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Adblock Plus Has Already Beaten Facebook's Anti-Ad Blocker Tech, But It Might Not Last Long

Adblock Plus labeled Facebook's move to dismiss ad blockers on the desktop version of the social network as 'anti-user.' The company has now announced a workaround to the technology with a new filter.

Apps/Software August 11, 2016

AdBlock And Adblock Plus Now Available For Microsoft Edge: So Long Ads!

AdBlock and Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge have turned up at the Windows Store. Currently, it's available only to preview users, but it's a positive sign that everyone will get it soon enough.

Apps/Software May 9, 2016

New Asus Devices Will Come With AdBlock Plus

Asus has teamed up with AdBlock to turn out devices that already come equipped with pop-up blocker app AdBlock Plus.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 23, 2015

Following EE, O2 UK Also Considering Tech To Block Mobile Ads

A war is coming as mobile operators in the EU are making serious moves to block mobile ads. in a bid to create a better browsing experience for customers. EE was the first to do so and now O2 is considering it, too.x`

Business November 26, 2015

PewDiePie: YouTube Red Was Really Introduced To Combat Use Of Ad Blockers

Internet sensation and YouTube star PewDiePie has explained why he believes YouTube Red, Google’s new paid subscription streaming service, was introduced. He says the reason the service was started is to combat growing use of ad blockers on YouTube.

Apps/Software November 6, 2015

Apple News App In iOS 9: Great For Consumers, Tough On Advertisers

Google frowns as Apple promises to block ads on its new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, but only in certain areas.

Apps/Software September 15, 2015

Ad-Blocking Feature In iOS 9 May Cripple Mobile Advertising Industry

Apple will reportedly be introducing ad-blocking capabilities into its next version of iOS, a move that will have a significant impact on the online advertising industry and the Internet industry in general.

Apps/Software June 14, 2015

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