You And Your Friends Can Now Make Group Custom Stories On Snapchat

As its competition with Instagram heats up, Snapchat is introducing a new feature that’s heavy on sharing and collaboration. Called Custom Stories, it’s a new way for friends to string individual Stories together.

Apps/Software May 24, 2017

Facebook Live Now Offers Private Chat With Friends, Joint Streams With Guests: Here's How They Work

Facebook has rolled out two new features to Facebook Live to further improve user experience for the live streaming platform. The features are announced as the social network continues to grapple with the controversy surrounding Facebook Live.

Apps/Software May 24, 2017

Amazon Echo Look Companion App Now Available, And It's Ready To Help You With Your Look

A companion app for Amazon’s Alexa-powered fashion guru, the Echo Look, just launched for iOS and Android, ready to help users look their best. But could the Echo Look find success like its Alexa siblings?

Apps/Software May 22, 2017

Niantic Wants 'Pokémon GO' To Have A 'Legendary' Summer

While not the giant it was when it debuted, Niantic's 'Pokémon GO' still maintains a faithful player base. This summer, the developer wants to bring players back in with the hopes of something 'legendary.'

Apps/Software May 23, 2017

Amazon Alexa Can Now Control Your Dish Hopper DVR For Hands-Free TV: How It Works

Dish officially announced that it's the first TV provider to offer direct compatibility with Amazon Alexa, touting a hands-free TV experience. Here's how it works, how to set it up, and which devices are compatible.

Apps/Software May 22, 2017

No, Android Go Isn't A New Android Version: Google Clarifies It's Just A Configuration

There’s so many Android versions littered around popular narrative that it’s often easy to get confused, especially now that Google has come out with a new one called Android Go. Fortunately, the company has now clarified what it is exactly.

Apps/Software May 22, 2017

You Can Now Order Food Directly Through Facebook: Here’s How

Facebook has just added a feature that’ll let its users order food directly from its site or mobile app. The whole process is easy, seeing as how everything is handled without ever having to leave Facebook.

Apps/Software May 21, 2017

2017 Google Play Awards: Here Are The Winners Of The Best Android App Categories

Google just unveiled this year’s Google Play Awards winner, with Memrise taking the Best App award, and 'Transformers: Forged to Fight' taking the Best Game Award. Take a look at the winners in each category.

Apps/Software May 20, 2017

2016 Ford Vehicles Get Android Auto, Apple CarPlay Via OTA Updates

If you have a Ford vehicle equipped with a Sync 3 infotainment system, you can now shift to either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay as your main car interface. Here’s how to update your car to either systems.

Apps/Software May 20, 2017

Here's Why You Should Install Google Assistant On Your iPhone - And Why You Should Keep Siri Too

Google Assistant is now available to iPhone users everywhere, and there are plenty of reasons why you should install her. That said, it's not exactly a Siri replacement, though.

Apps/Software May 20, 2017

Social Media May Not Be Good For A Young Person's Mental Health

Social media seems to dominate so much of people's lives today. A recent survey suggests that extensive use of social media may harm the mental and emotional well-being of users, particularly the younger crowd.

Apps/Software May 20, 2017

Google's New Tool Seurat Lets Mobile Devices Render High-Quality Scenes: 'Star Wars' Gets The First Taste

Google, together with ILMxLAB, just demoed a tool called Seurat that enables mobile hardware to run intensive 3D scenes in real-time, which normally take hours to render. Plans for Seurat are unclear, but it could be crucial for Daydream.

Apps/Software May 19, 2017

Facebook, Messenger, And Instagram Teaming Up: New Feature Will Show Notifications From All Three Apps

Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram are testing a shared notifications feature that will help users keep track of new activity among all three apps. The feature will greatly help users who spend a lot of time on the three Facebook-owned apps.

Apps/Software May 19, 2017

Google Wants To Save You Time From Typing Out Email Replies With Gmail's Smart Reply

Google has now made the Smart Reply feature available on Gmail for iOS and Android. The feature saves you time by giving out auto-generated one-tap responses to be used in certain emails.

