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OnePlus 3T Midnight Black Edition Available On March 24, But With Very Limited Supply

OnePlus was bombarded with requests to expand the availability of the all-black version of the OnePlus 3T. The company has given in to these demands with the announcement of the OnePlus 3T Midnight Black.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech

Google Maps Will Soon Allow Users To Temporarily Share Their Real-Time Location

Google Maps will soon receive a feature that will allow users to share their real-time location with others. The feature will be a very useful one due to its potential applications, but it also raises certain concerns on user privacy.


New Dinosaur Origin Theory Claims First Ones Emerged 15 Million Years Earlier, In What Is Now UK

A new study redraws the two major branches of the dinosaur family tree. The proposal suggested that the first dinosaurs emerged 15 million years earlier than believed, in the northern part of the planet that is now the United Kingdom.


How To Install Google's Android O Developer Preview On Your Pixel Or Nexus Device

Google has finally released the first developer preview for Android O. For owners of compatible Pixel and Nexus devices, here is how to install the first look at Android O into your smartphone.

Google March 22, 2017

The Nintendo Switch Was Almost An Android Device, But Cyanogen Said No

The Nintendo Switch was almost an Android device, as Nintendo approached Cyanogen to create a custom version of the operating system for the hybrid console. Cyanogen, however, refused Nintendo's request.

Video Games March 22, 2017

Uber Promises To Change After Storm Of Controversy: Will The Company Survive The Scandals?

In a special press call hosted by board member Arianna Huffington, Uber promised that changes are coming to the ride-hailing company amid the storm of controversy surrounding it. Will Uber survive through the ordeals?

Business Tech March 22, 2017

Microsoft Launches 'Tech Series' Xbox One Controllers With The $70 Recon Tech Special Edition

Microsoft has launched the new Tech Series of wireless controllers for the Xbox One, with the first device in the line being the $70 Recon Tech Special Edition. The announcement comes as Microsoft prepares to unveil the Project Scorpio console.

Video Games March 21, 2017

Square Enix To Release 'Secret Of Mana' Series On Nintendo Switch: Can You Read Japanese?

Square Enix will release the first three games in the 'Seiken Densetsu' series, known as the 'Secret of Mana' series, on the Nintendo Switch. The 'Seiken Densetsu Collection' will launch on June 1 in Japan.

Video Games March 21, 2017

Will The Nintendo Switch Do Better Than The Nintendo Wii? GameStop Exec Thinks So

GameStop senior director of merchandising Eric Bright believes that the Nintendo Switch could be on track to outperform the Nintendo Wii in terms of sales. The hybrid console had a successful launch, but will it be able to sustain momentum?

Video Games March 21, 2017

Apple Will Feature 'Water Drop Design' In iPhone 8 As Homage To Original iPhone

A new report claims that the iPhone 8 will feature a 'water drop design' in the form of a curved back. The design will be a homage to the original iPhone released in 2007.

Apple March 21, 2017

Microsoft, Amazon Offer Amazing Xbox One S Bundles, Just In Time For 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'

Microsoft and Amazon have released new offers for Xbox One S bundles that come just in time for the release of 'Mass Effect: Andromeda.' The latest installment in the 'Mass Effect' franchise is released March 21.

Video Games March 21, 2017

Redditor Analyzes 'For Honor' Unlocks: It Will Take $732 Or 2.5 Years To Acquire Everything

A Redditor analyzed how much in real money or how many days of grinding it would take to unlock everything in 'For Honor.' Apparently, it would take either $732 or 2.5 years of casual playing to do so.

Video Games March 21, 2017

Pokémon Trainers, Take Note: Game Boy Emulator Brings 'Pokémon Yellow' To Apple Watch

The Giovanni emulator by iOS software developer Gabriel O'Flaherty-Chan has made it possible to port 'Pokémon Yellow' into the Apple Watch. Is the game able to be properly played on the smartwatch?

Video Games March 20, 2017

Still Having Nintendo Switch Left Joy-Con Connection Issues? Here's What You Should Do

Connectivity problems with the left Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch have been reported even before the hybrid console was launched. For gamers who are still experiencing the issue, this is what you should do.

Video Games March 20, 2017

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B vs. Pi Zero vs. Pi Zero W: Which One Should You Buy?

The Raspberry Pi mini-computer comes in a variety of models, each with their own specifications and purposes. Which one should you buy between the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, Raspberry Pi Zero, and Raspberry Pi Zero W?

Computers March 20, 2017

How To Install Kodi On Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku TV, Or Apple TV

Open source media player software Kodi is growing in popularity, and users are looking to install the app on more devices. Here is how to install Kodi on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, the Roku TV, and the Apple TV.

Apps/Software March 20, 2017

Tesla Challenger LeEco Looks To Sell 49-Acre Silicon Valley Property Due To Painful Cash Crunch

LeEco, an ambitious Chinese technology conglomerate, once looked to challenge Tesla in the electric car industry. However, it seems that the mission would be put on hold, as the company is suffering a massive cash crunch.

Car Tech March 20, 2017

New 'Overwatch' PTR To Test Revamped Lucio: Are The Changes Good Or Bad?

Blizzard has released a new 'Overwatch' PTR update that introduces several changes and fixes, including a revamp for the skills of Lucio. Are the changes good or bad for players who main the roller-skating healer hero?

Video Games March 19, 2017

Amazon Cancels Preorders For 'Persona 5' Special Editions: Will The Game Be Delayed Again?

Amazon canceled preorders for the Steelbook and Take Your Heart editions of 'Persona 5' due to defects caused by the manufacturer. Will the North America launch of the game once again be delayed?

Video Games March 18, 2017

Nintendo Switch Will Soon Support Cloud Saves: Here Are The Clues

One of the criticisms against the Nintendo Switch is that save data is locked in the hybrid console's system storage. However, two clues hint that cloud saves could soon be coming to the device.

Video Games March 18, 2017

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