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Dark Matter Could Be Primordial Black Holes That Were Formed Right After The Universe Was Born

Is dark matter composed of ancient black holes nearly as old as the universe? Researchers ran computer simulations in the hope of finding evidence of primordial black holes in dwarf galaxies halos, where much of dark matter is located

Space April 21, 2018

Saturn May Have Helped Create Planet Jupiter's Galilean Moons

Computer simulations showed how Jupiter's largest moons were formed. Researchers found that the gas giant's neighboring planet, Saturn, had a key role in the formation of the Galilean satellites.

Space April 21, 2018

27.5-Million-Year-Old Species Of Baleen Whale Found In New Zealand Is One Of Oldest

The ancient species of baleen whale named Toipahautea waitaki lived in New Zealand when the region was an island archipelago. How is this creature different from its modern-day cetacean kins?

Animals April 21, 2018

Mailman Faces Criminal Charges For Hoarding 17,000 Undelivered Letters

A mailman hoarded 17,000 letters in his car, work locker, and apartment. He said he was overwhelmed by the number of mails and made sure the important letters were delivered.

Life & Style April 20, 2018

Bajau Sea Nomads Evolved Bigger Spleen To Dive Deeper, Longer: Other Proof That Humans Are Evolving

The diving ability of the Bajaus is a genetic adaptation, having larger spleens allows them to hold their breath longer underwater. Here are other groups of people who evolved to adapt to their surroundings and lifestyle.

Feature | Health April 20, 2018

Microscope Captures 3D Views Of Cells Moving Within Living Organisms

Researchers developed a microscope that can produce 3D videos of living cells as they carry out their function. The technology used adaptive optics and lattice light sheet microscopy.

Feature | Health April 20, 2018

Hundreds Of Dying Octopus Mothers And Their Eggs Found In Deep Sea Volcano-Warmed Waters

Researchers found a group of mother octopuses and their eggs huddled in an underwater outcrop where warm water flows. Why were the cephalopods and their eggs in this potentially deadly area?

Animals April 19, 2018

Blame Global Warming: Half Of Corals In Great Barrier Reef Dead After 2016 Heat Wave

A heat wave led to catastrophic bleaching that killed one in three corals in the Great Barrier Reef in 2016. This was followed by another heat wave in 2017.

Earth/Environment April 19, 2018

Merging Black Holes And Stellar Winds Slow Down Star Formation In Butterfly Galaxy

The butterfly-shaped galaxy NGC 6240 sees intense star formation with the merging of the two supermassive black holes at its center. Researchers found what powers down its ability to form new stars.

Space April 19, 2018

Fossils From Marine Sediments In Alabama Belonged To Newly Identified Ancestor Of Modern Sea Turtles

A retired USDA soil scientist found fossils of a marine reptile and donated it to the Alabama Museum of Natural History. The fossils belonged to an ancestor of modern-day sea turtles. Researchers called it Peritresius martini.

Animals April 19, 2018

NYC Mice Carry Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs: How To Prevent These Rodents From Making You Sick

Droppings from mice captured in New York City buildings contain viruses, bacteria, and antibiotic-resistant bugs. Precautions should be observed to prevent these rodents from spreading diseases. Should people get cats to kill mice?

Public Health April 18, 2018

Supercomputer Reveals Yellowstone's Magma Transition Zone: Can Scientists Now Predict Future Supervolcano Eruptions?

The transition zone controls the movement of magma that flows out during a volcanic eruption. Can scientists now determine when the next eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano will occur?

Earth/Environment April 18, 2018

Milky Way Stars's DNA May Help Astronomers Find Sun's Siblings

Stars have DNA, which can help astronomers search for the sun's long-lost siblings. The GALAH survey matches the DNA between stars to find their missing brothers and sisters.

Space April 18, 2018

Opioid Epidemic Alleviates Shortage In Organ Donors: Study

The opioid epidemic appeared to help alleviate organ donor shortage in the United States. Outcome of transplants from drug overdose donors are slightly better than those involving organs from sick patients.

Public Health April 17, 2018

Here's Why Romaine Lettuce Tainted With E.coli O157: H7 Could Be Very Dangerous

The CDC continued to warn consumers against eating chopped romaine lettuce from Yuma, Arizona that may be tainted with E.coli O157: H7. What makes this e.coli strain particularly dangerous?

Public Health April 16, 2018

Early Homo Sapiens Who Lived In Prehistoric Rock Shelter Left Clues How Humans Can Survive Climate Change

Archaeologists, who studied ancient tools, ornaments, and human remains in the prehistoric rock shelter Riparo Bombrini, discovered how early homo sapiens survived a climate-changing supervolcano eruption This discovery offered clues how humans can survive climate change.

Earth/Environment April 16, 2018

Contact Lens That Acts Like Sunglasses To Protect The Eyes From The Sun Gets FDA Approval

The soft contact lens ACUVUE OASYS with Transitions comes with a light-adaptive technology that can provide protection for the eye against damaging UV radiation. Should you replace your sunglasses with this contact lens?

Public Health April 16, 2018

Atlantic Ocean Current Slowing Down Due To Global Warming: Here's What Could Happen

The conveyor belt of the ocean regulates global temperatures, which means the slowing down of the Atlantic Ocean current could have devastating effects. Here's what could happen with weak AMOC circulation.

Earth/Environment April 16, 2018

Study Reveals What Causes Strange Dark Zone In Greenland's Ice Sheet

High-resolution images of a section of Greenland's dark zone revealed what is behind the strange dark patch in the ice sheet. The so-called ablation zone threatens to speed up melting.

Earth/Environment April 14, 2018

Green-Haired Turtle That Breathes Through Its Genitals Now An Endangered Species Due To Pet Trade

The Mary river turtle became an extremely popular pet before it was formally described in 1994. It was already endangered when it was recognized as a species. What made the reptile particularly vulnerable to population decline?

Animals April 13, 2018

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