Apps/Software May 19, 2017

Facebook Messenger Update Revamps The Home Screen: New Tabs And Red Dot Make Navigation Much Easier

The latest Facebook Messenger update revamped its home screen to simplify navigation within the popular messaging app. The home screen overhaul follows the addition of several new features to Messenger.

Apps/Software May 18, 2017

Twitter Has Made Some Changes To Its Privacy Settings And Data Controls

With a new post, Twitter announced it made some changes to its data controls and privacy settings. Now, you'll be able to see what it thinks you're interested in.

Apps/Software May 18, 2017

Android Go Is Google's Second Attempt At Budget Phones After Android One

Google has officially announced Android Go, the spiritual successor to Android One. Coming in 2018, Android One is a platform able to run on smartphones with midrange-level specs, specifically geared toward developing markets.

Apps/Software May 18, 2017

Google Photos Gets Beefed Up With Photo Books, Sharing Features, And More: Time To Ditch iOS Photos?

Google just announced a few changes that will make Google Photos even better in terms of sharing photos. With its new features in two, Google Photos makes a great case convincing you to ditch iOS Photos altogether.

Apps/Software May 18, 2017

Apple Releases Latest iOS 10.3.2: Reasons Why You Should Or Should Not Upgrade

Apple released the iOS 10.3.2 update, which brings minor bug fixes and new security patches iPad and iPhone users' way. Here’s a look at why one should or should not install the latest update on their device.

Apps/Software May 18, 2017

Amazon To Soon Roll Out Alexa Notifications: Will The New Feature Be Useful Or Annoying?

Amazon will soon launch a new feature that will allow devices powered by Alexa, including the Amazon Echo, to read out user notifications. While Alexa Notifications could prove to be very useful, the feature could also be very annoying.

Apps/Software May 17, 2017

Instagram Face Filters Now Live: Here's How To Use The Snapchat-like Feature

Instagram has now launched a new set of face filters, which will allow you to add masks, crowns, glasses, and more to selfies. Here’s how to use them.

Apps/Software May 16, 2017

Instagram Selfie Filters And More Creative Tools Roll Out, Copying Snapchat Some More: What's New?

Instagram copied another major Snapchat feature, now adding 'face filters' for users to spice up their selfies. The latest update also brings new creative tools, so here's what's new.

Apps/Software May 16, 2017

APK File Reveals Some Upcoming Features Of Google Home

The APK files for the v2.3 update for the Google Home app revealed that the speaker may finally be getting voice reminder functionality. Other changes include cloudcast capabilities, as well as the incorporation of the Assistant on third-party devices.

Apps/Software May 16, 2017

Amazon Wants To Make Sure Alexa Responds Only When You Actually Call Her

Amazon wants third-party devices equipped with Alexa to only respond when users actually say 'Alexa.' To that end, it’s porting over the so-called cloud-based wake word verification system to make these devices better at determining the accuracy of wake words.

Apps/Software May 16, 2017

Google Assistant To Share In Siri's iPhone Space As iOS Version Reportedly In Tow

Google will reportedly bring its Assistant over to iOS, possibly under a chat-style interface similar to Allo. If true, it could share a space with Siri, and eventually threaten it, too.

Apps/Software May 15, 2017

The MP3 Is Dead: Here's A Brief History Of MP3

The U.S. patent for MP3 has now been terminated, essentially declaring the longstanding audio format dead after many decades. Here’s a brief history of the MP3 format.

Apps/Software May 13, 2017

Google Allo Can Now Transform Your Selfies Into Stickers And You've To Thank Neural Networks For It

Allo, Google’s messaging app, can now generate stickers based on your selfies. Here’s how it manages to do so with the help of neural networks and talented illustrators.

Apps/Software May 12, 2017

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: Microsoft Paints A Picture Of Windows Everywhere You Go

Microsoft just showcased the next major Windows update: the Fall Creators Update, due in September. Here are the most crucial updates and improvements included, including a brand-new design system, Graph, and more.

Apps/Software May 12, 2017

Microsoft HomeHub Internal Concepts Reveal How Windows 10 Aims To Rival Amazon Echo And Google Home

Microsoft has reportedly been working on a new HomeHub feature for Windows 10 and leaked internal concepts now reveal what it will have to offer. HomeHub will be Microsoft's answer to the Amazon Echo and Google Home, but on full Windows 10 PCs.

