Cosmic horror show: Monster black hole set to swallow massive gas cloud

The cosmic collision would allow scientists to see how a monster black hole gobbles up a "cosmic snack."

Space January 14, 2014

Hubble takes a peek at the mysterious and beautiful Tarantula Nebula

NASA's Hubble Tarantula Treasury Program has gathered very sharp images of the Tarantula Nebula, and will assemble the mosaic to learn about star birth.

Space January 18, 2014

Now the visually challenged can also enjoy the beauty of space

A new eBook seeks to give visually impaired individuals a new appreciation for the deep space images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Space January 18, 2014

Hi there: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captures Curiosity rover in amazing photos

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured amazing photos of the Curiosity rover at work on Mars.

Space January 13, 2014

Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo sets new altitude record

Virgin's SpaceShipTwo spacecraft has set a new altitude record in its very first test flight of this year.

Space January 12, 2014

Scientists spot hypervelocity stars escaping clutches of galaxy

Scientists have announced the discovery of a new type of star moving at velocities fast enough to escape the gravitational field of the galaxy.

Space January 11, 2014

NASA sees amazing 'Hand of God' at work in distant space

A NASA X-ray telescope has captured an amazing image of an astronomical object that looks like a giant, powerful hand in space that sends forth a bolt of colorful energy. Is this the 'Hand of God'?

Space January 10, 2014

Super freaky storms predicted for brown dwarfs

Based on new data from the Spitzer Space Telescope, scientists believe that violent storms roil over the surface of brown dwarfs.

Space January 10, 2014

Life possible on very cold planets, say researchers

A new study indicates that even planets outside the currently established habitable zone may support life under the surface.

Space January 11, 2014

Boeing top secret space plane X-37B makes Kennedy Space Center its new home

Boeing is moving the secretive X-37B project to a new home at the Kennedy Space Center. The experimental aircraft is still on its third test flight but will be housed in the OPF-1 once it is recovered after the test ends.

Space January 6, 2014

Unique triple star system sheds light on gravitational law

The system of two white dwarf stars and a millisecond pulsar could test competing theories of gravity.

Space January 7, 2014

Will it, won't it? SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket eyes Monday launch

SpaceX Falcon 9 is now expected to launch a Thai communications satellite on January 6.

Space January 6, 2014

NASA may launch tensegrity rovers in future (Video)

New rover design using rods and cables may hold the key to small, light-weight and low-cost missions.

Space December 27, 2013

NASA may launch tensegrity rovers in future (Video)

New rover design using rods and cables may hold the key to small, light-weight and low-cost missions.

Space December 27, 2013

Will curiosity kill the rover?

Mars Curiosity rover's wheels are developing signs of wear and tear, prompting scientists to find relatively smoother ground on Mars.

Space December 23, 2013

ISS astronauts kick off spacewalk to fix cooling system

Astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS) have successfully carried out the first of a series of spacewalks to repair a malfunctioning cooling coil located on the exterior of the space station.

Space December 22, 2013

NASA gives green light to emergency spacewalks for repairing cooling line of ISS

Malfunctioning valve on the ISS needs to be repaired for resupply mission to commence. The repair may involve a space walk in the next few days.

Space December 18, 2013

Swirls of earliest lights offer clues to infancy of universe: Scientists

Scientists at the South Pole have discovered swirling patterns in the cosmic microwave background that may lead to new discoveries about the early universe.

Space December 16, 2013

China's Jade Rabbit sends back selfies from moon

China's Jade Rabbit rover has sent back first set of photos from the moon.

Space December 16, 2013

China third country to land on moon

China has successfully landed its Chang'e-3 probe on the moon's surface. The successful landing means that China is the third nation to successfully complete a lunar landing.

Space December 15, 2013

Juno spacecraft captures Earth and Moon in cosmic waltz (Video)

NASA's Juno spacecraft took stunning video footage while flying past the Earth before heading off to Jupiter.

Space December 11, 2013

Curiosity Rover finds ancient Martian lake once suited for life

More evidence that Mars might have once been a planet teeming with life.

