Orcas Spew An Array Of Bacteria When They Exhale, And Human Waste May Be To Blame

New research has found that orcas or killer whales breath out good bacteria, pathogenic ones such as salmonella, and fungi when they exhale. Human waste contaminating the environment may be to blame.


Couple Donates $12 Million Insect Collection For University Research, A Transformative Gift For The Research Facility

Entomologist couple donates their collection of over 1 million weevils and planthoppers to Arizona State University. The generous donation that could help research efforts is said to be worth $12 million.


Deadly Fungus Discovered In Texas Exposes Bat Populations To White-Nose Syndrome

A deadly fungus was found on three species of hibernating bats in six different Texas counties. Although biologists confirm none of the animals have contracted the white-nose syndrome thus far, all efforts are made to minimize the threat.

Animals March 25, 2017

Here’s How Growing Almonds Spells Trouble For Honey Bees

Fungicides commonly used in almond orchards can harm honey bees, the tree nut’s very own key pollinator. Learn how the fungicide iprodione is wreaking havoc on this bee population.

Animals March 23, 2017

Rusty-Patched Bumblebee Joins List Of Endangered Species: Why Is It Disappearing?

The U.S. wildlife officials announced the addition of the rusty-patched bumblebee in the endangered species list. This was the first bee that has been added to the list as the existence of the species is threatened.

Animals March 23, 2017

Coin-Eating Sea Turtle Named 'Bank' Dies In Thailand

Bank, the sea turtle that had swallowed 915 coins in a pond in Thailand, passed away on March 21. The aquatic amniote succumbed to death after failing to recover from a second surgery conducted to cure its intestines.

Animals March 21, 2017

New Zealand Kea Parrot Has ‘Infectious Laugh’ That Puts Other Keas In A Playful Mood

A new study has claimed that New Zealand’s kea parrots express a sound that put other birds in a funny and playful mood. This is the first time a non-mammal has been found that ability akin to human laughter.

Animals March 21, 2017

April The Giraffe: All You Need To Know About The Animal

April the giraffe has been in the news due to the livestream which showed off her every move prior to the delivery of her fourth calf. Pregnancy and delivery are very different in the giraffe world, than it is for humans.

Animals March 21, 2017

Internet-Recommended Treatments For Jellyfish Sting Increase Pain: What Remedy Works Best?

Stung by jellyfish? Research says remedies such as pouring saltwater, scraping of tentacles, and applying ice on affected area do not alleviate but only increase the pain.

Animals March 21, 2017

Blue Buffalo Recalls Canned Dog Food Over Potential Health Risk

Blue Buffalo has recalled one of its canned dog foods as it reportedly has dangerous levels of beef thyroid hormone. The company also advised consumers to seek medical help if their pet was fed the product in question.

Animals March 20, 2017

Do Lazy Ants Make A Colony More Productive? Study Says Yes

Ants have been the perfect representation of hard workers everywhere but a recent study reveals that colonies actually support worker inactivity in order to increase productivity.

Animals March 19, 2017

First Fluorescent Frog Discovered In Amazon Basin: Why Some Organisms Glow In Ultraviolet Light

The South American polka dotted tree frog is the first fluorescent amphibian that scientists have found. How does biofluoresence benefit organisms that can glow in UV light?

Animals March 18, 2017

Female Malaria Mosquitoes Have Secondary Set Of Odor Sensors Reveal Scientists

Female malaria causing mosquitoes have an extra odor sensor which is used by it to pick up human scents per a new study. This discovery may lead to advancement in the fight against malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases.

Animals March 19, 2017

Endangered San Joaquin Kit Foxes Threatened By New Danger

A new disease named Sarcoptic mange has threatened the very existence of the San Joaquin kit foxes. The disease is caused by mite infection and in severe cases may be lethal, which has led to researchers investigating the problem.

Animals March 18, 2017

Proteins Protecting Water Bears From Dehydration May Hold Key To Drought-Tolerant Plants

Researchers have found how water bears can survive desiccation. Proteins that produce the bioglass protecting water bears from dehydration may lead to the development of crops that can withstand drought.

