How The Resistance To Antifungal Drugs Became An International Problem During The Past 30-40 Years

During the past 30 to 40 years, resistance to antifungal drugs increased. Researchers say that this is largely due to the overuse of antifungal chemicals, especially on farms.

Medicine May 18, 2018

Migraine Prevention Drug Receives FDA Approval: Aimovig By Amgen Is The First Of Its Kind

Aimovig, designed for long-term migraine prevention, will now go on sale after receiving approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The drug is the first of its kind, and it could soon mean the end of chronic migraines.

Medicine May 18, 2018

Opioid Overdose Deaths Boost Number Of Transplantable Organs

Organ donations from donors who died of a drug-overdose has increased over 10-fold in the United States since the year 2000. Is this related to the opioid epidemic?

Medicine May 17, 2018

FDA Approves Lucemyra, The First Non-Opioid Drug For Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms Up To 14 Days

The Food and Drug Administration approved of Lucemyra, a treatment for adults suffering from opioid withdrawal symptoms. It has been approved for patients to use up to 14 days.

Medicine May 16, 2018

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Linked To Hormone Imbalance Before Birth, Possible Treatment Developed: Study

Researchers found the specific hormone that may be responsible for the development of PCOS. Fortunately, they were also able to find a potential treatment for it.

Medicine May 16, 2018

Researchers Test Common Cold Cure To Be Taken 1 Hour Before Or 1 Hour After The Infection

Researchers say that they developed a new drug that treats the common cold by attacking the human host instead of the virus. It can be taken one hour before or one hour after the infection.

Medicine May 14, 2018

Iowa Baby Hit By Softball During Game May Have Suffered 'Significant' Brain Damage

Earlier in May, eight-week-old McKenna Hovenga was struck by a foul ball at her father's softball game suffering a fractured skull. Doctors are now saying that Hovenga may have suffered significant brain damage due to the incident.

Medicine May 14, 2018

Mother Who Lost Son To Diabetes Calls For Lower Insulin Prices

A mother who lost her son to diabetes, as well as other mothers, patients, doctors, and supporters gathered to call for lower insulin prices. A senator also joined the rally and stated that President Donald Trump's plan is not enough.

Medicine May 15, 2018

Vitamin D Therapy May Help Diabetes Treatment, Study Shows

Scientists have discovered that vitamin D therapy may help in the treatment of diabetes. Vitamin D, known as the sunshine vitamin, may be combined with a newly identified compound to bring glucose levels back to normal in mouse models.

Medicine May 14, 2018

Bisphosphonate Drug Holiday May Up Fracture Risk Of Osteoporosis Patients

Taking holiday from a bone drug prescribed for osteoporosis may up women's risk for fractures. Researchers said that patients need to be regularly assessed during their drug holiday.

Medicine May 13, 2018

Drunk Mice Given 'Hangover' Pill And The Results Show Promise, Researchers Suggest

A team of researchers at UCLA have created a 'hangover' pill that could cure hangovers. The team tested the pill on mice that were also given alcohol prior to the test.

Medicine May 11, 2018

Taking Antibiotics May Be Linked To Increased Risk For Kidney Stones

The prevalence of kidney stones in the United States has risen dramatically over the past decades. A new study asserts antibiotics may have had something to do with that.

Medicine May 11, 2018

Army Surgeons Replace Soldier's Lost Ear With Grown One: What Is Ear Reconstruction Surgery?

A soldier who lost her entire ear after a car accident in 2016 successfully received total ear reconstructive surgery. Such procedures are done for those with ear defects, whether in-born or due to an injury.

Medicine May 11, 2018

Army Doctors Give Soldier New Ear By Growing It In Her Arm

Pvt. Shamika Burrage lost her left ear in a vehicular accident. Army doctors, however, were able to give her a new ear by shaping cartilage taken from her rib cage and growing the organ in her arm.

Medicine May 10, 2018

Baby Girl Suffers Fractured Skull, Brain Bleeds In Freak Softball Accident: Here's How You Can Help

McKenna Hovenga, a seven-week-old baby girl, suffered a fractured skull and brain bleeds after her head was hit in a freak softball accident. The baby remains hospitalized, with her parents at her side for her recovery.

Medicine May 10, 2018

Man Has Eye Cancer Misdiagnosed As Migraine, Causing Him To Lose Half Of His Face

A man with eye cancer was misdiagnosed as having a migraine. Due to the misdiagnosis, he had to have his right eye and a part of his face removed. The man had a lump next to his eye that went unnoticed before it was too late.

