Defense Secretary Ash Carter Looks To Strengthen Washington’s Relationship With Silicon Valley

While speaking to a group of reporters on May 11, Carter gave a prime example of the government’s move to use more tech, citing electronic techniques used by U.S.-led coalitions to disrupt jihadist forces.

Security May 12, 2016

Put Your Hacking Skills To The Test With Facebook’s Open-Sourced Capture The Flag Platform

Facebook's open-sourced Capture the Flag competition platform is geared toward teaching developers about cybersecurity.

Security May 11, 2016

IBM Research And UMBC Team Up To Create Cognitive Computing Cybersecurity Lab

IBM and UMBC will explore new ways to apply cognitive technologies — which digest, learn from and reason structured and unstructured data — to help cybersecurity experts.

Security May 10, 2016

North Korea Continues To Excel In The Realm Of Cyber Attacks

Although North Korea is bogged down with aging Soviet jets and tanks in terms of its ground game, it appears to be making strides on the Internet.

Security May 10, 2016

Feds Want To Know How Mobile Security Patches Are Rolled Out: Here's Why

Federal agencies - FCC and FTC - have requested mobile phone carriers and manufacturers to explain how and when they patch vulnerability issues. The agencies are getting concerned about a recent rise in security attacks.

Security May 10, 2016

Tech Trade Groups Push Presidential Candidates To Defend Cybersecurity, Privacy

Tech groups call on presidential candidates to support encryption and embrace other IT issues.

Security May 6, 2016

NCR Corporation Reports Increase In Deep Insert Skimmers Within ATM Machines

The company believes that tiny pinhole cameras are used to record customers' PIN information, and can also be used as a receiver for the stolen card data sent by the skimmer inside the card slot.

Security May 6, 2016

Anonymous Attacks The Bank Of Greece As It Begins A 30-Day Hacking Campaign Against Worldwide Banks

In a YouTube video, Anonymous had previously warned that it would soon begin a 30-day campaign called 'OpIcarus – Shut Down the Banks' against central banks around the world.

Security May 4, 2016

Researchers Find Security Issues With Samsung’s SmartThings, While Report Shows 6 In 10 Internet Users Concerned With Privacy

About 80 percent were 'concerned' that their information was being bought or sold on the Internet, or it was being monitored.

Security May 2, 2016

Android Malware Masquerading As Chrome Update Can Harvest Bank Info, Call Logs, Browser History And More

Chrome for Android is under attack from an insidious malware, ZScaler points out. The infection leads to data theft that can range from browser history to credit card information, but users can get rid of it.

Security April 30, 2016

Report: Cybersecurity Still A Major Concern For Many Government Websites

The data revealed that, out of all of the industries examined, ranging from health care to hospitality, the government ranked last in terms of cybersecurity.

Security April 29, 2016

US Government Wants To Hide Data Demands: Facebook Says 60 Percent Of Requests Had Gag Orders

On its latest Global Government Requests Report that covers the second half of 2015, Facebook says that government requests for user data had increased by 13 percent. Of the data requests coming from the U.S. government, 60 percent contained a gag order.

Security April 29, 2016

Report Finds Cybercriminals Now Focused on Exploiting 'Human Nature'

Experts recommend utilizing two-factor authentication whenever possible, encrypting personal data, and being aware of what types of attacks are common in specific industries.

Security April 28, 2016

Malvertising Hits Pirate Bay Users With Crypto Ransomware Via 'Pop-Under' Ads

Pirate Bay users who used the torrent site during the weekend put themselves at risk. A malvertising attack led inconspicuous Internet surfers to meet the Magnitude exploit kit and the Cerber ransomware.

Security April 28, 2016

Personal Data Of Hundreds Of Spotify Users Surface Online: Report

Hundreds of Spotify account credentials have reportedly popped up on the Web. Credentials allegedly posted online include email addresses, user names, passwords, account type and more details.

Security April 26, 2016

Hackers Attack Dating Site For 'Beautiful People': 1.1 Million Personal Info Leaks

The unashamedly brash dating site called 'Beautiful People' has been shame-hacked. The personal details of 1.1 million individuals have been leaked.

Security April 26, 2016

New Android Ransomware Infects Phones When Users Visit A Certain Website

Blue Coat detected a new piece of ransomware that injects malicious codes into Android devices. The ransomware can easily target Android 4.0 through Android 4.3 operating systems, while devices running on Android 4.4 are also vulnerable to such attack.

Security April 26, 2016

Japan's Stealth Fighter Jet Takes Maiden Flight

Japan's first radar evading fighter jet recently took its maiden flight. The prototype X-2 fighter jet took its first test flight on April 22, one move of Japan's increased military defense.

Security April 24, 2016

Bangladesh $80 Million Bank Hack Blamed On $10 Second-Hand Routers

In March, hackers were caught stealing $80 million from the Central Bank of Bangladesh. The hackers were able to infiltrate the bank's system due to the lack of a firewall and cheap routers, an investigator claims.

Security April 23, 2016

Creators Of SpyEye Banking Trojan Sentenced To 24 Years In Prison

The creators of the SpyEye botnet creation kit - Aleksandr Andreevich Panin and Hamza Bendelladj - have been sentenced to a combined 24 years and 6 months in prison by the US DOJ.

Security April 23, 2016

Apple Engineers On iPhone Security: Hackers Bigger Threat Than Government

The engineers from Apple said in a press briefing that hackers are the company's primary threat, not the government. They also touted the Cupertino-based company as the most effective security organization in the whole world.

Security April 16, 2016

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