finally introducing a built-in ad blocker for Chrome, saving millions of users from seeing annoying ads. That doesn’t mean all ads will be gone, however.

Google February 14, 2018

Google Wants To Bring Its Smart Replies To All Your Other Messaging Apps

A development team inside Google’s Area 120 incubator wants to bring Smart Reply to a variety of third-party messaging apps. Pretty soon, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and other apps will offer smart automated replies.

Google February 14, 2018

Google Pixel Sales Grew To 3.9 Million Units In 2017, But That's Less Than iPhones Sold Per Week

Google Pixel and Pixel 2 sales doubled to 3.9 million units in 2017. However, that figure barely makes a dent on the smartphone market, as Apple ships that many iPhones in less than a week.

Google February 14, 2018

YouTube CEO Tells Facebook To 'Get Back To Baby Pictures'

YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki goes after Facebook after she's questioned about the social media website's video ambitions. Wojcicki tells Facebook to stay in their lane.

Google February 13, 2018

Google Search Testing AMP Stories Format: What Is This?

At its AMP Conf 2018 in Amsterdam, Google announced that it's testing a new format: AMP Stories. These stories will feature visually-rich content optimized for mobile, and should load significantly faster.

Google February 14, 2018

Google Reportedly Plans To Overhaul Android P For iPhone X-Like 'Notch' And More

Google is reportedly working on Android P already and some big changes could be in store. Most notably, the next version of Android could embrace iPhone X-like notches to better accommodate minimal bezels.

Google February 13, 2018

Google Chrome Will Soon Mark HTTP Websites As 'Not Secure': Time To Switch To HTTPS?

Starting with Chrome 68, Google will blatantly mark all HTTP websites as 'not secure.' This should further push the owners of these websites to upgrade with HTTPS encryption, which provides protection against information interception and malware injection.

Google February 9, 2018

Google Photos Has Got Your Back This Valentine's Day With Special Movies For Your Partner

Google has upgraded its Photos app in time for Valentine’s Day. Users can now create themed movies to celebrate the love shared with a special someone, and the new feature is available for the mobile and PC platforms.

Google February 8, 2018

Nest Reunites With Google To Take On Amazon And Apple

Google is working with Nest again in an effort to supercharge the company’s range of smart home products and services, backed by artificial intelligence technology. The move will lead Google to take on Apple and market leader Amazon.

Google February 7, 2018

Google Video Game Streaming Service In The Works: Google Yeti Will Challenge PlayStation Now

Google is working on a video game streaming service similar to Sony's PlayStation Now for the PlayStation 4. Codenamed Google Yeti, the service will likely launch with a Google-made console and controller.

Google February 8, 2018

Google Makes Booking Hotels, Flights On Your Phone A Lot Easier

Google announced an incoming update intended to make traveling manageable via a smartphone. The new function will keep flights and hotel reservations accessible on a single page.

Google February 8, 2018

Google Entices Android Owners To Use Google+ With 'Brand New' Version

Google is scheduled to update Google+ for Android soon. The new version reworked the core program and other useful features.

Google February 8, 2018

Android Nougat Now The Most Used Android Version, While Android Oreo Finally Claims 1 Percent

Android Nougat, released in August 2016, is finally the most used version of the mobile operating system. However, the latest build, Android Oreo, is just at over 1 percent, revealing the severity of Google's infamous Android fragmentation problem.

Google February 6, 2018

Google Assistant Can Now Have You Wake Up To Your Favorite Tunes

Google Assistant is now able to set and sound alarms using one’s favorite tunes. In addition, users can play their music library through the digital assistant and watch televisions shows and movies on YouTube TV and Netflix.

Google February 2, 2018

Google Assistant Go vs. Google Assistant: What's The Difference?

Google just launched Google Assistant Go, and the app is now available in the Play Store. Users of Android Go Edition devices can now enjoy the virtual assistant app on their smartphones.

Google February 3, 2018

New Google Flights Features Rolled Out: AI-Powered Predictions For Flight Delays, Limitations On Cheap Tickets

Google launched two new Google Flights features that will make traveling easier for users. The first feature uses artificial intelligence to predict flight delays, while the second feature explains the restrictions of cheaper tickets.

Google February 1, 2018

Google Testing New Ways To Fix Snippet Function

Google is testing new features to remove inaccurate and offensive results from its snippet function. Late last year, the function came under fire when it produced offensive results as vital information on the topic.

