More Time On Social Media Does Not Harm Mental Health: Study

Researchers have found no link between the use of social media networks and mental health problems among young adults. Here's what they have to say.

HEALTH November 4, 2017

Heart Disease Deaths Plunge But Drug Overdoses Rise: CDC

Latest figures from the CDC showed that deaths by drug overdose in the United States have risen by around 20 percent in 2016. What's behind the increase in death rate?

HEALTH November 4, 2017

Heart Stents May Be Useless At Relieving Chest Pain: Study

Angina patients with heart stents may be benefiting from placebo effect. Those who received stents showed no difference in symptoms and exercise performance from patients who only had medications.

HEALTH November 4, 2017

Woman Hospitalized For Severe Foot Infection After Pedicure At Her Favorite Spa

A bride-to-be had to be operated when she suffered from severe toe infection after a pedicure at a spa. What can potentially cause infections during a salon procedure?

HEALTH November 4, 2017

Having Unwanted Thoughts? Scientists Found The Brain Chemical Responsible

Scientists found that a chemical called GABA is the neurotransmitter responsible for suppressing unwanted thoughts. Participants with low hippocampal GABA were less able to suppress unwanted thoughts.

HEALTH November 3, 2017

Just Two Cans Of Soda Per Week Can Up Risk For Heart Disease, Diabetes, And Stroke

Sugar-sweetened beverages not only contribute to weight gain but are also bad for the health, according to a new review. Excess consumption of sugary drinks is linked to adverse medical conditions.

HEALTH November 4, 2017

Human Use Of Brainpower Not As Unique As Previously Thought

About 25 percent of the human body's energy usage is reserved for the brain. This is often seen as a characteristic unique to humans, but new research finds that some animals also allot large amounts of energy for brainpower.

HEALTH November 2, 2017

Childhood Spanking Can Lead To Mental Health Problems In Adulthood

Researchers found an association between childhood spanking and mental health problems in adulthood. Among the respondents, men and minorities were more likely to have experienced childhood spanking.

HEALTH November 3, 2017

Pregnant Woman Becomes Pregnant Again: Here's How It Happened

A 31-year-old woman from California named Jessica Allen became pregnant while she was already pregnant in a rare medical incident, called 'superfetation.' Here's how it happened.

HEALTH November 4, 2017

Trader Joe's Salads Recalled For Possible Listeria Contamination

A public health alert has been issued for a certain type of salad sold at Trader Joe's grocery stores. Officials are warning consumers to either throw the salad product away or return them to where they were purchased.

HEALTH November 2, 2017

Men With Bent Penis At Higher Risk For Cancer

A new study has found that men with Peyronie's disease have an increased risk of various types of cancer. The research is based on the observation of patient data review of over 1.5 million males.

HEALTH November 2, 2017

Aging Is Inevitable: Math Shows Humans Can Never Be Immortal

A mathematical proof has shown that it is impossible to stop the natural process of aging. Here's what scientists have to say about human mortality.

HEALTH November 2, 2017

UK To Ban Surgery For Smokers And The Obese To Reduce Health Care Costs

UK came up with a decision to ban non-urgent surgeries for individuals who smoke and are obese. This is how the controversial move can help slash health care costs.

HEALTH November 1, 2017

IUD May Reduce Cervical Cancer Risk By 30 Percent: Study

Women who use an IUD as birth control device to prevent pregnancy are less likely to develop cervical cancer. Here's how the contraceptive device may influence risk for the disease.

HEALTH November 8, 2017

Brain Scans May Help Identify People With Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal people were found to exhibit distinct brain activity patterns. Brain scans hold potential in preventing suicide, which claimed more than 41,000 lives in the United States in 2013.

HEALTH October 31, 2017

Sephora Lawsuit: Woman Claims Lipstick Tester Gave Her Herpes

Can you get infected with viruses when you try on lipstick and makeup samples? A woman sues Sephora claiming she contracted herpes from a lipstick sample at one of their stores.

