Christmas Brings Snow Fall To Some Parts Of The US

Many people living in Midwestern and Northeastern United States experienced a white Christmas for the first time in a long time. The snowfall came as a dream come true for many but also as a weather nightmare for some.

Science December 26, 2017

Two-Layer Graphene Material Can Stop Bullets And Change Wars Forever

CUNY researchers recently discovered diamene, a film-like material that transitions into a stiff material upon impact. It was also found to potentially be an efficient conductor.

Science December 26, 2017

Dogs Face The Highest Risk Of Chocolate Poisoning On Christmas

A study published in the British Medical Journal revealed that dogs face the highest risk of chocolate poisoning on Christmas. What are its symptoms, and what should owners do when dogs eat chocolate?

Science December 27, 2017

International Space Station Astronauts Celebrate Christmas With New Tree, Gifts, And 'Star Wars'

American crew members spent Christmas 2017 opening presents under an artificial tree. They also enjoyed a special holiday dinner and movie night.

Science December 26, 2017

Researchers Find A Way To Track Quantum Particles Without Observing Them

How can you track the movements of quantum particles without observing them? Researchers from the University of Cambridge have a theory. They think that particles leave tags that can be tracked whenever they interact with the environment.

Science December 27, 2017

SpaceX Rocket Launch Leaves Glowing Cloud Mistaken As Proof Of UFO

The Falcon 9 launch left a mysterious light in Southern California’s sky. It stirred panic among residents who wrongly thought it was an alien sighting.

Science December 25, 2017

Baba Vanga Predictions Suggest 2 Major Events For 2018

For 2018, Baba Vanga predicted that China will overtake the United States. The blind mystic from Bulgaria also said explorers will come home bearing news of a new energy form discovered on Venus.

Science December 26, 2017

Pre-Flown SpaceX Rocket Launches Iridium Next Communications Satellites

SpaceX successfully launched a pre-flown rocket into space on Dec. 22 from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The launch is part of Iridium's plan to upgrade its existing constellation, which will provide a number of new services.

Science December 24, 2017

Russia Announces Plan To Build Luxury Hotel On International Space Station

A proposal submitted to Russia’s Roscosmos calls for a space tourism module. It included a design plan for a four-room luxury space hotel.

Science December 23, 2017

150-Million-Year Old Giant Meat-Eating Sea Reptile Unearthed In Antarctica

Scientists from Argentina stumbled upon the remains of a giant sea reptile believed to have lived in Antarctica 150 million years ago. The discovery came as a surprise to scientists as it has never been documented in the continent before.

Science December 22, 2017

This Is What Happens When Neutron Stars Collide

Scientists found no jet around the neutron star merger detected in August 2017. Therefore, they concluded GW170817 could be produced by a neutron-rich cocoon.

Science December 23, 2017

Los Angeles Zoo Forced To Euthanize Nubian Ibex Herd: Here's What Happened

The Los Angeles Zoo was forced to euthanize its entire herd of Nubian ibex, made up of seven goats, last month. Authorities said that the decision was made to protect all the other animals in the zoo.

Science December 22, 2017

Deadly Fungal Disease Threatens Snake Populations Across The Globe

A deadly fungal disease is threatening the population of snakes worldwide. The disease has already affected 23 snake species in the United States and three snake species in Europe.

Science December 22, 2017

Where Did All The Water On Mars Go? A New Study Claims To Have The Answer

Scientists believe that where was once water on Mars, with different theories on where it all went. A new study, however, claimed that the water that used to be on the surface of the planet is still there somewhere.

Science December 21, 2017

The Skull-Shaped Halloween Asteroid 2015 TB145 Is Returning In 2018

The skull-shaped asteroid that flew by Earth in Halloween 2015 is returning. Officially called 2015 TB145, the Halloween asteroid will come near Earth again in November 2018.

Science December 22, 2017

Chocolate War: When Geeks Make Better Chocolate

There is a type of chocolate out there called Bean-to-Bar (BTB) chocolate which is named after the process of making it. This new version of the well-known snack could constitute a threat to the existing chocolate-making companies.

