WhatsApp's So-Called 'Backdoor' Is Not A Vulnerability But A Feature

WhatsApp, along with information security experts, have reacted negatively to a recent report by the Guardian about the app’s possible backdoor vulnerability. Facebook had been accused of the same thing in April, but the company called it a feature.

Security January 14, 2017

Next CIA Director May Keep Closer Watch On Your Facebook Account: Here's Why

Republican Congressman Mike Pompeo, Trump's pick as CIA Director, attended his confirmation hearing and defended his views on privacy rights and the use of social media during intelligence investigations.

Security January 13, 2017

NSA Can Now Share Your Data With CIA, FBI, Homeland Security And Other Government Intelligence Agencies

The NSA is now allowed to share raw surveillance data with all the 16 national security agencies. It is now authorized to tap in and share your voice calls, text messages and emails with various security agencies.

Security January 13, 2017

Flashing The Peace Sign Can Get You In Trouble: Here's Why

Researchers have shared that flashing the peace sign can get one into trouble as it could lead to identity theft. This comes as a shock as not many are aware of identity-related information being obtained from one's fingerprints.

Security January 11, 2017

E-Sports Site ESEA Hacked, 1.5M Users' Account Data Released After Refusing To Pay Ransom

ESEA faced a ransomware attack and refused to pay up, arguing that it doesn't give in to extortion and ransom demand. As a result, hackers released data from more than 1.5 million ESEA accounts.

Security January 11, 2017

WikiLeaks Wants To Expose Personal Info Of All Verified Twitter Users In Massive Database: Here's Why

WikiLeaks is already infamous for its previous doxxing activities, but now it wants to pull off something bigger and creepier. The group is threatening to expose the personal information of all verified Twitter users in an online database.

Security January 7, 2017

Trump Wary Of Cybersecurity Loopholes: 'No Computer Is Safe'

In the wake of the Russia hacking controversy, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump warns that 'no computer is safe.' Trump recommends the use of courier as a safer alternative to relay important messages.

Security January 7, 2017

How The Internet Of Things Is The Perfect Target For DDoS Attacks And Data Breaches

The Internet of Things offers many benefits in everyday life. However, it also serves as the perfect target for DDoS attacks and data breaches.

Security January 14, 2017

Synaptics Multifactor Biometrics Fusion Engine Merges Fingerprint And Facial Recognition, Puts Them On Your Phone

Known human interface technology developer, Synaptics introduced its new Multifactor Biometric Fusion Engine that combines facial recognition and fingerprint to add layers of protection to mobile devices. The new system will also be integrated with tablets and notebook PCs.

Security January 4, 2017

'Fallout 4' Computer Terminal Screenshot Used By CNN To Show Russian Hacking

Gamers are not happy with CNN's use of 'Fallout 4' screenshot in a report that discussed the Russian election hacking attack. According to them, there are better options aside from using the screenshot of the game.

Security January 3, 2017

Russia Chooses Not To Retaliate Against US Over Hacking Allegations And Sanctions

The outgoing Obama administration has issued sanctions and expulsions over allegations that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential elections. Russian President Vladimir Putin, however, decided not to retaliate, and here's why.

Security December 31, 2016

U.S. Government Officially Accuses Russia Of Hacking 2016 Election: How Will Moscow Respond?

The United States government has formally accused Russia of interfering with the 2016 presidential election through hacking attacks, with outgoing President Barack Obama issuing sanctions and expulsions. How will Moscow respond to these allegations?

Security December 30, 2016

OurMine Hacks Sony Music, Bob Dylan Twitter Accounts To Falsely Proclaim Britney Spears Is Dead

Hacking group OurMine infiltrated the official Twitter accounts of Sony Music and Bob Dylan. The hacked accounts falsely tweeted that singer Britney Spears has died, sending netizens into a rampage to find out if the news was true.

Security December 26, 2016

Hack-Proofing Devices: Researcher Develops Better Safeguards For RFID Technology

Despite the sense of security shared by RFID, the concern is high that any lapse will invite bad consequences. To address the lacuna, a Singapore-based management has offered new security enhancements in RFID application areas.

Security December 27, 2016

FBI Launched Probe Into FDIC Hack: Was China Really Behind The Security Breach?