HEALTH October 31, 2017

FDA To Revoke Authorized Health Claim That Soy Protein Can Reduce Heart Disease Risk

For the first time in its history, the FDA attempts to revoke a previously authorized health claim. Here's why the federal health agency may no longer allow companies to claim soy protein may reduce heart disease risk.

HEALTH October 31, 2017

Opioid Crisis: Georgia Mourns Death Of Two Friends On Same Day And Just Half A Mile Apart

Two teenagers died of fentanyl overdose in Georgia. The pair, who were friends, had reportedly bought the opioids from the same dealer.

HEALTH October 30, 2017

Doctor Spots Own Cancer With Pocket-Sized Ultrasound Connected To An iPhone

A new electric razor-sized ultrasound device, connected to a smartphone, helped a doctor diagnose his own cancer. The gadget called Butterfly iQ will be launched in the United States in 2018.

HEALTH October 30, 2017

Puppy Saved After Accidental Opioid Overdose: What To Do If It Happens To Your Pet

A puppy was saved by veterinarians from accidental opioid overdose with the help of an overdose reversal drug. What are the symptoms of opioid poisoning in pets?

HEALTH October 29, 2017

Smoking Marijuana May Be Good For Your Sex Life: Study

A study has found that smoking pot is beneficial for sex life. Regular weed smokers reportedly engage in sex more frequently in comparison to those who abstain.

HEALTH October 28, 2017

Surrogate Mother Unknowingly Gives Birth To Biological Son

A surrogate mother from California unknowingly gave birth to a biological son in a rare medical incident, called 'superfetation.' After realizing that the child was her own, Jessica Allen decided to take him back and the incident was brought to court.

HEALTH October 28, 2017

Eating Alone Can Be Bad For Your Health

Eating alone has been more prominent in recent years. Researchers find that the practice ups the risk for metabolic syndrome, and the effects are more prominent among men.

HEALTH October 28, 2017

Man With 3-Foot Penis Undergoes Life-Changing Surgery

A young man from Kenya finally got a life-changing surgery to reduce and remodel his enlarged penis and testicles. Elephantiasis does not just lead to physical deformity, but also poor mental health and social stigma.

HEALTH October 28, 2017

Here Are The Infant Formula And Baby Food Products Found Positive For Toxic Chemicals

A recent report by non-profit organization Clean Label Project showed that some of the top-selling and emerging baby food products tested positive for toxic chemicals such as arsenic. Over 500 products were tested and rated from best to worst.

HEALTH October 27, 2017

New Editing Technique Could Life-Saving Treatment For Thousands Of Diseases

Harvard University scientists have come up with two breakthrough finds using the CRISPR-Cas9 technology. The techniques can be used in the future for curing or treating various diseases.

HEALTH October 27, 2017

CDC Panel Recommends GSK's New Shingles Vaccine Shingrix

GlaxoSmithKline's Shingrix is the newly approved vaccine for preventing shingles. The vaccine has got the thumbs up from CDC.

HEALTH October 27, 2017

Baby Food And Infant Formulas Tested Positive For Arsenic, Lead, And Other Toxic Chemicals

More than half of baby products, including infant formula, that researchers examined were found positive for toxic chemicals. Mainstream brands, which include Gerber and Enfamil, were among the worst offenders.

HEALTH October 25, 2017

Lucid Dreaming: Study Reveals Effective Techniques To Control Your Dreams

A new research has revealed three effective techniques that could help people increase their chances of experiencing 'lucid dreams'. The research shows a '17 percent success rate' for those who managed to combine all three techniques.

HEALTH October 27, 2017

Nevada Gun Shows Linked To Increase In Firearm Violence In California

Gun shows held in Nevada have a spillover effect in California in terms of firearm violence, injuries and death. A study found that California's strict gun regulations are diluted by Nevada's lax gun laws.

HEALTH October 27, 2017

Carpenter Who Repaired Homes After Hurricane Harvey Dies Of Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Josue Zurita, a 31-year-old man, has succumbed to the deadly necrotizing fasciitis. He had contracted the flesh-eating bacterial infection while repairing homes damaged by floodwater post-hurricane Harvey.

