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Amazon Echo Will Continue To Dominate AI Space In 2017, Predicts Analyst

The Amazon Echo will outperform rivals and dominate the AI space in 2017 per analyst predictions. Forrester Research's estimates suggests that 6 million Echo devices were sold in 2016.


Amazon Seeking Wireless Testing Permission In Washington

Amazon seeks permission in the U.S. for innovative drone delivery through novel wireless testing communications device. If given the green signal by the FCC, wireless drones could potentially deliver Amazon packages.

Business Tech January 14, 2017

Amazon Launches Streaming Service Anime Strike: Prime Members Can Subscribe For $5 A Month

Amazon introduces Anime Strike, an anime on-demand subscription service that costs $4.99 a month with a seven-day free trial. The service includes old as well as new shows and original series such as 'Scum's Wish' and 'Onihei.'

Internet January 13, 2017

Amazon To Add 100,000 Jobs In The United States Over Next 18 Months: Should Credit Go To Trump?

Amazon plans to add 100,000 full-time jobs in the United States over the next 18 months, and the team of President-elect Donald Trump was quick in taking credit. However, the jobs might not be what Trump wanted in his campaign.

Business Tech January 13, 2017

Apple Looking To Expand Apple Music By Offering Original TV Shows And Movies: Should Netflix, Spotify, And Amazon Worry?

Apple is said to be thinking about producing original TV shows and movies, according to a Wall Street Journal report. The original content will be made available to Apple Music subscribers who pay the monthly fee of $10.

Apple January 13, 2017

Amazon, Samsung, Google, Apple: Big 4 Driving Smart Home Device Sales

Amazon, Samsung, Google and Apple lead the charge in the smart home device market, driving its sales. The revenue returns for smart home hardware and services is estimated to hit $195 billion by 2021.

Smart Home January 13, 2017

Amazon To Pay C$1.1 Million To Settle Misleading Pricing Case In Canada

Amazon will pay C$1.1 million to settle a two-year investigation on the online retail company's misleading pricing practices. Canada's Competition Bureau found that Amazon compared the prices of its products to listings with higher prices to suggest that they were bargains.

Business Tech January 12, 2017

LeEco Expands Presence In US Market: LeEco S3, Pro3 Now Available At Target

Chinese consumer electronics company LeEco will be selling its two smartphones, the Le Pro3 and Le S3, at Target. LeEco has already been selling its line of phones at Amazon and Best Buy since late last year.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 11, 2017

Hey, Alexa, Order Some Dinner! Echo Users On Prime Can Now Order From Amazon Restaurants With Free Delivery

As Amazon keeps adding Alexa skills, Prime customers can now ask the digital assistant to order food from Amazon Restaurants. The service offers free delivery, but there's a caveat.

Apps/Software January 11, 2017

Sonos CEO Steps Down After 14 Years Due To Heated Smart Speaker Competition

Sonos' John MacFarlane has already tendered his resignation after 14 years serving as the company's CEO. He will also relinquish his board seat, merely staying as a mentor for the company's employees.

Business Tech January 11, 2017

Alexa Caused Numerous Amazon Orders For Dollhouses Across San Diego When TV Report Mentioned Its Name

A TV report accidentally caused Amazon Alexa devices across San Diego to place an order for a dollhouse. The incident proves smart speakers still have areas it should work on, particularly voice identification.

Life & Style January 9, 2017

Amazon Pushes Competing Retailers To Integrate Services With Its Mobile App, But Why?

A new report revealed that Amazon is purportedly willing to yield some ground to rival online retailers so it can push key strategies. The move involves opening the Amazon app for competing outfits such as Macy's and Walmart.

Business Tech January 6, 2017

45,000 Robots Keep Things Moving At Amazon Warehouses

Amazon makes packing and shipping items more efficient with the perfect mix of human and robot interaction

Business Tech December 31, 2016

'Pokémon Sun' And 'Moon,' 'Final Fantasy XV' Tagged As Amazon's Best-Selling Games For The Holidays

The top-selling video games for Amazon's best holiday season ever are 'Pokémon Sun,' 'Pokémon Moon,' and 'Final Fantasy XV.' Notably missing is 'Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare,' as 'Call of Duty' games have usually sold well for the holidays.

Video Games December 31, 2016

Here's A Closer Look At Amazon's Flying Warehouse And Drone Fleet

Amazon’s recently granted patent for what’s essentially a flying warehouse is equal parts groundbreaking and perplexing. Here’s an attempt to parse the retail company’s futuristic vision of the commercial delivery system.

Internet December 30, 2016

Amazon Patents Flying Warehouse That Delivers Parcels In Minutes Via Drones

Amazon has a new patent for 'airborne fulfillment centers,' basically detailing flying warehouses. The AFCs would be stocked with various items and ready to deliver parcels in minutes via drones.

