Players Upset Over The Nintendo Switch Resetting Play Time Logs After A Year

Nintendo Switch play time logs are being erased after a year, several players are surprised to discover. However, the erasure might not be permanent after all.

Culture March 4, 2018

Transgender Surgeries On The Rise In The US, Says Study

A new study conducted by the researchers from Johns Hopkins University finds that transgender surgeries are on the rise in the United States. There are more than 1.4 million adults looking to get transgender surgery in the country.

Culture March 4, 2018

Turbulence Rocks Flight, Makes Almost Everyone On The Airplane Throw Up

Rough weather conditions caused a flight to hit a bumpy ride and the results weren't pretty. The pilot reported that everyone on the plane threw up due to the turbulence.

Culture March 4, 2018

Silicon Valley Cops Use Decoy Buses To Catch Perp Shooting At Apple And Google Shuttles

Someone has been firing pellet guns at Apple and Google employee shuttle buses, with at least 20 shootings reported since January. The California Highway Patrol has resorted to decoy buses to catch the perpetrators.

Culture March 3, 2018

Selfies Are Making More People Head To The Plastic Surgeon For Nose Jobs

A new study found that selfies can make noses 30 percent larger than they actually are. This is sending many people to the plastic surgeons in search of correcting their "large" noses.

Culture March 5, 2018

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery RPG For Android, iOS Rolls Out This Spring

An estimated release window has been confirmed by Warner Bros. for the 'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery' mobile game. It is scheduled to launch sometime this spring with pre-registration available on Google Play.

Culture March 3, 2018

California Couple Arrested After Keeping Three Kids In A Plywood Box 'Home' For Years, With No Running Water Or Electricity

A couple from Joshua Tree, California, kept their kids in a makeshift plywood shelter for roughly four years, with no electricity, running water, or sanitation. Authorities arrested the parents for willful cruelty to a child.

Culture March 3, 2018

No Happy Meal: Police Kicks Homeless Man, Good Samaritan Out Of South Carolina McDonald's

After doing a kind deed, Yossi Gallo encountered the unexpected. Together with the homeless man whom he shared a meal with, he was kicked out from a McDonald's at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Culture March 2, 2018

'Detroit: Become Human' Gets A May 25 Release Date

Quantic Dream finally confirmed the official release date of 'Detroit: Become Human' for the PlayStation 4. The game is scheduled to come out on May 25, 2018.

Culture March 2, 2018

Rare To Hold Another 'Sea Of Thieves' Scale Test This Weekend

Game developer Rare scheduled to hold another scale test for 'Sea of thieves' this weekend. It plans to deliberately stress the servers to ensure quality upon launch.

Culture March 2, 2018

The Next 'Battlefield' Game Will Take Players To World War II, Just Like 'Call Of Duty'

The next 'Battlefield' game will take players to World War II, after 'Battlefield 1' was set in World War I. The game, which will confusingly be titled 'Battlefield V,' will follow the 'Call of Duty' franchise into the era.

Culture March 2, 2018

Xbox Spring Update: Xbox One To Get 1440p Support, Controller Sharing Via Mixer, And More

Microsoft has detailed the Xbox Spring Update. There are a ton of features in store, but arguably the most notable ones are 1440p support for the Xbox One S and Xbox One X and controller sharing on Mixer.

Culture March 1, 2018

Donald Trump Meeting With Video Game Executives To Discuss Gun Violence

Donald Trump is now using video games to distract from the gun legislation by meeting with video game executives. Trump previously suggested a link between gun violence and video games.

Culture March 6, 2018

Drunk Man Takes $1,600 Uber Trip From West Virginia To New Jersey

People are not supposed to drink and drive. Now they're apparently not supposed to drink and Uber either. A drunk man's Uber trip ended up costing him $1,600.

Culture March 2, 2018

Teacher In Ghana Shows Students How To Use Microsoft Word On Blackboard, Microsoft Steps In To Help

A teacher in Ghana was using a blackboard to teach students a key part of their curriculum — learning to use Microsoft Word. Photos of him teaching his students went viral.

Culture March 2, 2018

Bill Gates Says That Cryptocurrencies Are A Cause Of Death

While answering questions for a Reddit AMA, Bill Gates was asked about cryptocurrencies, and his answer was surprising. Bill Gates mentioned many criticisms of cryptocurrencies and said that they are a cause of death.