Science January 3, 2018

Habitable Planets May Exist Around Vicinity Of Pulsars That Blast Out Deadly Rays

Pulsars burst out deadly rays, have enormous magnetic field and accrete matter. Despite these hostile conditions, astronomers say that habitable planets may still thrive around the vicinity of these neutron stars.

Science December 21, 2017

NASA To Reveal Finalists For A Space Mission

The announcement of a shortlist for the fourth New Frontiers mission was scheduled for Dec. 20. Finalists were chosen from the 12 solar system exploration concepts submitted in May 2017.

Science December 20, 2017

NASA Plans To Send Mission To Proxima Centauri In 2069

Humans may visit solar system’s nearest stellar neighbor, Proxima Centauri, in 2069. Know how NASA is trying to make it possible.

Science December 21, 2017

Reproductive Orgies Of Mexican Fish Are So Loud, They Can Deafen Dolphins

The Gulf Corvina has a really loud mating call and a noisy reproductive orgy. The fascinating spectacle of nature can however disappear and here's why.

Science December 20, 2017

New Expedition 54 Crew Members Arrive At International Space Station For 6-Month Mission

Representatives from three different countries have arrived safely at the space station, completing the 6-person crew of Expedition 54. They will remain on board until 2018 for a space mission that includes over 200 scientific investigations.

Science December 20, 2017

Winter Solstice 2017: Thursday Will Be The Shortest Day Of The Year

The 2017 winter solstice was announced to arrive Dec. 21 at exactly 11:28 a.m. ET. It will bring shorter daylight hours, longer nights, and temperature drops.

Science December 20, 2017

The CDC’s Seven Dirty Words - Is Scientific Progress At Stake?

It was recently revealed that the Trump administration suggested that the CDC keep 7 keywords out of its presentation of future budget proposals.

Science December 22, 2017

The Crest-Tailed Mulgara Isn't Extinct After All: Marsupial Found Alive And Well In Australia

A group of Australian scientists monitoring a protected area accidentally discovered a small and furry marsupial. It is identified as a crest-tail mulgara, which has been thought to be extinct in inland Australian regions for more than 100 years.

Science December 20, 2017

NASA Reinvents Schlieren Imaging To Study Shockwaves From Supersonic Flight

The U.S. space agency reinvented a technique created in the 19th century to observe shockwaves from a supersonic flight. The technique called Background-oriented Schlieren is using Celestial Objects, which is an updated version of Schlieren imaging.

Science December 20, 2017

This Primitive 3.5-Million-Year-Old Bear From Canada's High Arctic Had A Sweet Tooth

Scientists identified a fossil, dating back to 3.5 million years as the remains of a Protarctos abstrusus. It was closely related to the ancestors of modern bears and had a penchant for sugary food.

Science December 19, 2017

Japanese Startup iSpace Wants To Put Billboards On The Moon: Ads In Space Coming Soon?

With funding secured, iSpace moved forward with the development of a lander that will be used for advertising on the moon. A 2019 launching was scheduled.

Science December 20, 2017

Magma Discovered Under New England Might Become A Volcano: Should Residents Worry?

Scientists discovered a massive body of magma rising up from under New England. The activity may one day result in a volcanic eruption, but residents should not worry about a volcano suddenly sprouting up in their backyards.

Science December 19, 2017

Confirmed: Life On Earth Started At Least 3.5 Billion Years Ago

Scientists now have evidence that there was life on Earth before 3.5 billion years ago. The confirmation comes in the form of microfossils in a nearly 3.5-billion-year-old rock discovered in Australia.

Science December 19, 2017

60-Million-Year Old Meteorite Impact In Scotland Contains Rare Minerals From Outer Space

Geologists found evidence of a meteorite impact that took place around 60 million years ago. The impact was believed to have brought rare minerals of extraterrestrial origins.