A Reuters report revealed that the FBI has launched an investigation into the security breaches that had affected the FDIC starting 2010. The hackers behind the attacks were said to be sponsored by the Chinese military.

Security December 24, 2016

Biggest Data Breaches And Hacks Of 2016: Yahoo Data Breach, DNC Hacking, And More

It has been a long year for security experts with the slew of data breaches and hacking. Several incidents have already assumed historic proportions, making 2016 the worst so far for the government, companies, and individual users alike.

Security December 25, 2016

Twitter Hacking Spree: OurMine Targets Marvel, NFL Twitter Accounts After Hitting Netflix

Netflix and Marvel's Twitter accounts have been successfully attacked by OurMine, a team of allegedly young hackers. After the breach, the group left its calling card, which dutifully included an admonition for the affected parties that a better defense should be in order.

Security December 22, 2016

Netflix US Twitter Account Gets OurMine Hack Treatment: Mock Tweets Berate World Security

Netflix woke up to a surprise this morning, with its U.S. Twitter account freshly hacked by OurMine. Mock tweets berated world security, but Netflix seems to have gained control of its account again.

Security December 21, 2016

Microsoft's LinkedIn Hit By Data Breach: 55,000 Passwords Reset For Subsidiary, a subsidiary of LinkedIn, has announced a security breach that affected 9.5 million users, causing the company to reset the password for 55,000 accounts. The company is now notifying its users about the security breach through email.

Security December 20, 2016

Detroit Crews Install 65,000 New LED Streetlights

The mayor of Detroit has just revealed the new streetlight system of the city, which is entirely LED-based. The $185 million project is aimed at making the city safer and more accessible.

Security December 17, 2016

Yahoo Hack Compromised 1 Billion Accounts: What You Should Do To Protect Your Personal Data

After Yahoo admitted that around 1 billion users have been affected in the recently revealed security breach, it is imperative to immediately modify your account to keep third-party users from accessing your personal data.

Security December 16, 2016

Facebook Messenger 'Originull' Bug Exposed Messages To Hackers, But Facebook Patched The Critical Vulnerability

A critical Facebook vulnerability dubbed 'Originull' exposed the private messages sent and received through Facebook Messenger, security research firm Cynet has found. Facebook has patched the flaw already.

Security December 15, 2016

Yahoo Reveals Another Security Breach: 1 Billion More User Accounts Compromised

Yahoo has identified another security breach on its systems that potentially compromises the data of at least 1 billion more users. With this latest development, is the acquisition of the company by Verizon now in doubt?

Security December 15, 2016

Visa Credit Card Hack: Your Details Cracked In Just 6 Seconds

A new study reveals that it is possible to crack the details of a Visa credit or debit card in just 6 seconds. The study has been conducted by researchers at Newcastle University, UK, and shares that Visa cards are susceptible to a 'distributed guessing attack.'

Security December 6, 2016

Global Law Enforcers Finally Take Down Avalanche Cybercrime Ring: Here's How They Did It

Federal investigators across different territories were able to take down 'Avalanche' in a concerted effort to shut the platform down. Avalanche was a prolific cybercrime ring that had affected as many as 500,000 computers daily.

Security December 4, 2016

Gooligan App-Installing Malware Infects 1 Million Android Devices, But Google Says Personal Files And Email Are Safe

Security firm Check Point has issued a warning regarding a new type of Android malware called 'Gooligan,' which has infected more than 1 million devices in just a few months. Google says it found no evidence that the malware compromised personal emails or files.

Security December 1, 2016

SF Muni Ransomware Hackers Threaten To Expose 30 GB Of Stolen Data Unless They Get $73K Ransom

The attackers behind the SF Muni hack this past weekend have reportedly asked for 100 Bitcoin, or roughly $73,000, as ransom. Otherwise, the hackers threatened to expose 30 GB of stolen data.

Security November 29, 2016

Is This Malware Spreading Through Images On Facebook And LinkedIn? Here's How To Protect Yourself

Security firm Check Point reported that the Locky ransomware is being propagated through a new method named ImageGate. Attackers are forcing users to download infected image files on Facebook and LinkedIn to spread the malware.

Security November 28, 2016

San Francisco Public Transportation Free For A Day After Muni Metro Line Hack

SF Muni rides were free all day on Saturday, after its computer systems were hacked. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency didn't know who was behind the hack, or what they wanted for ransom.

