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Russia Wants To Send Tourists To Spacewalk At The International Space Station By 2019

A space industry official revealed Russia's plan to send tourists to the International Space Station. What did the world's first space tourist do during his weeklong stay at the ISS in 2001?

Space February 2, 2018

Traumatic Brain Injury May Still Increase Dementia Risk Years After Accident

Traumatic brain injury patients still face a greater risk of dementia decades after the accident. Experts offered advice on how those with TBI can reduce their risk of developing the neurological disorder.

Neuroscience January 31, 2018

Higher Folate Intake Not Harmful: UK Concern Over Fortifying Flour With Folic Acid Unjustified

Researchers reanalyzed the data used by the US Institute of Medicine as the basis for tolerable upper intake level of folate. They found no link between high doses of folic acid and increased risk of neurological damage.

Public Health January 31, 2018

Drug Distributors Flooded Small West Virginia Town With 20.8 Million Opioid Painkillers

In just 10 years, two drug wholesalers has sent more than 20 million painkillers to a town in West Virginia, which only has 2,900 population. Other small towns also received excessive number of prescription painkillers.

Public Health January 31, 2018

Nicotine In E-Cigarette Vapors May Cause Cancer, Mouse Study Suggests

Experiments conducted on mice and cultured human cells show that nicotine in e-cigarette vapors may cause changes in the DNA that may elevate cancer risk. Does this mean e-cigarettes can cause cancer in humans?

Public Health January 30, 2018

Pocket-Sized Device Could Make Genome Sequencing Cheaper And Faster

The mobile phone-sized device called MinION sequenced a complete human genome ever mapped using a single technology. What are its potential applications in the field of medicine?

Medicine January 30, 2018

Naked Mole Rats May Hold Clue To Fountain Of Youth

Naked mole rats should have a lifespan of six years but they can live to more than 30 years. These burrowing rodents may hold the secrets of longevity and treatment to age-related conditions such as Alzheimer's.

Feature | Health January 30, 2018

Parents Force-Feed Autistic Children With Bleach To Cure Them: What's The Most Effective Treatment For Autism?

The Master Mineral Solution (MMS) is a deadly product that uses industrial-strength bleach to "cure" autism. Are there any safe treatment options for children with autism?

Neuroscience January 30, 2018

Swatting Mosquitoes Trains Them To Stay Away From You: Other Ways To Avoid Mosquito Bites

Swatting mosquitoes away is one way of teaching them to avoid you, a new research suggests. Here are other recommended ways to avoid getting bitten by these disease-carrying bugs.

Public Health January 29, 2018

Curcumin May Help Improve Memory: Other Potential Health Benefits Of This Turmeric Compound

Turmeric's most active substance helped improve memory and mood in a study involving older adults. Here are other potential health benefits of including curcumin in your diet.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 28, 2018

Honeybees Are Agricultural Animals Just Like Pigs And Cows: Experts

University of Cambridge experts said honeybees are agricultural animals that pose threat to other wild pollinators particularly other bee species. Unlike livestock though, these managed bees are allowed to roam beyond their enclosures.

Animals January 28, 2018

Bacteria Can Convert Human Waste Into Food For Astronauts In Space

Amid plans to send humans to planet Mars, researchers have shown the possibility of using human waste to provide nutrients for astronauts on deep-space mission. The process involves use of bacteria and anaerobic digestion.

Space January 28, 2018

Boy Dies From Flesh-Eating Bacteria After Bike Accident: How To Avoid Necrotizing Fasciitis Infection

An 8-year old boy died after bacteria entered his body through a wound. Wounds and blisters can put anyone at risk of contracting necrotizing fasciitis, or flesh-eating disease and here are some precautions to avoid infection.

Public Health January 28, 2018

10,000-Year Old Artifact Found Near Ancient Lake Could Be World's Oldest Crayon

An object found near an ancient lake in-filled with peat during the Mesolithic Period could be the world's oldest crayon. What are the signs that indicate the artifact was used as a coloring tool?

Ancient January 28, 2018

Space Graffiti: Astronomers Say Rocket Lab's Disco Ball Satellite Is Bad For Science

Rocket Lab's Humanity Star drew backlash from the scientific community. The reflective orb will not be a permanent feature of the night sky, but why are scientists concerned about its launch?

Space January 27, 2018

Second-Hand Plastic Toys Contain Toxic Elements That May Harm Your Child

Toxic elements that can harm children's brain and overall health were found in second-hand plastic toys. Bricks produced by a popular toy maker in the '70s and '80s were among the worst offenders.

Public Health January 27, 2018

Brain Workout: Aerobic Exercise May Help Delay, Improve Symptoms Of Alzheimer's Disease

Exercise has long been prescribed to improve the brain health of older adults. Now, researchers have found that aerobic exercise is the best to delay Alzheimer's disease or improve its symptoms.

Neuroscience January 27, 2018

Extra Body Fat Linked To Increased Breast Cancer Risk In Women With Normal Weight

Higher body fat level is linked to increased breast cancer risk in postmenopausal women with normal BMI. How do fat cells influence odds for developing estrogen receptor-positive cancer?

Public Health January 27, 2018

Chinese Students Complete 200 Days Living On Virtual Moon Base

Four volunteers spent 200 days in a simulated space lab in China, setting a record for longest stay in a self-contained cabin. They experienced three unexpected blackouts during the experiment.

Space January 27, 2018

Scientists Successfully Cloned Macaque Monkeys: Will They Clone Humans Next?

Chinese scientists successfully cloned two macaque monkeys using SCNT, the cloning method that produced Dolly the Sheep in the 1990s. Does the team plan to also clone humans?

Feature | Science January 26, 2018

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