Twitter app update brings search filters and more

Twitter has updated its iOS and Android apps, bringing new search filters, the option to view all tweets, and more.

Apps/Software November 21, 2013

Google poses threat to Nokia with plans to add improved camera features and RAW support to Android

It's a fact that the camera in Android smartphones lag behind the iPhone's camera and the ones in Nokia's high-end Lumia range of smartphones, especially Lumia 1020 and 1520, when it comes to image quality. So when we heard that Google could be working on fixing Android's camera woes, we couldn't help but pay attention.

Apps/Software November 20, 2013

Flipboard for Windows 8.1 Review

Flipboard is probably the best news reader available for Windows 8.1.

Apps/Software November 20, 2013

WinZip 18 Pro Review

Is WinZip 18 Pro the best app for compressing and decompressing files? It seems that way.

Apps/Software November 19, 2013

Google Now update released: What you should know

A new update for Google Now has been released and we take a look at what it brings.

Apps/Software November 19, 2013

Pwn2Own 2013 hackers expose vulnerabilities in iOS, Android

Android and iOS fell to hackers at Pwn2Own 2013 contest.

Apps/Software November 19, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear Manager app update now supports all notifications

Samsung Galaxy Gear Manager app has been updated with support for all notifications.

Apps/Software November 19, 2013

iWork for iCloud gets collaboration tools, new features

The latest iWork for iCloud update will allow users to view all collaborators who are right now working on the same project.

Apps/Software November 16, 2013

BBM now supports iPad and iPod touch

After a botched rollout in September, and final debut in October, the chat and video calling app BlackBerry messenger (or BBM) has received its first update. With this update, BBM will now support the Wi-Fi versions of iPad and iPod touch too.

Apps/Software November 16, 2013

With Google Play for Education, Google's battle with Apple heads to classroom

Google Play for Education is going to make it easier for teachers to search and download apps, videos and other related stuff.

Apps/Software November 16, 2013

Microsoft's free 3D Builder for Windows 8.1 lets you create almost anything

Microsoft's 3D Builder app, which is available for free, lets users create an array of objects.

Apps/Software November 18, 2013

Candy Crush Saga tastes sweet success with 500mn downloads

Popular mobile game "Candy Crush Saga" celebrates its first year. The company has been treated sweetly by the market with more than half a billion downloads.

Apps/Software November 17, 2013

Nest Mobile 4.0 gets new look, support for Nest Protect

Popular thermostat controller app Nest Mobile for iOS and Android gets update and Nest Protect support.

Apps/Software November 17, 2013

Google Play Music hits App Store: All-you-can-hear for only $9.99/month

Available for Android users for months, Google's Play Music finds its way to Apple's App Store.

Apps/Software November 17, 2013

Isis mobile wallet launched, backed by major carriers

The same carriers that nearly killed Google Wallet, are behind the newly launched Isis mobile wallet.

Apps/Software November 17, 2013

ImageQuilts lets you make collage using Google image search

ImageQuilts, a Chrome extension, lets a user create a collage using Google image search.

Apps/Software November 17, 2013

iOS 7.0.4 release fixes FaceTime bug and more

Apple has released an update to the iOS 7 to fix issues with FaceTime and introduced a more minimalist iTunes U and iBooks.

Apps/Software November 16, 2013

'What would I say' app lets you generate nonsensical Facebook status

'What would I say?' app generates Facebook status updates for you by running your previous statuses in the background.

Apps/Software November 14, 2013

iBooks ditches wooden shelves in iOS 7 update

Apple iBooks and iTunes U gets an update to fit the design style of iOS 7.

Apps/Software November 16, 2013

MapQuest redesigned app woos mobile users

MapQuest might not have had a rocking start and it failed considerably in wooing users, but the latest updates would make you think twice.

Apps/Software November 14, 2013

Why Facebook flashed $3bn bling to Snapchat and why it got spurned

SnapChat did the unthinkable. It turned down a massive $3 billion offer from Facebook. Maybe it did the right thing. Maybe not.

Apps/Software November 16, 2013

Facebook updates Messenger app with new look, more features

Facebook's strategy around mobile users is clear. It's to connect more and more people to the network. This became more evident when it released its updated version of Messenger app for all iOS and Android users.