Security November 28, 2016

Navy Data Breach: Navy Reveals Personal Data Of 130,000 Sailors Hacked

The U.S. Navy confirmed that data of about 130,000 sailors were compromised as a result of a latest breach. The Navy has no information that suggests misuse of leaked data.

Security November 24, 2016

New Malware Lets Hackers Listen To Your Conversations Via Your Headphones

A group of researchers from Ben-Gurion University in Israel has found a new security threat. They discovered that a RealTek audio codec chip feature in most computers today can be maneuvered to turn headphones into audio-recording devices.

Security November 23, 2016

Symantec Set To Acquire Identity Theft Protection Service LifeLock For $2.3 Billion

After getting the approval of majority of the board, cyber security company Symantec has announced it is closing the deal to acquire LifeLock, an identity theft protection company. The said deal would be finished by the first quarter of 2017.

Security November 21, 2016

EMP Protection: This 'Conductive Concrete' Can Shield Vital Electronics System From EMP Attacks

Engineers have created a concrete mix that can shield electronics in case of an EMP attack. The technology has great usage in military and defense.

Security November 18, 2016

PoisonTap Is A $5-Exploit Tool Created To Hack Your Locked Computer In 1 Minute

An engineer has created an exploit tool called PoisonTap based on a $5 Raspberry Pi. The exploit tool can work even on computers that are locked.

Security November 18, 2016

[UPDATED] Entry-Level US Android Phones Are Secretly Sending Text Messages, Call Log Data To China Every 72 Hours: Report

It has been found that some entry-level Android smartphones are actively collecting sensitive information without consent from the user. The information is sent to a third-party firmware company in China, reports state.

Security November 16, 2016

Microsoft Defender vs. Kaspersky: Russia Investigates Microsoft Over Antivirus Anticompetitive Practices

The Russian antitrust agency has started investigating Microsoft after a complaint from rival antivirus software company Kaspersky Lab. The government agency will investigate Microsoft's anticompetitive behavior in the country.

Security November 14, 2016

AdultFriendFinder Data Breach Exposes 300M Accounts, Even Those Deleted: Ashley Madison Hack Suddenly Seems Small

A massive data breach hit AdultFriendFinder, explosing more than 300 million accounts, even those that were deleted. The hack also affected other current or former holdings of Adult Friend Network, including Penthouse which it no longer owns.

Security November 13, 2016

Facebook Taps The Dark Web To Buy Stolen Passwords Off Black Market, But It's For Your Protection

Facebook has been diving into the dark web to buy stolen passwords, the company's chief security officer has acknowledged. It may sound shady, but it's part of an effort to increase security and protect users.

Security November 13, 2016

Russian Hackers Launched New Attacks Right After Trump Victory: Targets Were US Think Tanks And NGOs

Russian hackers launched new attacks against political think tanks and non-government organizations in the United States. The attacks happened less than six hours after Donald Trump won the presidential election.

Security November 12, 2016

Antivirus Wars: Kaspersky Slams Microsoft For Anticompetitive Practices, Bundling Defender With Windows 10

Eugene Kaspersky of Kaspersky Lab filed a complaint against Microsoft over allegations of anticompetitive behavior in the market for antivirus software. Kaspersky is criticizing the way Microsoft has been bundling its own brand of antivirus software, the Windows Defender, with the Windows 10 upgrade.

Security November 12, 2016

Web Of Trust Browser Add-On Sells Your Data: Yes, You Should Uninstall It Now

Web of Trust (WOT) browser add-on was caught selling personal data to third-party. The add-on available for various web browsers announced that it is taking actions to address the matter urgently.

Security November 9, 2016

LastPass Multi-Device Access Now Free: You Can Now Manage Passwords Across Devices Without Spending A Dime

LastPass' multi-device support, a feature that has probably driven most of its premium subscribers to upgrade, has just been made free. Now, LastPass passwords are instantly accessible from PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones for all users.

Security November 3, 2016

Netatmo Presence Security Camera's Built-In AI Can Tell The Difference Between Humans, Cars And Animals

The Netatmo Presence is a new security camera that does not ask the user to pay subscription fees. Home owners only need to purchase the camera for $299 and from there, the ball is entirely in their court.

Security November 4, 2016

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