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Insomnia ups risk of stroke eight times in young adults

A new study has shown a link between insomnia and stroke in young adults. Here's what they found out.

Life April 5, 2014

Australian government via NBN Co rolls out satellite Internet subsidy program

The Australian government has decided to pour more funds to make sure more people will gain access to the Internet via the broadband subsidy program through NBN Co.

April 3, 2014

Vancouver driver gets 26 tickets in 36 months, driving ban for two months

Distracted driving does not simply mean using one’s smartphone while driving. How one gets 26 tickets for such offense? Find out what this Vancouver local did.

Society April 3, 2014

FDA advisers give thumbs up to MannKind's inhaled insulin drug for diabetics

The U.S. FDA panel of advisers okays insulin that can be inhaled rather than injected. This would be the third time that MannKind, its manufacturer, has sought approval from the FDA for its new drug called Afrezza.

Life April 3, 2014

Dementia diagnosis push in Britain may lead to overdiagnosis: Study

There is a quota for dementia diagnosis in Great Britain and some doctors are worried that the move is being driven more by business than by actual patient care and thus can be harmful to patients.

Life April 2, 2014

'You got the wrong guy:' Mum of alleged hacker of Riot Games cries foul

Any mother will do anything to protect her child. In Australia, a mom has claimed that her son battling Asperger Syndrome did not do what he is accused of.

Business Tech March 21, 2014

Australian police, intelligence agencies ask for more surveillance powers

Australian intelligence agencies and police have asked for more surveillance powers and call for data retention, decryption of encrypted files, and social media and email snooping.

March 19, 2014

Popularity of selfies could be pushing more teen girls to plastic surgery clinics

Now, it's no longer just aging and destructive accidents that cause people to opt for cosmetic surgery. Teens now undergo cosmetic surgery so they will look better in the selfies that they post on social media.

Life March 16, 2014

Health-conscious Americans believe marijuana is safer than sugar, alcohol, and tobacco: Survey

A new survey of 1,000 Americans, conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, has revealed that marijuana is rising in popularity over sugar, as Americans are now starting to believe that sugar is more dangerous to health than marijuana.

Life March 16, 2014

Yawning linked to age and not empathy, new study suggests

It looks like yawns are indeed contagious, although a new study is still unclear on what causes the contagion. For now, age is emerging as a much stronger factor than empathy.

Life March 16, 2014

The Explorer...errr, doctor is in: Google Glass popularity surges among medics

Doctors have begun adopting Google Glass into the hospital ER system. Used by Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, it allows an ER doctor to look up specific information about patients by using Google Glass to scan a Quick response (QR) code on the wall of each room.

Wearable Tech March 16, 2014

Goodyear wants you to name its new blimp

The most advanced Goodyear blimp to date has all the hi-tech trappings and luxury, but it does not still have a name. Goodyear is inviting all to send in their suggestions, and the winner will get to ride in the blimp for a day, together with five of his friends.

March 15, 2014

If you've dropped your food, act fast - the five-second rule is true after all

A new study has proven that the myth of the five-second rule is not a myth after all. Food that has fallen to the floor and remains there for less than 5 seconds is less likely to pick up bacteria from the floor than food that remains there beyond that time.

Life March 14, 2014

Blood pressure slightly up? Beware of elevated stroke risk

In a new analysis of medical data pertaining to about 760,000 people, researchers have found that even a slight increase in an individual's normal blood pressure can heighten the risk for a stroke. The key is to detect and treat prehypertension before it wreaks more havoc on the body.

Life March 14, 2014

Love hormone cure for anorexia? Possibly

Two new studies have shown evidence that oxytocin can help address the negative emotions of those suffering from anorexia. Also known to lower the level of anxiety in people with autism, oxytocin as a cure for anorexia is a potential option, considering the high cost of treatment for the eating disorder.

Life March 14, 2014

Alcohol, tobacco and drug use among teens in Tri-State declines: Survey

A new survey from the Tri-State area brings good news, as a survey of almost 57,0000 students has shown that alcohol, tobacco, and drug use among teens is on the decline. However, the same cannot be said about marijuana, which has shown a slight increase in use among teens, perhaps due to mixed messages from the media and legislation.

Life March 13, 2014

Underweight baby girls have higher chances of fertility problems in adulthood: Study

Baby girls born underweight or small, have a higher likelihood of surviving into adulthood due to advances in medicine. However, a new study has shown that they may have problems with fertility later in life.

Life March 13, 2014

Rachel Canning parents want 'spoiled' daughter to return home

Rachel Canning, the 18 year-old who moved out of her parents' house and then sued her parents for abandonment, has been denied any immediate financial assistance by the court. Her parents, of course, just want her back home.

Society March 11, 2014

NBA star John Wall makes cancer patient's wish come true - Meet Nicki Minaj

A five year-old girl suffering from Burkitt's lymphoma wants to meet Nikki Minaj and have one of her pink wigs. With the help of her mother, social media, and Wizard point guard John Wall, she is going to get her wish.

Society March 11, 2014

Forget 911. 2-year old uses FaceTime to save mom from dog bite

A two year-old boy in Tucson, Arizona saves the day by calling a friend via Facetime right after his mom's finger was bitten off by a dog. Hospitals in the US treat about 880,000 dog bites every year, 30,000 of these requiring reconstructive surgery.

Society March 11, 2014

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