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US Postal Service Reveals Touch-Sensitive Forever Stamp To Commemorate Great American Eclipse

The United States Postal Service announced that it would launch a new touch sensitive stamp to commemorate the August 21 total solar eclipse. Thermochromic ink would be used for the stamp, which transforms when heat is applied.

Life & Style April 28, 2017

Giant Bunny Set To Be World's Largest Dies Mysteriously On United Airlines Flight: Airline Is 'Saddened' And Investigating

A giant bunny named Simon, set to be the world's largest rabbit, died on a United Airlines flight on its way to its new 'celebrity' owner. The airline said it's 'saddened' by the incident and is conducting an investigation into the matter.

Life & Style April 26, 2017

Modern Architecture: Dutch Building Has Emojis As Gargoyles Of The Internet Age

A building in Dutch city Amersfoort sports a unique design: one of its sides has 22 emoji gargoyles. The architect used the iconic digital symbols in a bid to memorialize the current age and contemporary society.

Life & Style April 25, 2017

Is Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino Diabetes In A Cup? What's In It And What People Think

The Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino may look magical but it could be the one-way ticket to a diabetes diagnosis. Find out what makes the colorful drink so unhealthy and how people reacted to it.

Life & Style April 22, 2017

Study Reveals Most People Use Cellphones While Driving

The constant use of smartphones could be the reason behind the rise in automobile accidents in the United States. A study revealed that American drivers used their cell phones in 88 out of 100 trips.

Life & Style April 18, 2017

Texas Mother Gives Birth To Twins Born Two Weeks Apart

LaTroya Woolridge of Texas gave birth to twins, one of whom was born two weeks after the other. Both the babies are doing well and would soon be discharged from the hospital.

Life & Style April 15, 2017

United Airlines Chief Issues Apology After Video Of Passenger Being Dragged Out Of Overbooked Flight Goes Viral

United Airlines’ CEO Oscar Munoz issued an apology regarding the forcible removal of a passenger from one of its overbooked flights. The apology came amidst growing outrage after a video showing the passenger being dragged out went viral.

Life & Style April 12, 2017

Nurses Fulfill Dying Man's Last Wish: Cigarette And A Glass Of Wine

Nurses at Denmark’s Aarhus University Hospital fulfilled the last wish of a 75-year old patient who suffered from aortic aneurysm. The nurses disregarded hospital regulations and granted the patient’s request for a glass of wine and a cigarette.

Life & Style April 13, 2017

Titanic Locket Found On Ocean Floor To Be Displayed At Exhibit

A locket found on the oceanfloor belonged to Virginia Estelle McDowell Clark, who boarded the Titanic with her husband from a belated honeymoon in Europe. What happened to the couple after the ship sank?

Life & Style April 10, 2017

Perfect Hotel For Techies: Here Are 5 Of The Most High-Tech Hotels Around The World

Space pods, multilingual robots as hotel staff, keyless room entry - you'll find these features in super high-tech hotels that will easily be paradise for any tech junkie. Check out our top five.

Life & Style April 10, 2017

US Postal Services Reveal Shocking Number Of Dog Attacks On Postal Employees: Is Online Shopping Boom Responsible?

The U.S. Postal Service released a report pertaining to rise in dog bite incidents all over the country. The USPS shared that the online shopping boom, which led to increased demand of package delivery, is to be blamed.

Life & Style April 7, 2017

Hillary Clinton Speaks Out At The Women In The World Summit: ‘As An American, I’m Worried’

Hillary Clinton ends her silence with a lively discussion at the Women in the World Summit where she expressed her concern about the Republican administration.

Life & Style April 7, 2017

World’s 50 Best Restaurants Of 2017: New York’s Eleven Is No. 1

Eleven Madison Park is 2017’s greatest restaurant in the world. The New York fine dining venue was also named the Best Restaurant in North America, and is the second American culinary establishment to ever snatch the grand prize.

Life & Style April 6, 2017

Muslim Teen Who Writes #100BlackLivesMatter 100 Times On Stanford Application Gets In

Ziad Ahmed did not mince words when he answered the question “What matters to you, and why?” on his Stanford undergraduate application. And it has led him to get accepted into the university.