HEALTH October 26, 2017

Frequent Need To Urinate Could Be Sign Of Ovarian Cancer

The need to urinate more often than usual is a potential symptom of ovarian cancer, but only 1 percent of women are aware of this warning sign. What are the other signs of the disease?

HEALTH October 25, 2017

New York Law Bans Use Of E-Cigarettes In Public Places

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the bill that bans the use of e-cigarettes in places where smoking tobacco products is prohibited. The new law will take effect in 30 days.

HEALTH October 25, 2017

Depressed Woman Sweats Blood Because Of Rare Condition

Hematohidrosis, the spontaneous production of blood sweat through intact skin, causes a woman to experience blood-sweating episodes that last between one and five minutes. What causes this rare condition?

HEALTH October 24, 2017

Woman Files Lawsuit Over Unnecessary Mastectomy And Hysterectomy

A woman has filed a $1.8 million lawsuit against medical professionals over 'unnecessary mastectomy and hysterectomy.' Elisha Cooke-Moore's lawsuit claims she was misled by medical professionals who told her she was carrying 'cancer-causing genes' and that she needed to undergo surgery.

HEALTH October 28, 2017

Alzheimer's Disease Detected In Dolphins: Age-Related Disorder Not A Human-Specific Disease

Markers of Alzheimer's disease were found in the brains of dead dolphins that had washed ashore. Do these wild animals exhibit the same symptoms of memory loss that characterize dementia in humans?

HEALTH October 24, 2017

Formerly Conjoined Twins Doing 'Fantastic' 4 Months After Surgery To Separate Them

Erin and Abby Delaney, former conjoined twins who were connected at the head, are recovering well from the 11-hour surgery that separated them in June. The sisters will be back home to celebrate Thanksgiving with their parents.

HEALTH October 23, 2017

How Do You Stop The Spread Of HIV? Quarantine Those Infected, Suggests Georgia Lawmaker

Georgia lawmaker Betty Price has come under fire for asking whether there is legal basis for the quarantine of people infected with HIV. She has now spoken out amid the controversy, claiming her comments were taken out of context.

HEALTH October 23, 2017

Ex-Inmate Sues For Negligence Over Mocked 91-Hour Erection Caused By Unidentified Pill

A former inmate is suing multiple people for failing to provide medical attention to his painful 91-hour erection. His ordeal began after taking an unidentified pill from a fellow inmate.

HEALTH October 22, 2017

Judge Tosses $417 Million Talcum Powder Case Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson

A judge in Los Angeles has thrown out a $417 million 'talcum powder' case verdict against Johnson & Johnson. Previously, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay the sum to a woman who claimed she got ovarian cancer from the company's baby powder product.

HEALTH October 21, 2017

Young Children Now Spend More Than 2 Hours Per Day On Screens

Kids age 8 and below spends more time using the media than six years ago. A new report reveals that 42 percent of children age 8 and below already have their own gadget - compared from 7 percent in 2013 and 1 percent in 2011.

HEALTH October 20, 2017

California Faces Largest Person-To-Person Hepatitis Outbreak Since 1995

California is currently struggling with a hepatitis A outbreak that has already claimed 19 lives. What are the challenges that authorities are facing in their quest to control the outbreak?

HEALTH October 20, 2017

Scientists May Have Found Potential Cause Of Dyslexia

Scientists have recently found that dyslexia could potentially be linked to the shape of spots in the eye. This causes the inability to read, write or spell correctly.

HEALTH October 23, 2017

Study Explains How Cancer's 'Sweet Tooth' Is Related To Tumor Aggressiveness

Scientists have discovered how the growth of cancer cells is related to the consumption of sugar. The discovery could enable other scientists to delve deeper into the mysteries of how cancer can multiply.

HEALTH October 20, 2017

When You Die And Your Heart Stops, Your Brain Is Still Functioning (Yes, You'll Know When You're Dead)

Researchers have found that even though the heart stops beating, the brain is still functioning. Those who have experienced a heart attack or cardiac arrest are still aware of what's happening around them.

HEALTH October 19, 2017

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