Google January 31, 2018

Google Closes $1.1 Billion Deal To Bring In 2,000 HTC Engineers, Sets Sights On Apple And iPhone

Google closed its $1.1 billion deal with HTC to bring about 2,000 engineers into the fold. The new Googlers worked on the Pixel 2, and are expected to help Google chase Apple and the iPhone in the high-end smartphone market.

Google January 30, 2018

Google Shuts Down Hackers Who Hijacked YouTube Ads For Cryptocurrency Mining

Hackers hijacked YouTube ads to exploit users' CPUs for cryptocurrency mining, but YouTube addressed the issue. The company says it blocked the malicious ads and removed the attackers from its platform.

Google January 29, 2018

Google Clips Sold Out Quickly, Customers Now On Waitlist: Is It Worth The Wait And $249?

Google Clips preorders only recently started, but the AI-powered camera is already sold out. Customers still interested in the device can sign up for a waitlist, but is Google Clips worth the wait and $249?

Google January 29, 2018

Google Clips Camera Preorders Begin: Everything To Know About $249 AI Camera

Google started taking preorders for its smart AI camera, the Google Clips. However, customers who bought the $249 camera will not see the product until late February.

Google January 28, 2018

Google Gives Users More Control Over Ads We Don't Want To See

Google updated its tools to provide users with more control over the ads that they don't want to see as they browse the internet. Among the ads being targeted with the new options are the annoying reminder ads.

Google January 25, 2018

Alphabet Gives Google A New Sibling With Chronicle: What Will The Moonshot Cybersecurity Company Offer?

Alphabet launched Chronicle, the latest product of the moonshot factory simply known as X. What does the cybersecurity company offer, and will it live up to its moonshot status?

Google January 26, 2018

Chrome 64 Goes Live With An Improved Blocker For Pop-Up Ads

Google has started rolling out Chrome 64, which is touted to boast of a powerful pop-up blocker as among its upgraded features. The browser will release in stages on Android, Windows, and Mac.

Google January 25, 2018

Google I/O 2018 Details Revealed Through Online Game: Are We Really Ready For Android P?

Google revealed the dates and location of this year's I/O developer conference through an online game. The name of Android P may have also been teased, but the question is whether Android users really need another operating system upgrade.

Google January 25, 2018

Google Assistant Learns How To Match Voices To Different Netflix Profiles

Google Assistant now supports multiple profile access on Netflix via Voice Match, permitting hands-free control of the video streaming service. The feature activation will be extended to up to six users on a single Netflix account.

Google January 24, 2018

Google CEO Sundar Pichai: Artificial Intelligence Is More ‘Profound’ Than Fire, Electricity

As one of the guests on a TV show, Google CEO Sundar Pichai compared advancements in artificial intelligence with the discovery of fire and electricity. His example sparked a debate among people in the tech industry.

Google January 23, 2018

Google Play Store Audiobooks Section Coming Soon To Challenge Amazon Audible

A banner spotted on the Google Play Store teased that there will soon be a dedicated section for the increasingly popular audiobook format. The move will allow Google to challenge Amazon, which currently dominates the market through Audible.

Google January 21, 2018

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Has No Regrets Over Firing James Damore

Google CEO Sundar Pichai doesn’t have any regrets firing anti-diversity memo writer James Damore, according to a new interview. The embattled employee is now suing Google for discrimination.

Google January 20, 2018

Google Pixel 3 Rumored Specs And Release: What We Know So Far

The Google Pixel 2 series have only been out for a few months, but the rumor mill is already churning in anticipation of the Pixel 3 lineup. Google is expected to launch three Pixels this year, so here's what we expect.

Google January 19, 2018

Tech Education Shouldn’t Just Be About Coding, According To Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, doesn’t think teaching coding is the solution to all the problems in the technology industry. In order to prepare for a tech-filled future, individuals must be equipped with basic tech skills, too.

Google January 19, 2018

Google's Experimental Fuchsia OS Seen To Work On The Pixelbook

Google’s secret operating system called Fuchsia OS has been demonstrated to work on the Pixelbook, normally powered by Chrome OS. The software, however, remains a work in progress and will take more time to reach release status.

Google January 19, 2018

Google Is Rolling Out A Fix For The Cast Bug That Kills Your Wi-Fi

Google is rolling out an update that will solve the Wi-Fi network crashes caused by the Chromecast and Google Home devices. The bug fix will deploy as an update to the Google Play Services software found on all Android devices.

Google January 18, 2018

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