Apps/Software May 10, 2017

Quick Guide On How To Use Snapchat's Infinity Icon, Looping Video, And Magic Eraser Feature

Snapchat has added a bunch of new cool features to its app, including infinite Snaps, looping videos, and the magic eraser tool. Here are quick guides on how to use them.

Apps/Software May 10, 2017

Google Upgrades Chrome For Android To Make Offline Reading Much Easier: What's New?

Google added an offline download option to Chrome for Android last year and it proved widely popular, with more than 45 million webpages downloaded each week. The company has now upgraded the experience, adding new features to improve offline reading.

Apps/Software May 9, 2017

Beta Testers To Get Android O Soon As Google Ends Android Nougat Beta

Google has finally concluded the Android Nougat Beta Program to make way for Android O. Here’s when you might get it, along with some features it’ll bring to the table.

Apps/Software May 7, 2017

Samsung Marshmallow Now Available: No, Not An Android Update But An App For Kids

Samsung Marshmallow is now up for download, and while the name might be misleading, it doesn't have anything to do with Android Marshmallow. It's just Samsung's new parental control app.

Apps/Software April 30, 2017

Uber Android App Getting Revamped Privacy Settings With Easier Management And Account Deletion

Uber has announced a number of changes for its Android update, adding new privacy settings for more control and easier management. The update also makes it easier to delete your Uber account without having to go through support, so here's the deal.

Apps/Software April 29, 2017

Microsoft's Windows 10 Preview Build 16184 Released: My People Feature, Improvements, And More

Microsoft has rolled out the Windows 10 Preview Build 16184 for the PC. Aside from the fixes, it comes with the My People feature to let you stay in touch with friends and family more easily.

Apps/Software April 29, 2017

T-Mobile Confirms Android Nougat Rollout For Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

A T-Mobile official confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ would receive the Android 7.0 Nougat update. The software update for the smartphone would be pushed out from early next week.

Apps/Software April 30, 2017

Amazon To Stop Offering Free Android Apps, Ending 'Underground Actually Free' Program

Amazon has announced that it’s going to kill its Underground Actually Free Program by 2019. However, the company won’t restrict access to the program, at least not completely.

Apps/Software April 29, 2017

Google Updates Gboard For Android With New Text Editing Mode And Support For More Languages

Gboard has received support for more languages, a new text editing mode, and more customization options via the latest update. In other words, Google has made typing on a smartphone a whole deal easier.

Apps/Software April 27, 2017

Samsung's In-Traffic Reply App Is The Company's Solution To Prevent Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a growing problem, especially as the number of people who use smartphones while driving increases. Here’s how Samsung plans to fix that with its upcoming app called In-Traffic Reply.

Apps/Software April 27, 2017

Google Trips Update Adds Features To Let You Take Vacations Better

Google has updated its travel buddy app, Trips, with new features that make planning trips easier. Here are the new things you can do with the app.

Apps/Software April 27, 2017

Uber Makes It Easier For Riders To Check Their Ratings: Will This Reduce Bad Behavior By Passengers?

Uber has tweaked its rating system to make it easier for riders to check their ratings. The move is meant to remind passengers that they are also being rated by drivers, which should make them hold back on bad behavior.

Apps/Software April 27, 2017

Instagram Reaches 700 Million Active Users, Beats Twitter's 328 Million

Instagram has now reached 700 million users, miles ahead of Twitter’s and Snapchat’s user base. The strategy behind the growth of the photo-messaging service is upsetting Snapchat’s own growth.

Apps/Software April 27, 2017

FaceApp Apologizes For Racist Filter That Gave Users Lighter Skin: AI To Blame?

FaceApp is a photo-editing app that utilizes artificial intelligence to make changes look more realistic and natural. However, the app raised accusations of racism as its "hotness" filter made the skin tones of people lighter.

Apps/Software April 26, 2017

Samsung's Wemogee App Allows People With Language Disorder To Talk Through Emojis

Samsung has announced that it has partnered with speech therapist to come up with an app that’ll translate common phrases into a bunch of emojis. The app specifically targets those with aphasia, a complex neurological disorder that affects language.

Apps/Software April 25, 2017

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