Speeding star shocks neighbors...but won't get speeding ticket

Kappa Cassiopeiae is traveling through space so quickly, it is building a shock wave in front of its path. This has been shown in a stunning new photo from the Spitzer Space Telescope.

Space February 21, 2014

How the Man on the Moon has a better internet connection than you do

Radio communication is no longer suitable for modern space travel. A new laser network can transmit data much faster than most internet services on the Earth.

Space February 23, 2014

If you're a Muslim and planning to migrate to Mars, don't! There's a fatwa on it

A fatwa issued by the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowment (GAIAE) forbids Muslims from participating in a one-way mission to Mars. However, Mars One thinks the journey is ideal for followers of Islam.

Space February 21, 2014

Google picks 5 finalists for $6 mn Lunar XPrize: Who are they?

The Google Lunar XPrize has announced five finalist teams that will vie for Milestone Prizes amounting to $6 million.

Space February 23, 2014

PLATO satellite will find earth-like planets but you'll have to wait for 10 years

PLATO, a new space observatory will use 34 telescopes to hunt for Earth-like planets far from our home world. What else will the telescope network see on distant stars?

Space February 23, 2014

Hubble spies nearby galaxy rotate like hands of clock... tick tock, tick tock

Observation of the lateral movement of stars in another galaxy has revealed clock-like movements in one of Milky Way's nearest neighbors.

Space February 22, 2014

Darkest secrets of supernova unraveled by NuSTAR telescope

Supernova explosions can't be triggered in computer models. A new study, looking at the remains of a recent event, shows what triggers these mighty blasts.

Space February 21, 2014

Cygnus supply spacecraft completes mission, heads for disintegration

The Cygnus supply spacecraft, finished with its mission, has now been filled with garbage and sent crashing back to the Earth. But, don't worry. It will disintegrate as it enters the planet's atmosphere.

Space February 19, 2014

Giant asteroid 2000 EM26 set to blow a kiss to Earth on Monday: How and when to watch live

An asteroid the size of three football fields will narrowly miss the Earth Monday night. Here is how and when you can watch the event live.

Space February 17, 2014

No touchdown: Defunct Russian satellite Kosmos-1220 disintegrates in atmosphere

Russian satellite Kosmos-1220 that was predicted to hit the ocean after atmospheric reentry has burned up in the Earth's atmosphere. Earlier predictions from scientists have been proven wrong.

Space February 19, 2014

Aye, LADEE, those are nice photos of the Moon

A camera meant to orientate the LADEE (Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer) spacecraft returned the first five images of the surface of the Moon. Sometimes, the best pictures are the ones you never thought would be worth viewing.

Space February 17, 2014

On first anniversary of Chelyabinsk meteorite impact, scientists ponder 'What can save us?'

In light of the first anniversary of the Chelyabinsk impact, scientists are considering using nuclear bombs to combat the threat of asteroids. Experts say that a nuclear blast can deal with an asteroid even with limited time to prepare.

Space February 17, 2014

Mars jelly doughnut mystery finally solved: It's not an alien fungus, it's a...

The mystery of Pinnacle Island has been solved. It appears Curiosity killed the rock.

Space February 16, 2014

Solar system wrapped up with giant magnetic ribbon

The entire solar system is wrapped up with a giant magnetic ribbon. This strange feature may hold the answer to a decades-old mystery in astronomy. It could also tell us exactly where Voyager 1 is right now.

Space February 17, 2014

Will robot termite 'TERMES' be used one day to build Martian colonies? Possible

Small, independent robots may one day be able to explore the bottom of the ocean, repairs nuclear reactor cores and even build the first colonies on Mars. But for now, they are building castles out of foam bricks.

Space February 15, 2014

Ganymede: Scientists make first ever global geologic map of Jupiter's biggest moon

The first ever geologic map of Ganymede ever recorded has been developed by astronomers. What can the map tell us about the history of the largest moon in the solar system? And what might be swimming under the ice?

Space February 15, 2014

Indian Mars orbiter Mangalyaan completes 100 days in space

The first deep space probe from India, Mangalyaan, is celebrating 100 days in space. What big secret of the red planet could this mission reveal?

Space February 13, 2014

Prehistoric cave painting pigment to save probe from Sun's heat

European scientists have decided to use prehistoric cave pigments to shield an upcoming Solar Orbiter from the Sun.

Space February 15, 2014

Earth to Jade Rabbit: You're awake now but can you hop?

Stricken moon rover Jade Rabbit has finally woken up. However, China scientists are still trying to determine the cause of the rover's mechanical problems.

Space February 14, 2014

ISS ejects earth-watching mini satellites into space

The International Space Station (ISS) has launched a "flock" of tiny "cubesat" satellites to keep a watch over planet Earth.

Space February 13, 2014

Galileo's planetary illusion mystery finally solved by neuroscientists

Neuroscientists have discovered that certain brains cells react to light and dark objects differently. The phenomenon may explain the mystery behind Galileo's optical illusion.

Space February 13, 2014

Did NASA just discover evidence of water on Mars? The truth is out there

NASA may have finally found evidence of flowing water on Mars. However, the space agency is not disclosing much.

