FDA Approves First Artificial Pancreas For Type 1 Diabetes Patients To Monitor Blood Sugar, Deliver Insulin

The FDA gave its approval to Medtronic's MiniMed 670G, the first automated insulin delivery system for type 1 diabetes patients. The artificial pancreas could automatically monitor and regulate blood sugar levels.


Acne Sufferers Likely To Live Longer Than People With Flawless Skin

People who suffer from acne are likely to look better than their peers later in life. They are also likely to live longer based on the length of telomeres in their cells.

Healthy Living/Wellness

First Three-Parent Baby Born In Mexico: Here's How A Fertility Doctor Made It Possible

Through mitochondrial transfer, a fertility doctor made possible the birth of a three-parent baby. The procedure was performed because the mother carries genes for Leigh syndrome.


Elon Musk Mars Colonization Plans: SpaceX CEO Unveils Interplanetary Transport System To Bring Humans To Red Planet [Video]

Elon Musk unveiled the Interplanetary Transport System (ITS) that could transport humans to planet Mars. The SpaceX CEO envisions a million people living in the Red Planet in 40 to 100 years.


Ornamented Skulls Tied To Rapid Growth, Big Bodies Of Theropod Dinosaurs

The large body and rapid growth of theropods may have something to do with their ornamented heads. Researchers found that dinosaurs with horns, knobs and crests in their head tend to grow faster.

Animals September 28, 2016

Geysers On Europa: NASA Finds More Evidence Of Water Plumes On Jupiter Moon

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope found what appear as water vapor plumes from the icy surface of Jupiter moon Europa. How will astronomers confirm the existence of this water geyser?

Space September 27, 2016

Honey Could Be Used On Medical Devices To Fight Deadly Hospital Infections

Manuka honey can reduce the ability of deadly bacteria such as those that cause urinary tract infection to form into sticky layers that harbor infection. Honey diluted with water may help fight hospital acquired infections.

Public Health September 27, 2016

Babies Born Addicted To Opioid Drugs Double In The US

The number of babies born suffering from neonatal abstinence syndrome due to exposure to drugs their mothers used during pregnancy increased in the U.S. These infants may experience seizures, rapid breathing, tremor and excessive crying.

Public Health September 27, 2016

UFO Sighting: Mysterious Object Spotted In NASA Mars Photo - Alien Life Discovered On Mars? Not Yet

A NASA Mars photo taken by the Curiosity rover features an object that looks like a flying saucer. UFO enthusiasts think this could indicate the presence of alien life on the Red Planet.

Space September 27, 2016

E. Coli Outbreak Prompts Recall Of Adams Farm Slaughterhouse Beef, Veal And Bison Products

An e.coli outbreak that sickened seven people is linked to meat products sold by Adams Farm Slaughterhouse, prompting the company to issue a recall. Recalled products have been shipped to several locations in Connecticut, Massachusetts and eastern New York.

Public Health September 27, 2016

Morning Sickness During Pregnancy: Nausea And Vomiting Linked To Lower Miscarriage Risk

Pregnant women with history of pregnancy loss who endured morning sickness are less likely to have miscarriage. Why do expecting mothers experience nausea and vomiting?

Public Health September 26, 2016

Belly Fat Linked To Diversity Of Bacteria In Human Feces

Individuals with more diverse bacteria in their feces were found to have lower levels of belly fat. How do you improve the diversity of fecal microbes?

Public Health September 26, 2016

CrossFit Enthusiasts Need Rest Day In Between Workouts To Avoid Impairing Immune System

CrossFit enthusiasts especially beginners and those recovering from illness should take a break after two consecutive days of intense workout. Otherwise, they risk impairing their immune system.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 26, 2016

More Hispanic Women Received Breast Cancer Treatment After Obamacare

More Hispanic women received breast cancer treatment and participated in clinical trials after the Affordable Care Act was implemented. Hispanic women had the third highest incidence of breast cancer in the U.S. in 2013.

Public Health September 26, 2016

Order A Daddy: Tinder-Style App Allows Women To Pick Sperm Donor

The new smartphone app 'order a daddy' allows women to browse for and choose sperm donors who could become father of their child. Women can also use the app to pay for sperm samples.

Biotech September 26, 2016

World's Largest Radio Telescope FAST Detects Pulsar Signal 1,351 Light-Years Away

China launched the world's largest radio telescope FAST on Sunday. Prior to this, the Chinese space telescope already detected electromagnetic waves from a pulsar during a test run.

Space September 25, 2016

Fish Sing Choruses In The Sea At Dawn Just Like Birds

Fishes may seem like silent creatures but in the sea, these marine animals actually produce choruses when their song overlaps those of the others. What role does sound play in fish behaviors?

Animals September 25, 2016

Cats Sailed With Vikings During Sea Voyages, Ancient Feline DNA Reveals

Cats spread in two waves, analyses of ancient feline DNA show. The second wave involved seafaring people, which included Vikings, who may have brought the animals during long voyages at sea.

Animals September 24, 2016

Pluto Heart Suggests Dwarf Planet Has Underground Liquid Water Ocean

Pluto's heart-shaped region hints that a subsurface ocean exists on the dwarf planet. Simulations of an asteroid impact suggest this body of liquid water is at least 60 miles deep.

Space September 24, 2016

Alien Life Forms Discovered On Europa? NASA To Present New Findings About Jupiter Moon

Has NASA's Hubble Space Telescope found signs of alien life on Europa? The U.S. space agency said it will reveal new findings about Jupiter's moon on Sept. 26.

Space September 24, 2016

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