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Peanut Allergy Vaccine Turns Off Allergic Reactions By Redirecting Immune Response

An experimental nasal mist vaccine protected allergic mice from reactions, such as breathing problems and itchy skin, due to exposure to peanuts. The treatment works even if the allergy is already established.

Public Health April 12, 2018

Night Owls Beware: Late Risers Have Increased Risk Of Early Death

Night owls have a greater risk of dying earlier than the morning larks likely due to the health impacts of living in the morning lark world. Does it mean that evening type people are doomed?

Healthy Living/Wellness April 12, 2018

Wound Healing Process After Breast Cancer Surgery May Cause Growth Of More Dangerous Tumors

As the body's immune system is busy with the healing process after a breast cancer surgery, it stops to restrain the growth of stray cancer cells, which can lead to new tumors. How can this be prevented?

Public Health April 12, 2018

Fake Weed Laced With Rat Poison Kills 3, Leaves More Than 100 Others Bleeding From Eyes And Ears

Fake marijuana tainted with rat poison already killed three in Illinois and sickened over 100 due to dangerous bleeding. Is it safe to use synthetic cannabinoids that are not contaminated with other substances?

Public Health April 12, 2018

Cosmic Gorilla Effect Could Make Humans Blind To Aliens In Unknown Dark Matter

Something similar to the invisible gorilla effect may happen when humans search for alien life. Researchers said that other intelligent beings may manifest in dimensions that escape our perception.

Space April 11, 2018

Eyebrows Evolved To Help Humans Convey Emotions, Empathize With Others

Smaller and mobile brows allowed humans to express subtle emotions. Brows capable of a range of movements also play an important role in social communication, which helped humans form networks and survive.

Feature | Science April 11, 2018

Star Clusters Can Unveil Nature Of Dark Matter At The Center Of Dwarf Galaxies

Researchers developed a new method to measure the amount of dark matter at the center of tiny dwarf galaxies using star clusters. Their work may eventually unveil the nature of dark matter.

Space April 9, 2018

Mom Finds Used Needles On McDonald's Baby Changing Table

A young mother found three used needles on the baby changing table at a McDonald's restaurant and thinks these were intentionally left to injure somebody. What was fast food giant's response to the incident?

Public Health April 9, 2018

Rare Double Robotic Surgery Simultaneously Removes Uterus And Colons Of Cancer Patient

A colorectal cancer patient had hysterectomy and part of her colon removed at the same time in a procedure that used da Vinci Xi robot. What makes robotic surgery a better option for patients?

Medicine April 8, 2018

NASA MRO Image Features Stunning Dune Gullies At Matara Crater On Mars

The HiRISE instrument onboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured image of gullies that formed on the sand dunes of Matara Crater on the Red Planet. How did these gullies form?

Space April 8, 2018

NASA's First Mission To Sun Arrives In Florida To Start Final Preparations For July Launch

NASA's Parker Solar Probe, humanity's first mission to the sun, is now at the Sunshine State to prepare for its launch. Here's what the solar probe would go through over the next several months.

Space April 8, 2018

Gene Therapy Could Be Key To Survival Of Astronauts In Deep Space Mission To Mars

High-dose radiation in space could be deadly for astronauts on a mission to planet Mars. What are ways through which gene therapy can increase their odds for survival?

Space April 8, 2018

Couple Awarded $37 Million In Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Cancer Lawsuit

Stephen Lanzo claimed he contracted cancer after using Johnson & Johnson's products for more than 30 years. He and his wife were awarded $37 million in compensatory damages on Thursday.

Public Health April 7, 2018

ALMA Observations Show Dark Matter Does Not Interact With Itself

An earlier study of the galaxy cluster Abell 3827 deduced that dark matter can interact with other forces other than gravity. New observations made with Atacama Large Millimeter Array challenged the findings.

Space April 6, 2018

Adults As Old As 79 Years Old Still Produce New Brain Cells

Just like a younger brain, the aging human brain can still form new neurons but why does the brain deteriorate in old age? A closer look at the hippocampus offers some clues.

Neuroscience April 6, 2018

Camera Inspired By Mantis Shrimp May Help With Underwater Navigation

The bio-inspired camera that mimics how the mantis shrimp see underwater can show polarization patterns. The technology may help find aircraft lost at sea and create detailed map of the seafloor.

Animals April 5, 2018

Fossilized Embryos Found Within Early Jurassic Ichthyosaur Specimen

Between six and eight fossilized embryos were found within a prehistoric ichthyosaur that lived about 180 million years ago. The specimen of this prehistoric reptile is currently on display at Yorkshire's Jurassic World.

Animals April 5, 2018

Substantial Lack Of Phosphorus In The Universe Makes Finding Alien Life Unlikely

The cosmos substantially lacks phosphorus, which is why scientists have yet to confirm the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. What caused Earth to have high amounts of the life-giving element?

Space April 5, 2018

Antarctica's Ice Is Melting Underwater: Here's Why This Is A Big Problem

Underwater melting of Antarctica's ice sheet is far greater than previously thought. It poses a significant threat as Antarctica holds the largest reservoir of Earth's freshwater.

Earth/Environment April 4, 2018

Large Dinosaur Tracks In Scotland Offer Clues How The Prehistoric Animals Lived During Middle Jurassic

Large dinosaur footprints that were found in the Isle of Skye belonged to sauropods and theropods. What do these tracks reveal about the Middle Jurassic and the prehistoric reptiles?

Animals April 4, 2018

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