Space February 12, 2014

US, France team up for 2016 Mars mission

NASA and CNES are collaborating on a new mission to Mars, which will launch in March 2016.

Space February 11, 2014

Richard Branson will send you into space as early as this year... for a price

Tickets to space are now up for sale on Virgin Galactic website, and flights will be departing before the end of the year. Who gets to sit next to Angelina Jolie?

Space February 11, 2014

NASA WASP is affordable and accurate: A godsend to platenary scientists

NASA finally has a new system for pointing balloon-based instrumentation accurately.

Space February 11, 2014

Say hello to 'oldest star' in the universe just 6,000 light years away from Earth

A research team from the Australian National University has announced the discovery of the oldest known star in the universe.

Space February 11, 2014

Red and Dead: Elliptical galaxy burnouts finally solved by Hubble Space Telescope

Scientists have used data gathered by Hubble Space Telescope to understand how elliptical galaxies burn out. And they were surprised by what they discovered.

Space February 11, 2014

Discovery of Galaxy Abell2744 Y1 on the edge of universe has made NASA giddy

The most distant galaxy ever seen has been photographed, seen as it was over 13 billion years ago. But how did astronomers use other galaxies to increase the powers of the world's most powerful space telescopes?

Space February 10, 2014

Mars rover Curiosity overcomes sand dune 'Dingo Gap': NASA can breathe again

Curiosity has finally made it over the largest sand dune it has ever tackled so far.

Space February 10, 2014

Astronauts Shannon Lucid and Jerry Ross to be inducted into U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame

Shannon Lucid and Jerry Ross, both veteran space shuttle astronauts, have been selected for induction into the US Astronaut Hall of Fame.

Space February 10, 2014

Mars Curiosity rover takes first photo of Earth from the Red Planet

The first picture of the Earth and Moon taken by the Mars Curiosity rover are inspiring millions of space enthusiasts.

Space February 9, 2014

'Billion star surveyor' Gaia finally opens its eyes, blinks and stuns us with amazing photos

ESA's Gaia has taken its first photo during the calibration tests of the spacecraft.

Space February 9, 2014

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has just spotted a fresh impact crater

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has photographed a stunning crater, created by a meteor, recently striking the Red Planet. But what does that have to do with bringing the Internet to space?

Space February 6, 2014

Study of asteroid anatomy may help us dodge one

Scientists believe that data gathered from studying the internal composition and properties of asteroids, may hold the key to avoiding an asteroid strike in the future.

Space February 6, 2014

China should have sent Patrick Stewart to the moon instead of Jade Rabbit

Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart pays parody tribute to the Chinese Jade Rabbit rover, which may have hopped its last.

Space February 6, 2014

Russian Progress 54 resupply vehicle docks with ISS in record 6 hours

Progress 54 resupply vehicle from Russia has docked with the ISS in record time. The Russian vehicle completed the maneuver in 6 hours.

Space February 6, 2014

Ancient black holes took longer time to heat early universe

Black holes formed from the death of early stars may have taken more time to heat the universe, contrary to popular belief.

Space February 6, 2014

Saturn polar vortex revealed in all its glory by NASA Cassini spacecraft

The Cassini spacecraft has returned a new image of a strange hexagon dominating the north pole of Saturn. This is a powerful storm that holds within it a giant hurricane.

Space February 5, 2014

NASA worries turning Mars rover Curiosity into a dune buggy

NASA is in a spot of a problem. There's a meter-high sand dune blocking the way of Mars rover Curiosity and NASA engineers are concerned that the rover's metal wheels will not hold if the agency decides to transform the rover into a dune buggy.

Space February 5, 2014

James Webb Space Telescope may succeed in doing what Hubble couldn't: Find evidence of alien life

The construction of the James Webb Space Telescope, the successor to Hubble, is proceeding smoothly. The new telescope may be the first to finally answer the question regarding the possibility of existence of alien life.

Space February 5, 2014

Kepler-413b: A strange wobbly planet that may boast of even stranger seasons

NASA has discovered an erratic, wobbly planet, using the Kepler Space Telescope. The wobble, the scientists said, causes wild fluctuations in the planet's seasons.

Space February 5, 2014

NASA uses nanoflow liquid chromatography to test space dust for signs of life

NASA has applied a new technique, using nanoflow liquid chromatography instrument, to examine extraterrestrial materials that are small in scale, such as interplanetary dust particles, micrometeorites, and cometary particles in its effort to find the building blocks of life.

Space February 5, 2014

Star Trek's William Shatner to NASA: What's the truth behind Mars 'jelly doughnut' rock?

William Shatner has called on NASA to disclose more information about the "jelly doughnut" rock on Mars.

Space February 4, 2014

Longest lunar transit reveals moon in multi-hue glory

NASA has captured stunning images of the recent lunar transit that could only be seen from space.

Space February 3, 2014

Apollo 15 moon landing camera now on the auction block

Hasselblad Electric Data Camera from the Apollo 15 moon mission is set to be auctioned off.

Space February 3, 2014

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