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Fiat Chrysler Shows Off 2017 Jeep Compass: The Old Compass And Patriot Jeeps Are No More

Fiat Chrysler unveiled the 2017 Jeep Compass, the compact SUV that will be replacing the brand's Compass and Patriot lines. Three images of the vehicle have been revealed, with more details to be released at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Car Tech

Audi, BMW, Mercedes To Supply Real-Time Data To Digital Map Maker HERE

Audi, BMW and Mercedes will supply real-time data to digital map maker HERE for a service that provides vital road information. The service will allow drivers to access data such as traffic conditions, potential hazards and open parking spaces.

Car Tech

iPhone 7 Owners, Drilling A Hole Into Your New Smartphone Will Not Reveal A Hidden Headphone Jack

A prank video uploaded last week claims that there is a hidden headphone jack in the iPhone 7, and that it can be accessed by drilling into the smartphone. Apparently, the joke flew over the heads of some users.


Palantir Technologies Accused Of Discriminating Against Asians: Department Of Labor Files Lawsuit Against Federal Contractor

The United States Department of Labor has accused Palantir Technologies of racial discrimination against job applicants who are Asians. The company has denied the allegations, stating that it will vigorously defend against the claims.

Business Tech

Apple Ready To Sell Sonos Play:1, Play:5 Speakers In Physical And Online Stores: Free 3-Month Apple Music Trial Up For Grabs

Apple is ready to begin selling the Sonos Play:1 and Play:5 wireless speakers in its physical and online stores. Customers who purchase the devices through these channels will also receive a free three-month gift card for Apple Music.


Google Project Loon Now Also Using Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning Allowed Balloon To Stay Up In Air For 98 Days

Project Loon tapped artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning, to improve the navigation system of its internet-providing balloons. One balloon was able to stay up in Peruvian airspace at a precise location for 98 days.


Interview With 'Hearthstone' Designers Puts Spotlight On Yogg-Saron, Call Of The Wild: Arena Mode Changes Also Explained

"Hearthstone" designers Mike Donais and Dean Ayala answered a variety of questions in an interview with IGN. Among the topics covered are two cards: Yogg-Saron, Hope's End and Call of the Wild.

Video Games

iPhone 7 Plus Demand, Jet Black Craze Will Not Be Enough To Beat Expected iPhone 7 Sales Decline, Says KGI's Kuo

Famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities predicted that the sales of the iPhone 7 will still be lower than the iPhone 6s. This is despite the popularity of the iPhone 7 Plus and the Jet Black color option.


Chrome OS Stable Version Now Grants Beta Access To Google Play Store: Select Chromebooks Can Now Run Mobile Apps

Google has rolled out a Chrome OS update that allows users to access the Google Play Store on the stable version. With the update, users can now run Android apps on their Chromebooks, but there's a catch.

Google September 25, 2016

Google Testing Android, Chrome OS Hybrid On HTC Nexus 9: Will Andromeda Be Unveiled On Oct. 4?

There have long been rumors of Google combining Android and Chrome OS into one operating system. Internally codenamed Andromeda, will the hybrid OS finally be unveiled on Oct. 4?

Google September 25, 2016

'Wrath Of The Machine' Raid In 'Destiny: Rise Of Iron' Beaten 2 Hours After Launch, Followed By 3-Man Group In Less Than 24 Hours

Bungie congratulated Clan Redeem for becoming the first team in the world to finish the 'Wrath of the Machine' raid in 'Destiny: Rise of Iron.' A three-man group then completed the raid less than 24 hours after it was launched.

Video Games September 25, 2016

Snapchat Spectacles Explained: What We Know So Far About The Video Recording Sunglasses

Snapchat, now known as Snap, recently unveiled the Spectacles. Here is what we know so far about the video recording sunglasses, with answers to the top questions surrounding the device.

Gadgets September 25, 2016

Minecraft Windows 10 Beta, Pocket, Gear VR Editions To Get Boss Battles On Oct. 18; Chinese Mythology Pack To Arrive On Consoles Oct. 4

The Boss Update will launch on the Windows 10, Pocket and Gear VR editions of "Minecraft" on Oct. 18, while a free content update, with the Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack, will come to the console editions on Oct. 4.

Video Games September 25, 2016

Mysterious Apple Device Passes Through FCC: Wireless With Bluetooth And NFC, What Could It Be?

A mysterious Apple wireless device with Bluetooth and NFC functionality passed through the FCC, causing confusion because it does not fit any current product lines. What could it be?

Apple September 25, 2016

Google Wifi To Be Unveiled On Oct. 4: $129 Routers That Can Form Large Wireless Networks To Cover All Parts Of Your Home

At its upcoming Oct. 4 event, Google is said to be unveiling the Google Wifi. The wireless router, which will have a starting price of $129, can ensure that all parts of the home will have a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Google September 24, 2016

Security Breach On 500 Million User Accounts Confirmed: Here's What You Should Do Right Now If You Have A Yahoo Account

Yahoo has confirmed that it suffered from a massive security breach that exposed data of at least 500 million users. For people with Yahoo accounts, here are the things to do to protect yourself.

Security September 24, 2016

Samsung Claims 500,000 Recalled Galaxy Note 7 Units In The US Exchanged: Most Owners Opted For A Replacement

Samsung claims that half of the recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in the United States have been exchanged. Additionally, 90 percent of customers decided to get a replacement unit, as they seemingly have not lost their trust in the company.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech September 23, 2016

Tesla Motors Files Lawsuit Against Michigan: It Really Wants To Sell Electric Cars In The State, But Not Through Dealers

Tesla Motors has filed a federal lawsuit against Michigan that claims to declare the 'anti-Tesla' law of 2014 as unconstitutional. If the company succeeds, there will be a significant impact not just in the state but across the United States.

Car Tech September 23, 2016

Norwegian Drivers File Lawsuit Against Tesla Motors: Apparently 'Insane Mode' Isn't Fast Enough For Them

Owners of Tesla Motors electric vehicles in Norway have filed a lawsuit against the company. According to the drivers, the Insane Mode of the Model S P85D is not fast enough.

Car Tech September 23, 2016

After Quashed McLaren Acquisition Rumor, Is Apple Now Buying A Self-Balancing All-Electric Motorcycle Maker?

Apple might not be buying McLaren, but new rumors suggest that it is now looking to acquire Lit Motors. The startup is developing the C-1, which is a self-balancing and all-electric motorcycle.

Apple September 23, 2016

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