Life & Style April 6, 2017

Iceland Proposes Gender Pay Gap Law To Ensure Companies Give Equal Wage To Employees

Iceland is arguably one of the best places to live and work as a woman, but gender pay gap still exists in this island nation. The parliament presented a solution that could end wage discrimination.

Life & Style April 6, 2017

Pink Star Diamond Fetches $71.2 Million At Sotheby's Hong Kong Auction And Gets New Name

Hong Kong jeweler Chow Tai Fook was the winning bidder of the Pink Star diamond auctioned by Sotheby's. The gem fetched $71.2 million and now has a new name.

Life & Style April 5, 2017

Crying Chart For Newborns: British And Canadian Babies Cry The Most

The new universal crying chart revealed that babies from Britain, Canada, and Italy cry more than infants from other countries. Researchers stated that crying could vary because of several reasons such as, parenting, feeding, and social inequality.

Life & Style April 4, 2017

Crayola Dandelion Color To Be Replaced By Blue Shade In Crayon Boxes

Crayola will remove the deep yellow dandelion color from its 24-color crayon boxes. It will be replaced by a blue shade. What other colors have been retired by the Hallmark Cards-owned Crayola over its 131-year history?

Life & Style March 31, 2017

Donald Trump Finally Stops Using Unsecured Android Phone And Switches To iPhone

President Donald Trump has finally switched to an iPhone from his unsecured Android device. Trump was reportedly using an off-the-shelf Samsung smartphone even after becoming the President of the United States.

Life & Style March 30, 2017

Dunkin’ Donuts Kills Well-Loved Coffee Coolatta, Replaces It With Summer Drink

Dunkin’ Donuts is discontinuing the popular Coffee Coolatta and introducing the new Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee this summer. The move is made to produce a coffee-centric lineup, likely in response to the growing coffee culture in U.S. cities.

Life & Style March 26, 2017

Bend Buildings, Not Laws: Plans For A U-Shaped Structure Could Change The Face Of New York

OIIO Studio unveils plans for the longest building in the world: a skyscraper in New York City that will bend to the NYC zoning laws.

Life & Style March 26, 2017

United Nations’ World Happiness Report Reveals Happiest Country: Are You Living There?

United Nations has published the 2016 World Happiness Report ahead of International World Happiness Day on March 20. Denmark has ranked first, making it the most happiest country on Earth.

Life & Style March 21, 2017

Tennessee Nail Salon Courts Controversy Over Rude Pedicure Sign

A nail salon in Tennessee has courted controversy as it put up a sign noting it will charge fat customers more money for a pedicure. The news went viral after a picture of the offending sign was uploaded by a woman on Facebook.

Life & Style March 20, 2017

Dubai Auction Fetches Record-Breaking $10000 For A Burger

A burger was sold for $10,000 at an auction arranged by a charitable organization in Dubai. This auction was held to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and its free detection.

Life & Style March 17, 2017

Remember Jack The Ripper? Researchers Look For The Remains Of His Last Victim To No Avail

‘The Mary Jane Kelly Project’ which went on to find the remains of Jack the Ripper’s last victim has been brought to a standstill. The team of researchers were forced to stop given legal and circumstantial complications.

Life & Style March 15, 2017

Racial Stereotypes: Black Men Perceived As Bigger, More Threatening, Study Finds

Racial stereotypes influence the way we perceive people from another ethnicity. Study shows young black men are seen as larger and more threatening than white men of equal size.

Life & Style March 14, 2017

White House Correspondents Still Welcome Trump To Annual Dinner Despite His Plan To Skip Event

The White House Correspondents’ Association is still open to a last minute change of plans in case the president changes his mind about attending the annual dinner.

Life & Style March 12, 2017

Mystery Behind Mona Lisa's Smile Decoded: She Is Happy, Suggests New Research

The mystery behind Mona Lisa's smile in the iconic painting had finally been solved. Researchers conducted a study to decode the smile and reveal that Mona Lisa was happy.