Culture March 2, 2018

Instagram Post Featuring Threatening Message And Picture Of A Lego Assault Rifle Leads To Arrest

An image was posted on Instagram featuring a Lego assault rifle along with a threatening message on Tuesday. The post led to an arrest the next day.

Culture March 1, 2018

Third ‘Pokémon Go’ Community Day Brings Bulbasaur: What You Need To Know

The third 'Pokémon GO' Community Day will take place on March 25 and last for three hours, bringing several perks. This month, the special Pokémon with an exclusive move will be Bulbasaur.

Culture March 2, 2018

Nintendo Confirms There Won’t Be A Switch 2.0 Anytime Soon, Says It’s More Keen On Peripherals

Nintendo confirmed it doesn't have plans on releasing a Nintendo Switch 2.0 upgrade anytime soon as it focuses on manufacturing and shipping to satisfy demand. Instead, the company will introduce peripherals to drum up hype during the console’s second year.

Culture March 1, 2018

Nintendo Disables Switch User Reviews: It Was Just A 'Trial' Feature

Nintendo Switch user reviews have been removed from the eShop, just after a few days when it launched. According to a company rep, that's because the feature was just a 'trial.'

Culture February 28, 2018

People Who Hate Body Odor Are More Likely To Lean To The Right Politically

Scientists have found that there is a connection between people hating body odor and having conservative political beliefs. They also found that people who most negatively reacted to smells also supported Donald Trump.

Culture March 2, 2018

Brigitte Unveiled As New 'Overwatch' Hero: Torbjorn's Daughter More Than Just A Pretty Face

Brigitte became an instant fan favorite after her apperance in the animated short Honor and Glory with her godfather Reinhardt. However, she is more than just a pretty face, as she was unveiled as the 27th 'Overwatch' hero.

Culture March 1, 2018

Bloodborne Leads PlayStation Plus March 2018 Free Games Lineup; PS3, PS Vita Support Ends Next Year

Notoriously difficult action RPG 'Bloodborne' headlines the free PlayStation Plus games for March 2018. Sony also announced that free PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games will no longer be offered starting March 2019.

Culture February 28, 2018

Facebook Censors 30,000-Year-Old Statue Venus Of Willendorf Calling It Pornographic

Censors at Facebook have determined that a 30,000-year-old statue that doesn't even show nipples is pornographic. A post featuring the Venus of Willendorf was removed even after appeals.

Culture February 28, 2018

Hezbollah Creates A Call Of Duty Style Game Where Players Can Fight Against ISIS

A media outlet affiliated with Hezbollah has created a new pro-Hezbollah video game called 'Holy Defense.' The game allows players to fight against ISIS to protect Syria and Lebanon.

Culture February 28, 2018

Richard Sherman Adopts Bitcoin Early But Cashed Out Before It Exploded In Price

NFL player Richard Sherman began receiving Bitcoin through his website early on, making him a pioneer in cryptocurrency. However, he didn't wait until its value skyrocketed to make money.

Culture February 28, 2018

Goodbye Year Of The Mammoth, Hello Year Of The Raven: Here's What Will Change In 'Hearthstone'

Digital card game 'Hearthstone' will soon move from the Year of the Mammoth to the Year of the Raven. Among the changes that the new Standard season will bring include new expansions, new Hall of Fame cards, and in-game tournaments.

Culture February 28, 2018

Sega Pulls ‘Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life’ Demo From PlayStation Store Because It Includes Full Game

The ‘Yakuza 6: The Song of Life’ demo on PlayStation Store apparently contained the full game, with lockout restrictions for preventing access past the prologue. But some players were able to bypass it, leading Sega to take the demo down.

Culture February 28, 2018

'I, Tonya' Producer Juliet Tierney Talks Visual Effects Behind The Award-Winning Movie [Exclusive Video]

'I, Tonya' movie producer Juliet Tierney talks bringing visual effects to life in the award-winning comedy. Watch an exclusive video clip from 'I, Tonya'.

Culture February 28, 2018

'Chrono Trigger' Now Available On Steam: What's New With The Classic SNES RPG?

