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33 Scientists Say That Octopuses Are Aliens From Space That Arrived To Earth On Icy Bodies

A new theory by 33 scientists suggests that octopuses are aliens that arrived to Earth on icy bodies. Many other scientists have criticized the theory and the entire concept of panspermia.

Animals May 17, 2018

How The Seasonal Changes In The Atmospheres Of Exoplanets Could Help Find Alien Life

A new study revealed that seasonal changes on the atmospheres of exoplanets can determine possible alien life. Telescopes with ultraviolet capabilities would be needed to search for life.

Space May 10, 2018

Jill Tarter Says Congress Wants To Give NASA $10 Million To Search For Aliens

Astronomer Jill Tarter says that Congress wants to give NASA $10 million a year to search for alien life. About 25 years ago, Congress slashed funding for similar activities.

Space May 9, 2018

Triangular Shaped UFO Seen Traveling Into A Lightning Bolt: Could This Be Proof Of Alien Life?

A video was captured of a UFO traveling into a lightning bolt and was posted on YouTube. The YouTube account is known for sharing videos about aliens.

Space May 7, 2018

Gravity On Super Earth Planets May Be Preventing Alien Life From Visiting Earth

A new theory suggests that if life was possible on Super-Earth planets, gravity may be holding aliens back from leaving. The theory uses information that's already known about these planets to reach the conclusion.

Space May 7, 2018

NASA Finds 'Chryse Alien Head' On Mars In 2005, But No One Notices Until Now

A photo that was taken of a crater by NASA in 2005 is starting to make rounds due to the name that was given to it by the agency. NASA named the image 'Chryse Alien Head.'

Space March 26, 2018

NASA Astronomer Jill Tarter Says Earth Will Find Alien Life By 2100

NASA astronomer Jill Tarter is known for being portrayed by Jodie Foster in the film 'Contact' and now she's making a bold prediction. Tarter says that the Earth will find alien life by the end of the century.

Space March 26, 2018

Exoplanets Discovered In TRAPPIST-1 May Have 1,000 Times More Water Than Earth, But This May Be A Problem

Scientists have found that the exoplanets in the TRAPPIST-1 system may have water. Which sounds good, however, the problem is that they may have too much water to support life.

Space March 20, 2018

Newly Released Video Reveals UFO Encounter In 2015 By US Navy Pilots

A rare video has surfaced online showing U.S. Navy pilots encountering a white object that looks like a UFO in the sky. Watch the video to see how the pilots react to their first encounter with a weird flying object.

Viral March 13, 2018

Three-Fingered Mummies Found To Be Not Human, According To Tests

Three-fingered mummies unearthed in Peru are not what they appear to be, although they may already be dismissed. Tests run on the mummies show that they’re not human.

Ancient March 12, 2018

15 Terrifying Alien Abduction And Sighting Stories

For many years, people claimed to have witnessed strange objects (UFOs), in addition to multiple reports of alien abductions. Here are 15 terrifying stories about people being abducted by aliens, as well as witnessing UFOs in the sky.

Space March 12, 2018

Space Junk Theory Suggests Alien Life Could Be Found By Looking At Advanced Satellites

A theory by astrophysicist Hector Socas-Navarro suggests that satellites could be used to find extraterrestrial life and to gauge their technological achievements. Humans would need about 10 billion to 1 trillion satellites before aliens could spot them.

Space March 7, 2018

UFO Spotted On Google Earth: Did Aliens Crash In Antarctica?

Alien hunters believe that a mysterious object spotted in Antarctica through Google Earth is a crashed UFO. Is this finally the proof that we need to confirm that aliens exist?

Space March 6, 2018

Mining For Cryptocurrency Is Interfering With The Search For Alien Life

Researchers are struggling to get the right computing power due to cryptocurrency mining. The lack of power is hindering further research into alien life.

Space February 14, 2018

New Yorker Claims He Lost His Virginity To Busty Aliens

David Huggins, a 74-year-old from New York, has encountered life outside of Earth since he was 8 years old. Huggins also claims he lost his virginity to a busty alien named Crescent.

Space February 7, 2018

Kim Wilde's Worst Nightmare Is Singing 'Kids In America' To Aliens In Space

Iconic pop artist Kim Wilde recently shared her worst nightmare, being abducted by aliens and forced to sing 'Kids In America' in space. The singer said she encountered a UFO the day after Michael Jackson died.