Science December 19, 2017

SpaceX Delivers Dragon Capsule Payload To The International Space Station: Christmas Presents, Mice, And More Fly Into Space

SpaceX has successfully sent up its reused Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule to the International Space Station, carrying a 4,800-pound payload. It brought high-tech sensors along with Christmas presents and barley seeds, which are used to brew beer.

Science December 18, 2017

Scientists Discover Truth Behind Near Extinction Of Sumatran Rhinoceros

Scientists have sequenced the entire genome of the Sumatran rhinoceros for the first time. An analysis of the findings, published in the Current Biology journal, revealed a new truth regarding the near extinction of the species.

Science December 18, 2017

Ancient Mammoth Skeleton Sold For $645,000: Guess Where It’ll Be Placed

In an auction in France, someone bought an ancient mammoth skeleton for nearly $700,000. The male mammoth's bones are 80 percent original bone, its tusks are 90 percent intact.

Science December 18, 2017

Japanese Monkeys' Sexual Interaction With Deer Could Be For Practice Or Culture: Study

Researchers found that Japanese macaques at Minoo in Japan engage in sexual behaviors toward deer. It's possible that they do it for sex practice or as a cultural practice.

Science December 16, 2017

More Earthquakes Predicted In 2018 As Earth Enters Period Of Enhanced Seismic Productivity

Scientists predicted more large-scale earthquakes to occur in 2018 based on the link between slower Earth rotations and the occurrence of tremors worldwide. How many magnitude 7 earthquakes can we expect to occur this year?

Science January 1, 2018

Engineers Create Glowing Plants That May Replace Lamps

MIT engineers successfully created glowing plants with the help of the enzymes that make fireflies glow. The development could one day lead to more sustainable lighting methods.

Science December 16, 2017

NASA Finds 8th Planet Orbiting Around Distant Star

The Kepler-90 star has an eighth planet, Kepler-90i, which orbits it. Scientists found the exoplanet with the help of artificial intelligence and data from NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope.

Science December 15, 2017

Blue Origin: Mannequin Skywalker Video Gives A Glimpse Of Flight Into Space

Blue Origin shared a video featuring the passenger Mannequin Skywalker of the Crew Capsule 2.0 during the test flight with New Shepard. It also teased the opening of its 750,000-square-foot rocket facility in Florida.

Science December 15, 2017

A 512-Year-Old Greenland Shark Might Just Be The World's Oldest Living Vertebrate

Did this team of scientists just find the oldest living vertebrate in the world? Age and size aside, Greenland sharks are special and mysterious creatures for various reasons.

Science December 15, 2017

Loss Of Water In California Drought Caused Sierra Nevada To Rise An Inch

NASA scientists have found that the Sierra Nevada gained an inch in height due to the five-year drought in California. Once rainfall and snow came back to the mountain range, it shrank back.

Science December 14, 2017

Japan To Join US In Building Space Station That Will Orbit The Moon

Japan will be collaborating with the United States to build a new space station in the lunar orbit. The spaceport will serve as a deep space gateway.

Science December 14, 2017

Blue Origin Takes To The Skies Again With New Shepard, Crew Capsule 2.0

The test flight for the New Shepard system and Crew Capsule 2.0 was a success. This takes Blue Origin one step closer to beginning its commercial flight operations in the near future.

Science December 14, 2017

Geminids Meteor Shower 2017: Tips On How To Watch The Shooting Star Show

The Geminids meteor shower 2017 is about to occur, and it's expected to be one bright celestial display. Here are some tips to watch the shooting stars.

Science December 13, 2017

Monster Bird Discovered: Prehistoric Penguins From New Zealand Were As Big As Men

Scientists have discovered fossils of a prehistoric penguin that stood 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighed 220 pounds. The newly discovered species was given the name Kumimanu biceae, with Kumimanu meaning 'monster bird' in Maori.

Science December 14, 2017

Amber Fossils Show That Ticks Pestered Dinosaurs Just Like They Pester Dogs Now

A team of researchers were able to find a new species of prehistoric ticks preserved in chunks of amber fossils. These ticks, they presume, were highly likely sucking the blood off dinosaurs 99 million years ago.

Science December 13, 2017

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