Apps/Software November 14, 2013

Microsoft's November Patch Tuesday fixes zero day exploit

Microsoft's November Patch Tuesday is out and addresses 19 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer and other Windows software.

Apps/Software November 14, 2013

Apple now lets iOS developers generate up to 100 promo codes per app

Apple is now letting iOS developer generate 100 promo codes instead of 50.

Apps/Software November 16, 2013

YouTube Capture app update for iOS 7 gets new features

Google has updated the YouTube Capture app for iOS 7 to version 2.0.0. Here's a look at what you get.

Apps/Software November 15, 2013

Dropbox breaks down wall between business and personal accounts

From today, Dropbox users will be able to access personal and business files without account switching.

Apps/Software November 15, 2013

Selfie app Shots of Me gets Justin Bieber's backing

Shots of Me gets Justin Bieber's support. It could become a hit sensation overnight.

Apps/Software November 15, 2013

Google extends Android app translation service to all developers

The Android app translation service will aid developers in translating their Android apps in myriad of languages in no time. However, it comes for a price.

Apps/Software November 13, 2013

Twitter custom timelines to let users curate tweets

Custom Timelines coming to Tweetdeck. Storify under threat?

Apps/Software November 15, 2013

CyanogenMod app hits Google Play Store: What you should know

The CyanogenMod app is now available on the Google Play Store.

Apps/Software November 13, 2013

Airbnb releases new, feature-rich app for hosts

Airbnb has launched a redesigned mobile app that incorporates a new dashboard and makes rental hosting a lot easier.

Apps/Software November 13, 2013

Android emerges undisputed king of smartphone market

Android trumps iPhone based on the Q3 report of the International Data Corporation. Windows Phones also posted big gains.

Apps/Software November 14, 2013

Vine app beats Instagram to hit Windows Phone store first

Vine, the social video-capture app owned by Twitter hits Microsoft's mobile operating system first before Facebook-owned Instagram.

Apps/Software November 13, 2013

Microsoft Windows turns 30: The journey so far...

Microsoft Windows is 30 years old. Will it survive another 30 years?

Apps/Software November 11, 2013

Flipboard offering curated shopping catalogs in time for holiday shopping season

Magazine-style content platform Flipboard for tablets and smartphones moves into e-commerce through customizable shopping catalogs as the holiday shopping season gets near.

Apps/Software November 12, 2013

FCC announces mobile broadband speed test app for Android

The app by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is a broad-based effort to gauge actual download and upload speeds against advertised speeds of providers.

Apps/Software November 11, 2013

Google Voice now supports MMS from T-Mobile customers

Google Voice now supports users to send MMS in the U.S. using T-Mobile'e network.

Apps/Software November 11, 2013

Twitter Alpha Testing program lets Android users try unreleased features

Twitter Alpha Testing program will enable Android users to try unreleased features and give feedback to the company directly.

Apps/Software November 11, 2013

Apple issues fix for mail bug in OS X Mavericks

Apple issues a fix for mail in its latest OS X Mavericks operating system.

Apps/Software November 10, 2013 app gets 'presenter swap' feature

The new update to iPad app will allow users to start a conversation on the go and eventually pass the presenter's role to other participants.

Apps/Software November 7, 2013

Watch Out: Microsoft warns Office, Vista, Lync and more vulnerable to zero-day exploit

Microsoft has issued a warning of vulnerabilities in Lync, Vista, older versions of Office and Windows Server 2008, which could make them targets of attack by hackers.

Apps/Software November 8, 2013

Microsoft Office Web Apps get real-time co-editing feature

Microsoft Office Web Apps gets an update which brings the co-authoring feature.

Apps/Software November 7, 2013

Android 4.4 Kitkat is out: Here's why it's delicious

A look at the new features and improvements Android 4.4. KitKat brings users' way.

Apps/Software November 3, 2013

Google Nexus 5 and Android KitKat unleashed: What you should know

Google has finally released the long-awaited Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat. They look delicious.

Apps/Software November 1, 2013

Mozilla Lightbeam add-on for Firefox shows who's tracking you online

New Mozilla Firefox add-on allows the user to view which website is collecting information.

Apps/Software October 31, 2013

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