Celebrities February 6, 2018

Mexico Artifacts Prove Aliens Visited Earth Thousands Of Years Ago, If They're Real

A video uploaded by YouTube channel UFOmania featured several artifacts found in a cave in an unspecified area in Mexico. The artifacts depict aliens and spacecraft, providing proof that extraterrestrials visited Earth thousands of years ago.

Space January 29, 2018

Zoo Hypothesis: MIT Study Suggests Aliens Are Silently Studying Humans

An MIT astronomer theorized that humans are not alone in the universe. Among the 10 theories he proposed, the zoo hypothesis has spawned the most reactions, as it asserts that aliens are quietly but carefully observing mankind.

Space January 2, 2018

SpaceX Rocket Launch Leaves Glowing Cloud Mistaken As Proof Of UFO

The Falcon 9 launch left a mysterious light in Southern California’s sky. It stirred panic among residents who wrongly thought it was an alien sighting.

Space December 25, 2017

Florida Fireball Lights Up The Night Sky: It's Not A UFO, NASA Says

A fireball streaked over Florida on the evening of Dec. 5, with people thinking that it might be a UFO. NASA has tried to dispel such rumors by explaining what the people saw.

Space December 8, 2017

Mars Cannonball Evidence Of Ancient Alien War And Shattered Civilization, UFO Hunter Says

Prolific UFO hunter Scott C. Waring claimed that a mysterious object spotted on the surface of Mars is a cannonball, proof of an ancient alien war that destroyed the planet's civilization. Is there another explanation for the Mars cannonball?

Space December 5, 2017

Is This Proof Of Aliens And UFOs? Bright Meteor Light Seen Across Phoenix Sky

A fireball was seen streaking across the sky of Phoenix on Tuesday night, fueling conspiracy theories that this could be evidence of aliens and UFOs. What do astronomers say?

Space November 16, 2017

Aliens Could Look More Like Humans Than We Think

Astrobiology researchers often make predictions about alien life with respect to Earth's composition. Using the evolutionary theory, researchers of a new study provide unique insight into what aliens might look like.

Space November 3, 2017

The Mystery Of The Glowing Ball Over Siberia Solved: Not Aliens, But You Might Wish It Was

The mystery of the glowing ball over the skies of Siberia has finally been solved. The explanation for the phenomenon, however, is not from science fiction but rather from something that is very real.

Earth/Environment October 31, 2017

Aliens May Be Living In Depths Of Icy Ocean World: Scientist

A new theory suggests that mankind has not been able to pick up communication signals from aliens because their habitat in subsurface oceans lies under layers of ice. The explanation could reportedly also address the 'Fermi Paradox.'

Space October 26, 2017

NASA Hiring Planetary Protection Officer To Protect Earth From Alien Matter

The Planetary Protection Officer is tasked to protect planet Earth from contamination by alien matter brought by spacecraft from missions that explored extraterrestrial worlds. The job comes with a six-figure salary.

Space August 4, 2017

Hacker Group Anonymous Claims NASA On Verge Of Making Alien Life Announcement

A YouTube video believed to come from the hacker group Anonymous claimed that NASA may soon announce the existence of alien life. Do scientists support the idea that intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations really exist?

Space June 26, 2017

Bigelow Aerospace CEO Believes UFOs Visit Earth: Here's His Proof Aliens Exist

Robert Bigelow, who owns the company that works with NASA to develop an expandable craft for future human spaceflights, revealed on '60 minutes' that he believes in aliens. Here's a story he shared about a close encounter with UFOs.

Space June 2, 2017

Are We Alone On Earth? Bigelow Aerospace Founder Convinced Of 'ET Presence' On The Planet

Bigelow Aerospace’s founder Robert Bigelow shared in an interview that alien life exists on the Earth itself. He also revealed that commercial space agencies would pave the path for human settlement in space.

Space June 1, 2017

Alien Franchise Timeline: How To Watch The Movies In Chronological Order

Interested in watching the "Alien" franchise, but don't know where to start? We've got you covered with our guide to how to watch the "Alien" movies in chronological order.

Movies/TV Shows May 19, 2017

Trappist-1: Could Planets In Recently Discovered Solar System Be Seeding Each Other With Life?