Space December 10, 2013

Moon Express pulls cover off MX-1 Lunar Lander, eyeing Google Lunar XPRIZE

California-based Moon Express unveiled the MX-1 lunar lander that it aims to send to the moon, come 2015.

Space December 7, 2013

Jeff Bezos joins space race with secret rocket test fire

SpaceX and Elon Musk has a rival. Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos has joined the space race with a secret rocket test fire.

Space December 4, 2013

Comet ISON is wait, it's wait, it's dead

Comet ISON was supposed to be dead, then briefly re-appeared and is now finally dead after taking scientists on a roller-coaster ride the past few days.

Space December 3, 2013

China launches moon rover Jade Rabbit

China has successfully launched its moon rover Jade Rabbit (Yutu), which is expected to make a soft-landing on the moon's surface on December 14.

Space December 2, 2013

India's Mars spacecraft leaves Earth's orbit, heads for the Red Planet

India's Mars spacecraft has left Earth's orbit and is now on its way to Mars.

Space December 3, 2013

China set to launch lunar rover on Monday

China will launch the Chang'e-3 lunar rover on Monday.

Space December 1, 2013

Unmanned Russian cargo spacecraft delivers supplies to ISS team

Progress 53, an unmanned Russian cargo spacecraft has delivered supplies and holiday gifts to the ISS team.

Space December 1, 2013

Scientists left baffled by incredibly bright black hole

The black hole in the ULX-1 system is a lot brighter than what scientists had anticipated.

Space December 1, 2013

Did the sun just gobble up comet ISON?

No trace of the tail of the "sungrazer" comet ISON. Did the comet disintegrate?

Space November 29, 2013

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket again fails to take off

The Falcon 9 rocket from Space X has failed to take off again after being rescheduled.

Space November 29, 2013

SpaceX reschedules Falcon 9 rocket launch for Thursday following technical glitch

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket has been rescheduled for a November 28 launch, following a technical glitch.

Space November 28, 2013

Why are sky gazers going gaga over Comet ISON?

Sky gazers are going gaga over the comet of the century - Comet ISON- which is a "sungrazer."

Space November 26, 2013

Monster gamma ray burst fails to create any Hulk

Scientists have spotted a powerful gamma ray burst in the near universe.

Space November 26, 2013

Scientists make breakthrough in waterproof technology

Scientists have made a breakthrough discovery in waterproof technology, which can now repel water from the surface better than before. The new technology could be deployed in aircraft engine to reduce icing or turbine blades in electric power plants to prevent water build up.

Space November 26, 2013

ISS celebrates 15th birthday: Top 10 interesting facts

Here are some things you should know about the International Space Station (ISS) as it celebrates its 15th birthday.

Space November 21, 2013

Virginia high school students launch satellite into space (with a little help from NASA)

A small satellite built by high school students from Virginia was sent to orbit on Tuesday.

Space November 21, 2013

NASA MAVEN starts historic journey to Mars

NASA's MAVEN spacecraft has begun its journey to Mars.

Space November 20, 2013

Dubai Airshow kicks off with eyes on Boeing 777X

Leaders of global aviation are set to place orders worth over $100 billion in the Dubai Airshow which kicked off on Sunday.

Space November 18, 2013

Lockheed Martin to slash 4,000 jobs, close facilities in austerity move

Lockheed Martin has announced 4,000 job cuts and closure of some of its facilities in austerity measures.

Space November 15, 2013

Elon Musk now sets sight on EV pickup truck and supersonic jet with VTOL

Tesla's Elon Musk has said the company will make an EV pickup truck and supersonic jet. A pickup jet?

Space November 16, 2013

NASA video walks us through Mars 4 bn years ago

An animation produced by NASA gives everyone a peek of what Mars could have looked like billions of years ago when it had ideal atmospheric conditions.

Space November 15, 2013

Say cheese: Cassini takes photo of Saturn and smaller siblings

NASA's Cassini spacecraft takes pictures of Saturm, Earth and more.

Space November 14, 2013

Mars Curiosity rover recovers from software glitch

NASA's Mars Curiosity rover has recovered from software glitches after going into safe mode for around three days.

Space November 13, 2013

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