The release of 'Chrono Trigger' on Steam comes as a surprise from Square Enix. The PC version of the classic SNES RPG comes with some changes from the original, though some adjustments are not considered as upgrades by fans.

Culture February 28, 2018

ESRB Answers Loot Box Controversy By Just Stamping 'In-Game Purchases' Labels To Video Games

The ESRB has finally issued a response to the growing controversy surrounding loot boxes and other forms of microtransactions in video games. Most players, however, will find the ESRB's answer as an insufficient one for the issue.

Culture February 28, 2018

Chinese Man Going Through Heart Attack Gets Help By Throwing Money

A man in China trying to address a heart attack fell to the ground then threw a wad of cash to get attention. A policeman walking by helped the man, who was by then already bleeding from the nose.

Culture February 27, 2018

North Carolina Man Streams His Own Murder On Facebook Live, Killer Still At Large

A 55-year-old man live-streamed his murder on Facebook live on Monday, Feb. 26. The crime occurred roughly one block away from the police department, and the killer is still at large.

Culture February 28, 2018

CD Projekt Red Says 'Cyberpunk 2077' Is Its New 'Witcher 3' But 'More Ambitious'

A recent presentation from CD Projekt Red talked about their plans for 'Cyberpunk 2077.' The game studio appears to have big plans for the upcoming game.

Culture February 27, 2018

The 'Monster Hunter: World' Guidebook Will Have Over 1,000 Pages: Here's What's Inside

The 'Monster Hunter: World' guidebook, which will be released next month, will contain over 1,000 pages of information that will benefit both hardcore veterans and newcomers to the franchise. However, there's a catch for gamers in the United States.

Culture February 27, 2018

50 Cent Admits That He Never Owned Any Bitcoin, Doesn’t Have $7 Million

50 Cent is in the midst of declaring bakruptcy, so bragging that he forgot about a bitcoin fortune was perhaps not the best idea. He just admitted in court that this fortune he bragged about didn't exist.

Culture February 28, 2018

Russian Television Airs 'Arma-3' Gameplay As Syrian War Footage

Russian television recently aired some footage of the ongoing Syrian War. The problem with the footage is that it wasn't real, as it aired gameplay from the computer game 'Arma-3.'

Culture February 26, 2018

Boy In China Gets Stuck In Elevator After Peeing All Over Controls

Getting stuck in an elevator is terrifying, even worse when it's your own fault. A boy in China decided it was a good time to empty his bladder all over the controls of an elevator and succeeded in getting stuck.

Culture February 26, 2018

Remastered 'Turok' And 'Turok 2' For The Xbox One Are About To Launch

Microsoft announced that the remastered versions of 'Turok' and 'Turok 2' will launch for the Xbox One next month. The remake is published by Nightdive Studios, the same developers behind the upcoming 'System Shock' remake.

Culture February 26, 2018

If You Want To Create A New Save Slot In ‘Metal Gear Survive,’ Pay $10, Says Konami

'Metal Gear Survive' is charging players $10 if they want to create a second save slot. It’s the latest example of a company going haywire with microtransactions.

Culture February 26, 2018

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Is Heading To Xbox Game Pass

Larry Hryb posted an announcement on Twitter that hinted an upcoming game for the Xbox Game Pass next month. 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' is clearly teased by the photo along with seven other games.

Culture February 25, 2018

Can Overwatch's Zenyatta Walk? Blizzard Makes It Happen, But It's Weird

Blizzard Entertainment noticed that a fan requested to make Zenyatta walk during the Overwatch League broadcast. The developer posted that results on Twitter for everyone to enjoy.

Culture February 24, 2018

You Can Now Leave Switch Game Reviews On Nintendo’s Site: Here’s How

Nintendo now allows customers to leave reviews for their favorite Switch games on the site. It’s a small but important step in the way Nintendo engages with its user base.

Culture February 24, 2018

Blasters Of The Universe PSVR: 10 Tips And Tricks

In 'Blasters of the Universe' for PlayStation VR, users dodge their way through intense battles against hordes of enemies. Here are the top 10 best tips and tricks to play this video game.

Culture February 27, 2018

DICE Awards 2018: 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Steals The Show

'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' took home four trophies at the 2018 DICE Awards, including Game of the Year. Nintendo dominated the annual event, which is hosted each year by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

Culture February 23, 2018

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