Medicine May 7, 2018

Rare Eye Cancer Ocular Melanoma: Signs, Symptoms, And Treatment

Recent reports highlighted the risks of ocular melanoma, which is considered quite rare. This form of eye cancer can have many symptoms or signs but such condition is difficult to detect visually in its early stages.

Medicine May 5, 2018

Hormone Tagged As Possible Autism Biomarker For Boys: Here's Why This Matters

Researchers have identified the hormone vasopressin as a possible biomarker for autism in boys in a new study involving rhesus monkeys. Why is determining an autism biomarker a valuable discovery?

Medicine May 5, 2018

Probiotic Treatment For Eczema Shows Promise In NIH Clinical Trial

An NIH clinical trial showed positive results in reducing symptoms of eczema by applying good bacteria in the affected skin areas. The study involved adult and pediatric participants, who showed no side effects and adverse reactions.

Medicine May 4, 2018

Doctors Remove Rare 132-Pound Ovarian Tumor In Lifesaving Surgery

A woman's ovarian tumor grew to almost 100 centimeters in just two months, occupying her entire abdomen. Doctors at a Connecticut hospital worked together to perform a lifesaving surgery.

Medicine May 4, 2018

Synthetic Embryos Produced Without Egg Or Sperm May Shed Light On Failed Pregnancies

Researchers created synthetic embryos without using sperm and eggs. The procedure may offer insights on why many pregnancies fail during implantation, as well as help with human fertility.

Medicine May 3, 2018

Party Drug Ecstasy May Help With PTSD Recovery, But With Dangerous Side Effects

Research revealed that ecstasy, more popularly known as a party drug, may help in the recovery of patients with post-traumatic stress disorder. Results from the new study are promising, but the treatment method comes with potentially dangerous side effects.

Medicine May 3, 2018

Aaron Traywick, 'Biohacker' Who Publicly Injected Himself With DIY Herpes Treatment, Found Dead At 28

Aaron Traywick, who was the CEO of biohacking company Ascendance Biomedical, died at the age of 28. Traywick was found facedown in a flotation tank at a spa in Washington, D.C.

Medicine May 1, 2018

Some Bacteria Eat Antibiotics Like A 'Buffet Table,' And That Might Be A Good Thing

As antibiotic-resistant superbugs continue to spread, some bacteria can actually eat antibiotics. A study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis reveals why this could be a good thing.

Medicine April 30, 2018

Maine Doctors Suggest That Medical Marijuana Could Be Used To Help Fight Addiction To Opioids

According to doctors in Maine, medical marijuana has helped treat several patient's addictions to opioids. Since 2016, nearly 66% of the deaths that were drug-overdose related were due to an overdose of opioids.

Medicine April 30, 2018

Telomerase Structure Discovery May Lead To Drugs That Combat Aging And Cancer

Researchers revealed a more detailed structure of the enzyme telomerase linked to cellular aging. Why is it important in the development of drugs that fight cancer and delay aging?

Medicine April 29, 2018

Golden Bear Jack Nicklaus Undergoes Experimental Stem Cell Treatment

Retired professional golfer Jack Nicklaus, nicknamed The Golden Bear, underwent a stem cell treatment for his back pain in February 2016 and scheduled another round of similar procedure for his shoulder on Saturday.

Medicine April 28, 2018

Ringing No More? New Treatment May Significantly Reduce Tinnitus Symptoms

One in 10 adults live with tinnitus. Though people experience the condition in varying degrees, those with severe tinnitus may struggle with sleep, work, and hearing.

Medicine April 27, 2018

Bill Gates Donates $12 Million, Challenges United States To Lead Fight Against Flu

Bill Gates announced a significant challenge for scientists as he pledged $12 million for the creation of a universal influenza vaccine. The Microsoft cofounder has been at the forefront of strengthening vaccines.

Medicine April 27, 2018

Doctors Excluded Donor’s Testicles From Johns Hopkins Penis And Scrotum Transplant Because They Can Produce Donor's Genetic Offspring

Testicles would continue to produce sperm which contains a transplant donor’s DNA. Hence, doctors who performed the first penis and scrotum transplant decided not to give the deceased donor's testicles to the patient involved.