Animals March 18, 2017

Vaquita Porpoise Facing Survival Risk: Activists Call For Boycott Of Mexican Shrimp In The US

Conservationists have called for the boycott of Mexican shrimp in the United States to pressure Mexico to save the endangered vaquita porpoises. These animals often get entangled and die in gillnets used to catch shrimp for the U.S. market.

Animals March 18, 2017

Here's What Makes The Newly-Discovered Fluorescent Frog Glow

The recently discovered fluorescent South American Polka Doted tree frog has surprised scientists and they have finally found how it glows. The fluorescence is attributed to special molecules found in the frog's skin.

Animals March 17, 2017

Hungry Spiders Eating 800 Million Tons Of Insects Per Year Are Nature's Free Pest Control

The spiders, which consume around 800 million tons of insects per year, are nature's free pest control. They are not alone, however. Many other beneficial insects also exist to prevent the overpopulation of harmful insects in the environment.

Animals March 17, 2017

Here’s The Astounding Way Water Bears Survive Dehydration

Water bears can endure being dried up for up to a decade or even longer. A new study finds that they maintain special genes encoding for disordered proteins to help them survive extreme desiccation or near 100 percent water loss.

Animals March 16, 2017

Czech Zoo Set To Dehorn 18 Rhinos After Paris Poaching Attack

The Dvur Kralove zoo in the Czech Republic has announced plans to dehorn some rhinos to ensure their safety from poachers. But can dehorning really stop poachers?

Animals March 17, 2017

Intriguing Behavior: Humpbacks Form Enigmatic 'Whale Wave' On BC Coast

Humpback whales were seen moving in a mysterious wave pattern near the Kitimat fjord. Researchers believe this unusual behavior has a lot to do with their social interactions.

Animals March 16, 2017

Humpback Whales Gathering In Groups: Researchers Try To Find Why

Scientists have been perplexed with the strange behavior which has been witnessed among humpback whales. Researchers are trying to determine why large groups of these whales have been gathering near the South African coast to feed.

Animals March 17, 2017

Mammal Dwarfing: Animals May Shrink As Earth Heats Up

Mammals could shrink in the future under global warming, a new study warns. University of New Hampshire researcher Abigail D’Ambrosia investigates mammal dwarfing through fossilized teeth and jaw fragments.

Animals March 15, 2017

Unusual Sighting: Humpbacks Prove Not So Solitary And Display Peculiar Hunting Strategy

Humpback whales have been seen gathering in large numbers to feed in the waters of Benguela. This behavior is highly unusual and suggests these creatures are not as solitary as once thought.

Animals March 16, 2017

Spiders Gobble Up 800 Million Tons Of Prey Every Year: Study

Spiders around the globe consume about 400 to 800 million tons of prey every year, according to a new study. These findings show the critical role of spiders in maintaining ecological balance in different habitats.

Animals March 15, 2017

Researchers Find Fluorescent Tree Frog In Amazon Basin, Only Known Fluorescent Amphibian On Earth

Brazilian researchers have discovered the world's first fluorescent tree frog species in the forests of the Amazon basin. The polka-dotted tree frog changes color from dull yellow to neon green under UV light.

Animals March 15, 2017

Environmentalists Worried Over Possible Rhino Horn Trade Legalization In South Africa

South Africa's move to legalize the domestic trade of rhino horns has environmentalists worried. Conservationists are opposing the move as local demand is not high and may step up smuggling but the government hopes it will end poaching.

Animals March 15, 2017

China Mega National Park For Siberian Tigers To Dwarf US' Yellowstone National Park

China is setting up a mega national park in the northeastern part of the country bordering Russia with the aim of protecting endangered species like Siberian tigers. The new park is expected to dwarf the United States' Yellowstone National Park

Animals March 14, 2017

Animal Adventure Park Observes Significant Changes In April The Giraffe: Fun Facts About Giraffe Pregnancies And Births

Animal Adventure Park personnel have noticed significant changes in the condition of April the giraffe, but it may take few more days before it will finally give birth.