Consequent to the announcement of NASA that seven exoplanets have been discovered, a new study has argued that life forms on one planet can seed life in other planets by riding on space debris to reach other planets.

Space April 30, 2017

Goodbye, Cassini: Here’s Why NASA Decided To Kill The Saturn Probe

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will begin it's last journey on April 22 with an encounter with Titan. Then it will be slingshot into Saturn’s atmosphere and will meet its demise in September as it burns up in the atmosphere, ending the mission.

Space April 7, 2017

Mysterious Radio Bursts Could Be Powering Alien Spaceship, Harvard Scientists Suggest

Fast Radio Bursts or FRBs in outer space may be coming from alien space probes navigating or trying to signal Earth. These radio bursts could be potentially powering alien spaceships according to a new theory from Harvard researchers.

Space March 11, 2017

How To Search For Alien Life: 6 Ways Scientists Are Listening And Watching For Extraterrestrials

The mystery of possible alien life in the universe is an alluring topic to many. Here are some of the ways scientists search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Space December 30, 2016

METI Scientists Planning To Send Radio Signals To Closest Earth-like Exoplanet Proxima B To Initiate Alien Contact

San Francisco-based METI has announced plans to send signals to communicate with aliens, rather than waiting for them to call Earth. Aiming the project by the end of 2018, METI will be sending the first radio or laser signal to Proxima b - the nearest exoplanet before reaching out to other planets.

Space December 30, 2016

Radio Signals From Deep Space Could Be Aliens: Here's Why

Astronomers have discovered radio bursts coming from a constellation 3 billion light-years away from the Milky Way. These radio signals from deep space could be aliens communicating to us, scientists say.

Space December 28, 2016

Another Star Exhibits Mysterious Dimming: Clouds In Magnetosphere Likely The Cause

NASA's Kepler observatory spotted another star with a bizarre dimming of light, similar to what was observed in the 'alien megastructure star' KIC 8462852. Scientists think the dimming of RIK-210 is caused by clouds of particles in the magnetosphere.

Space December 24, 2016

Large Fleet Of UFOs Leaving The Moon? Aliens May Be Protecting The Moon From Humans, Says Veteran Alien Hunter

The recent supermoon showed numerous blob-like objects moving away from the moon, trggering speculation that they are UFOs manned by aliens who are protecting their lunar base from humans.

Space November 23, 2016

UFOs Filmed Passing By November Supermoon [Video]

A supermoon watcher from Arizona captured a video of what he thinks are UFOs passing by the full moon on Saturday. Watch the video of the mysterious objects flying by the lunar disk.

Space November 15, 2016

Evidence Of Alien Life? 2 Scientists Think Strange Signals From 234 Stars Are From ETI

Strange light pulses were observed in 234 stars. Two astronomers said that these signals could be messages from an intelligent extraterrestrial civilization telling us aliens exist.

Space October 25, 2016

Did Aliens Visit Earth 25,000 Years Ago? Aluminum Piece In Romania Hailed Part Of Ancient UFO

A piece of ancient aluminum on display in the History Museum of Cluj-Napoca could be proof that aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago. The object may have even been a part of a UFO.

Space October 21, 2016

UFO Sighting: Mysterious Object Spotted In NASA Mars Photo - Alien Life Discovered On Mars? Not Yet

A NASA Mars photo taken by the Curiosity rover features an object that looks like a flying saucer. UFO enthusiasts think this could indicate the presence of alien life on the Red Planet.

Space September 27, 2016

Stephen Hawking Is All For Searching For Aliens But Warns Against Inviting Them Over To Earth

Stephen Hawking voiced his concerns about exposing human civilization to technologically advanced alien civilizations. This is despite the famous physicist's own excitement about seeing aliens and knowing more about them.

Space September 24, 2016

NASA To Reveal ‘Surprising Activity’ On Europa On Sept. 26

NASA’s press conference on Monday, Sept. 26, will announce ‘some surprising activity’ on Europa based on new updates from the Hubble Space Telescope. NASA’s focus on alien life on Europa is already well-known.

Space September 23, 2016

NASA Astronaut Talks Alien Life In Space: No Alien Life Discovered But Exoplanet Proxima B May Hold Clues

If anyone’s going to be talking about life in space, it has got to be an astronaut. And according to one of NASA’s own, there is life all over the universe.

Space September 12, 2016

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