Medicine April 27, 2018

Surgeons Amputate 7-Year-Old Cancer Patient's Leg And Reattach It Backward To Help Retain Her Active Lifestyle

7-year-old Amelia bravely said "goodbye loser" to the cancerous tumor in her femur. Though it cost her a thigh, the rotationplasty will help her keep her active lifestyle.

Medicine April 26, 2018

Pig Brains Kept Alive Outside Body: Are Human Brains Next?

A team of scientists were able to keep a pig's brain alive while outside of its body. The method may likely be possible for human brains as well, which opens various scientific applications but also raises serious ethical issues.

Medicine April 27, 2018

Acadia Parkinson’s Drug Nuplazid Under FDA Scrutiny Over Safety Issues And Suspected Deaths

Nuplazid, the only FDA-approved drug for the treatment of psychosis in patients with Parkinson’s disease, is now under further evaluation. Acadia’s Parkinson’s drug is linked to a number of deaths, causing public concern and pleas for another review.

Medicine April 26, 2018

Children With Rare Rapid Aging Disease Could Live Longer, Thanks To A New Study Drug

Children who suffer from the rare genetic disease progeria may have a chance at a longer life. The drug lonafarnib, which was originally created for cancer patients, has been used in a test to treat children who have progeria.

Medicine April 24, 2018

Johns Hopkins Performs World's First Successful Penis And Scrotum Transplant: US Military Vet Gets 'Special Gift' Of Life

John Hopkins University performed the first full penile and scrotum transplant in history for an injured veteran. The reconstructive surgery will allow the veteran to regain urinary and sexual functions.

Medicine April 24, 2018

Obese Sisters Get Bariatric Surgery In Bid To Help Them Live Healthier Lives

Yogita and Anisha were already having breathing problems at just six and eight years old because of their obesity. Thanks to a kind doctor, the sisters received the medical care that they need for free.

Medicine April 22, 2018

'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller Diagnosed With Rare Cancer: What Is Burkitt Lymphoma?

Burkitt lymphoma is an aggressive type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma that may vary depending on geographical location and affected body part. Outside of Africa, it may be associated with a compromised immune system.

Medicine April 22, 2018

Transcripts Detail Prince’s Concerning Weight Loss, Mood Swings, And Supper Before Death

Transcripts of different interviews with Prince’s acquaintances were made public on April 17 along with search warrants and other related documents. The documents detailed the observation of Judith Hill, Meron Berkure, and Ray Roberts among others.

Medicine April 21, 2018

Male Contraceptive Stops Sperm From Swimming, Doesn't Have Hormonal Side Effects

Research on a new form of male contraceptive shows that it can slow down the movement of sperm in men. The study also shows that it has no hormonal side effects in men taking the drug.

Medicine April 23, 2018

Marijuana-Based Drug For Seizures Gets Unanimous Recommendation From FDA Committee

An FDA advisory committee gave the go-ahead for Epidiolex, a marijuana-based drug that treats two rare and severe forms of epilepsy. The FDA is scheduled to vote this June.

Medicine April 20, 2018

4-Year-Old Boy Treated With Dog Saliva: Doctors With Low Quality Scores Likely To Prescribe Homeopathic Treatments

Anke Zimmerman, a Canadian homeopath, claimed he treated 4-year-old Jonah with rabid dog saliva, but experts said it could be fatal. A study showed that doctors who prescribed homeopathic treatments scored low on their prescription performance.

Medicine April 19, 2018

Japan Could Be First In The World To Detect Cancer Using Urine Samples

Hitachi, a Japanese multinational conglomerate company, announced that it is conducting the trial of a method that can detect cancer through urine samples. If successful, the country would be the first in the world to possess such technology.

Medicine April 18, 2018

A New Treatment For Hard-To-Treat Migraine May Finally Be Here

A new, more effective migraine drug may be on the way. It’s called erenumab, and in a series of tests, it cut down the frequency of headaches among migraine sufferers by half.

Medicine April 18, 2018

A Seizure Drug Made From Marijuana Is This Close To Getting FDA Approval

GW Pharmaceuticals awaits FDA approval for Epidiolex, which contains an element derived from cannabis. It will treat children suffering from two rare forms of epilepsy by making their seizures less frequent.

Medicine April 18, 2018

Man Forced To Undergo Second Face Transplant After Drugs Interfered With First Face Transplant

French man Jerome Hamon underwent a second face transplant due to drugs that interfered with his first face transplant. He took drugs that caused his facial tissue to die.

Medicine April 18, 2018

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