Animals March 14, 2017

April The Giraffe 'Continues To Be In Great Condition,' Watch The Calf On Live Cam

April the giraffe, who catapulted to fame when YouTube pulled down its childbirth video, is reported to be doing great. April is ready to give birth to her fourth calf and Animal Adventure Park continues to live streaming the video.

Animals March 13, 2017

Artificial Life: Chromosome Synthesis Brightens Scope For Lab-Made Life Forms

Marking a big leap toward the creation of artificial life, scientists successfully synthesized six chromosomes in a yeast cell. The stride by the Synthetic Yeast Genome Project researchers is important in building a eukaryotic organism plus applications in drugs and fuels.

Animals March 14, 2017

Radioactive Wild Boars Take Over Tsunami-Hit Fukushima 6 Years After Massive Quake

Former residents of Fukushima are slowly returning to their homes six years after their town was ravaged by earthquake. However, irradiated wild boars roam in the area, posing danger to residents.

Animals March 11, 2017

Giant Spiders In The Spotlight: 3 New Species Of Bird-Eating Tarantulas Discovered

Researchers have discovered three new species of hairy tarantula spiders in the genus Avicularia. These massive tarantulas live in trees and feast on small birds and mammals.

Animals March 11, 2017

Rare Beaked Whale Filmed For The First Time Ever

The first underwater video of the mysterious beaked whales was revealed by scientists on March 7. The most elusive species of the ocean was finally witnessed after a long time.

Animals March 8, 2017

This Week, White Rhino And One Of Africa’s Last Great Tusker Elephants Fall To The Poachers

Poachers have killed a white rhino at a French zoo, as well as African elephant Satao II in Kenya. Poaching caters to the illegal activity of ivory trade, which continues to happen in many parts of the world.

Animals March 8, 2017

Thanks To A Strong Tail, Dinosaurs Managed To Stand On 2 Feet

What made bipedalism in dinosaurs possible, and what's the evolutionary purpose behind it? Researchers of a new study point to a strong tail made up of huge, leg-powering muscles.

Animals March 6, 2017

Science Finally Answers Why Pandas Are Black And White: For Survival

The scientist who studied zebra stripes has moved on to pandas. Professor Tim Caro finally answers the age-old question of why the pattern is so unique.

Animals March 4, 2017

Palm Beach Kicks Off Sea Turtle Nesting Season, Urges Marine Life Protection

Loggerhead turtle nesting season is here, and conservationists are making arduous attempts to preserve marine life reproduction grounds. Palm Springs is once again the center of attention as one of the most reputed sea turtle nesting habitats in the world.

Animals March 3, 2017

NOAA Spots UFO-Looking Jellyfish, Other Astounding Life Forms In Latest Sea Dive

A cosmic jellyfish, Venus flytrap anemone, and a range of mollusks are among the curious finds of the NOAA in its latest sea dives. The expedition in the American Samoa, a remote region of the Pacific.

Animals March 3, 2017

Scientists Find Woolly Mammoths Extinction Clues In Its DNA

The DNA of the extinct woolly mammoth has been studied extensively to find out what led to their demise. The results may prove to be useful in saving modern day endangered species as well.

Animals March 3, 2017

Wild African Elephants Are Shortest Sleepers Among Land Mammals

A new study finds that wild African elephants sleep an average of two hours a day, the currently known shortest sleep time among land mammals. Find out other discoveries on animal sleep when the team made use of Fitbit-type trackers.

Animals March 2, 2017

Some Of Bahamas' Famed Swimming Pigs Found Dead, Tourists To Blame?

Seven out of 22 swimming pigs at the Big Major Cay were found dead under mysterious conditions. Ministry officials and caretakers suspect carelessness by tourists, who were feeding them improper food, to be the reason behind the deaths.

Animals March 1, 2017

Study Reveals Dogs, Toddlers Have Similar Social Intelligence

Maybe there really is merit in being told to get a dog first when you reveal you want a child. Researchers have discovered that dogs and toddlers share similarities in social intelligence.

Animals February 28, 2017

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