Life & Style March 13, 2017

Starbucks Is Releasing Spring Cups For The First Time Ever That Are Pastel Perfection

Starbucks is releasing limited-time cups that are pastel colored to celebrate spring.

Life & Style March 10, 2017

Mark Zuckerberg And Priscilla Chan Are Having Another Baby Girl

Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan are expecting baby no. 2. Just like any other expecting parent these days, Zuckerberg made the announcement via a Facebook post.

Life & Style March 9, 2017

Papa John’s Serves Up Enhancements To Digital Orders With PayPal And New Pizza Tracker

Papa John's adds PayPal as a form of payment for digital orders, as well as a new pizza tracker.

Life & Style March 9, 2017

Yellow Taxi Cabs Are Safer From Accidents Compared With Blue Ones, Research Claims

A study by researchers from the National University of Singapore found that yellow taxis have lower accident rates compared with blue taxis. The higher visibility of the yellow taxi cabs is tagged as the primary reason why they are safer.

Life & Style March 8, 2017

10 Hot Tips For The Career-Oriented: How To Boost Job Performance

Looking for new ways to boost work performance? Here are some tried and true suggestions on how to improve job productivity and qualify for that promotion.

Life & Style March 8, 2017

Man Dies Of Heart Attack After Catching Rare Pokémon Go Monster Lapras

A man died after catching a rare Pokémon Lapras while playing 'Pokémon Go.' The man, Liang Weiming, suffered from a heart attack in excitement of catching this rare monster and died soon after being admitted to the hospital.

Life & Style March 7, 2017

Using Social Media For Over 2 Hours? Chances Of Feeling Isolated Are More Reveals Study

Excessive amount of time spent on social media platforms increases the chances of social isolation. Studies show that more than 2 hours on social media daily doubles the possibility.

Life & Style March 7, 2017

Sikh Man Shot In Washington, FBI Investigating Case As Hate Crime

A tragic incident took place in Seattle where a Sikh man was shot and had to be hospitalized. Local law enforcement officials and FBI are currently investigating the incident which may have been a hate crime.

Life & Style March 6, 2017

Starbucks’ Secret Menu Features Another Pink Purple Drink

The Pink Purple Drink is the latest Starbucks secret menu item that's all over Instagram.

Life & Style March 3, 2017

Sistine Chapel Frescoes Digitized For Future Restoration Work

Photographers have produced 270,000 digital photos of the interiors of the Sistine Chapel. The benchmark photos will serve as an initial step for the chapel's future restoration projects.

Life & Style March 2, 2017

Cannot Spot That Your Partner Is Hiding Emotions? Study Reveals Couples May Miss Cues

New research from psychologists reveals that couples are likely to miss cues about their partner’s emotions. The study suggests how one can miss cues from his or her partner that they are hiding emotions in regards to the relationship.

Life & Style March 2, 2017

Starbucks’ New Macchiato Drinks Will Be Your New Obsession This Spring

Starbucks is adding two new iced and hot macchiato drinks to its spring menu.

Life & Style February 28, 2017

Samsung Press Event At MWC 2017 Had A Surprise Guest: Guess Who?

Samsung's press event at the MWC 2017 was interrupted by Greenpeace a protester. They held a 'Rethink, Reuse, Recycle' poster with the hashtag of Galaxy Note 7.

Life & Style February 27, 2017

Academy Awards 2017: How To Watch The Oscars Online, On Your iPhone, Android Device Or TV

The 89th annual Academy Awards will be taking place on Feb. 26. Here’s a look at how one can watch the award event unfold on their iPhone, TV, or even online.

Life & Style February 26, 2017

Instagram User Wins All-Expense-Paid Cruise For Summer Intern-Ship

An Instagram user just won the best 'intern-ship' ever, beating out 75,000 other applicants. The lucky winner gets to go on an all-expense-paid vacation and all she has to do is post on Instagram.

Life & Style February 26, 2017

Trump vs Media: New York Times, CNN And More Blocked From White House Briefing

Some media outlets were unable to attend a White House press briefing on Friday, marking a new strain on the Trump administration’s relationship with the media.

Life & Style February 25, 2017

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