Dangerous toys such as those with toxic paints and those with small parts that easily come off are recalled because of the potentially deadly hazards they pose to children.

Recalled toys are taken out of store shelves. Unfortunately, this does not mean that they can no longer reach the hands of some children.

Recalled Toys Still Available For Sale Online

In a new report, a consumer watchdog group has warned holiday shoppers that some of the dangerous toys that have already been recalled are still being sold on the internet.

In its 31st annual Trouble in Toyland report released on Tuesday, the WashPIRG Public Interest Research Group Foundation provided a list of the potentially hazardous toys that were recalled from January 2015 to October 2016.

The group warned that some of the toys that were recalled for powerful magnets, lead and other hazards can still be purchased in online stores, which means that consumers need to be wary when buying toys this holiday season.

Dangers Of Buying Recalled Toys

Lead is known to have toxic and permanent effects particularly on young children. It can influence the development of the brain and nervous system. Exposure can lead to irreversible effects on a child's IQ.

Items with magnets that go off easily can pose ingestion hazards. When two or more magnets are swallowed, these can link inside the child's intestines, which can lead to internal injuries.

"Not all recalls may be well-publicized so you should check your house for previously recalled toys and second, some toys that are recalled may still be available online," said WashPIRG Director Bruce Speight.

The group said that some of the recalled toys that remain available for sale online include a remote-controlled flying toy, which was recalled for its USB charging cord that can overheat; a toy glockenspiel with high amount of lead in the paint; and a pencil case with two magnets that can detach.

Avoiding Problems With Toys

Seattle's Harborview Medical Center chief of pediatrics Brian Johnston urged parents to read labels, check for recalls and buy toys that are appropriate for the child's age to prevent injury and other problems.

For shoppers who opt to purchase toys online, reading reviews and feedbacks left by other consumers may also help. Customer reviews of this wooden toy, for instance, offer hints if this product is a safe and wise buy for your little one.

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