Space Travel Shrinks, Weakens Spinal Muscles Of Astronauts Causing Back Pain And Injury

Astronauts experience back pain after traveling to space. Findings of a new study attribute this to the shrinking and weakening of the spinal muscles.


Did NASA Destroy Europe's Mars Lander? Conspiracy Theory Suggests US Space Agency Shot Down Schiaparelli

A new conspiracy theory offers an alternative explanation why Europe's Mars lander did not successfully make it to the surface of Mars. A UFO enthusiast suggested that NASA intentionally shot down the Schiaparelli.

Space October 25, 2016

Evidence Of Alien Life? 2 Scientists Think Strange Signals From 234 Stars Are From ETI

Strange light pulses were observed in 234 stars. Two astronomers said that these signals could be messages from an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization telling us aliens exist.

Space October 25, 2016

New Millipede Species Found In California Cave Has 414 Legs And 4 Penises

A new species of millipede featuring 414 legs and four penises were discovered in the Lange Cave in California. Only one specimen of this species has been found so far.

Animals October 25, 2016

Metallic Blue Leaves Of Begonia Pavonina Help Tropical Plant Survive In Dark Rainforests

The Begonia pavonina that lives in the dim rainforests of southeast Asia has metallic blue leaves. What is behind this color and how does it help the tropical plant adapt to its environment?

Earth/Environment October 24, 2016

Not Just Gluten: Other Proteins In Wheat Can Cause Upset Stomach And Trigger Chronic Health Conditions

Some individuals may experience stomach symptoms after ingesting wheat products despite not suffering from celiac disease. A group of proteins called ATI may be responsible for this.

Public Health October 24, 2016

Dark Energy May Not Exist At All: Supernovae Analysis Finds Universe Expands At Constant Rate

Dataset of 740 Type Ia supernovae suggests the universe is expanding at a constant rate. The result raises question on the existence of dark energy.

Space October 24, 2016

Adolf Hitler's Secret Nazi Base In Arctic Discovered By Russian Scientists

A secret Nazi base German dictator Adolf Hitler ordered to be built was discovered in the Arctic. More than 500 relics were found at the site, including personal items with the swastika symbol.

Earth/Environment October 24, 2016

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Vibrio Vulnificus Kills Man In 4 Days

A man died after contracting a flesh eating bacteria. Vibrio lurking in the waters of Assawoman Bay infected the man through a wound in his body.

Public Health October 23, 2016

Nuclear Physics Paper Written By iOS Autocomplete Accepted For Scientific Conference

An associate professor at New Zealand's University of Canterbury submitted a paper for the International Conference on Atomic and Nuclear Physics despite having no knowledge about nuclear physics. His paper was written only through iOS autocomplete.

Feature | Science October 23, 2016

NASA's Viking Experiment May Have Detected Microbial Life On Mars In 1976

Microbial life on planet Mars may have been detected by the Viking probes' LR experiment in 1976. What makes the Viking landers' findings crucial?

Space October 23, 2016

Red Wine Compound May Correct Hormone Imbalance In Women With PCOS

The resveratrol compound, which can be found in the skin of grapes and red wine, was found effective at correcting hormone imbalance in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. PCOS is a leading cause of infertility.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 22, 2016

What Happened To Schiaparelli? NASA Images Reveal Graveyard Of European Mars Lander

Images taken by NASA's orbiting spacecraft Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter reveal what appears to be the graveyard of the missing European Mars lander. What happened to Schiaparelli?

Space October 22, 2016

Farmers Hunt Endangered Snow Leopards In Revenge For Attacking Livestock

Humans continue to kill snow leopards despite the endangered animal's declining number. The attacks are often perpetrated in retaliation for the big cats preying on farmers' livestock.

Animals October 22, 2016

Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Hexagonal Clouds May Explain Mysterious Disappearances Of Planes And Ships

Hexagonal clouds above the Bermuda triangle can produce powerful air currents and massive waves. These clouds could be the reason behind the mysterious disappearance of ships, planes and people in this area of the Atlantic Ocean.

Earth/Environment October 22, 2016

Did Aliens Visit Earth 25,000 Years Ago? Aluminum Piece In Romania Hailed Part Of Ancient UFO

A piece of ancient aluminum on display in the History Museum of Cluj-Napoca could be proof that aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago. The object may have even been a part of a UFO.

Space October 21, 2016

New Species Of Long-Necked Sauropod Dinosaur Spans About Half The Length Of A Basketball Court

The newly described species of titanosaur dubbed Savannasaurus elliottorum weighed the equivalent of three African elephants when it lived in the late Cretaceous. The dinosaur measured 40 feet long, or about half the length of a basketball court.

Animals October 21, 2016

Armored Prehistoric Fish In China Holds Clue To Where Our Jaws Came From

Elements of the modern jaw seen in modern-day vertebrates including humans were found in a prehistoric armored fish. The creature belongs to the group of extinct creatures known as placoderms.

Ancient October 21, 2016

2 Connected Fault Lines In California May Trigger A Big Earthquake Within The Next 30 Years

A direct connection between the Hayward Fault and the Rodgers Creek Fault underneath the waters of the San Francisco Bay places the area at risk of a big earthquake in the future. How strong would this quake be?

Earth/Environment October 20, 2016

Planet Nine May Be Responsible For Curious Tilt Of Sun In The Solar System

The sun's odd tilt relative to the orbital plane of the other planets could be attributed to a massive object lying in the far outer solar system. The findings support the idea of the existence of the theoretical Planet Nine.

Space October 20, 2016

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