Business Tech December 30, 2016

Apple Beat Samsung In Phone Activations, But After The Holiday Shopping Rush Comes Phone Fatigue

Reports show that Apple has thoroughly trounced Samsung during the holiday shopping rush. But related data reveal that even the winner's devices are suffering a decline within a trend possibly caused by the so-called phone fatigue.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 29, 2016

Facebook, Google Dominate List Of Top 10 Apps In US For 2016

According to consumer research company Nielsen, Facebook and Google dominated the list of top 10 apps in the United States for 2016. The report also revealed the top operating systems for smartphones in the country for the third quarter.

Apps/Software December 28, 2016

Amazon Digital Day Sale To Launch On Dec. 30: Here Are Some Of The Apps, Video Games, And Movies That Will Be Offered

Amazon will launch the first-ever Digital Day sale on Dec. 30. Why is there a need to have such an event, and what will be offered in the one-day sale?

Business Tech December 28, 2016

Is Touch ID Really Secure? 6-Year-Old Girl Buys $250 Worth Of Pokémon Items Using Sleeping Mom's Thumbprint

Six-year-old Arkansas native Ashlynd Howell was able to place $250 worth of purchases on Amazon without her parents' knowledge. The little girl gained access to a smartphone by scanning her sleeping mother's fingerprint.

Apps/Software December 28, 2016

Amazon Reports Best Holiday Season: More Than 1 Billion Items Shipped, Echo Speakers Top Sellers

Amazon had a terrific holiday season so far, announcing that it was its best ever. The company shipped more than 1 billion devices worldwide now and its Echo speakers enjoyed great success, but here are some other interesting stats.

Business Tech December 28, 2016

Police Requests Amazon Echo Data To Help Solve A Murder: Alexa, Who Did It?

Arkansas police has issued Amazon a warrant requesting them to provide data from a user’s Echo to aid an ongoing murder case. Amazon, however, isn’t too pleased with the idea of handing private recorded logs over.

Gadgets December 27, 2016

Touch ID Is No Match For A 6-Year-Old: Youngster Beats Security Feature, Orders $250 Worth Of Pokémon Items

It’s not everyday that one wakes up with an Amazon bill one doesn’t remember spending. That’s is exactly what happened to a mother in Arkansas, whose daughter’s sly craftiness led to tricking the Touch ID feature on her mother’s iPhone.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 27, 2016

Just Bought An Amazon Echo? Here Are Some Of The Best Alexa Skills To Help You Get Started

As one of the hottest items this holiday season, the Amazon Echo probably landed on the hands of first-time users. If you're one of them, here are some of the best Alexa skills to help you get started.

Smart Home December 26, 2016

Yes, You Can Have Tim Curry Read 'A Christmas Carol' On Your Amazon Echo: Just Ask Alexa

Amazon Echo owners can now ask Alexa to pull Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol from audible and have it narrated, available up to Jan. 3, 2017. Did we mention it’s narrated by none other than Tim Curry?

Internet December 26, 2016

'Star Citizen' Switches To Amazon Game Engine After Over 4 Years In Development

'Star Citizen,' the spiritual successor to the 'Wing Commander' series and the single biggest crowdfunding initiative of all time, is switching its game engine after over four years in development.

Video Games December 25, 2016

Blue Coral Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Amazon Deal Significantly Undercuts AT&T and T-Mobile Smartphone Price

Amazon is now offering the Blue Coral Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. The retailer is drastically undercutting T-Mobile's and AT&T's current $729.99 and $794.99 price by selling the handset for $619.99.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech December 20, 2016

Amazon Echo Sells Out Online, But You Can Still Get It In Physical Stores For Now

The Amazon Echo has completely sold out online and will not return in time for the holidays. There are still chances you can find it in physical stores, but stock runs out fast.

Gadgets December 20, 2016

Best Amazon Alexa Devices: Gadgets To Make The Most Out Of The Virtual Assistant

Alexa, Amazon’s proprietary voice-enabled virtual assistant, remains perched atop the ranking of voice control integration for smart home devices. Here are some of the best Alexa-enabled devices that explain why.

Smart Home December 19, 2016

Onvocal's OV Bluetooth Headphones Adds Amazon's Alexa To Your Phone: You Can Preorder A Pair Already Too

Onvocal is taking the wraps off OV, a pair of Bluetooth headphones that's powered by Amazon's Alexa. Touted as the first intelligent earphone, it can take advantage of the assistant's more than 5,000 skills.

Gadgets December 15, 2016

Amazon Prime Video Expands To More Countries: Should Netflix Be Worried?

Amazon has expanded its video streaming service, Prime Video, to over 200 countries and territories globally, standing as a fierce threat to Netflix in terms of market reach. But Netflix has a more important thing to worry about.

Apps/Software December 15, 2016

Amazon Drone Deliveries Start In The UK, But Not In The US: FAA To Blame?

Amazon has now started its drone delivery service, delivering its first-ever order via drone within 13 minutes. The service, however, is nested in the UK, and the FAA’s rules threaten implementation of the service in the United States.

Gadgets December 14, 2016

Forget 'Game Of Thrones': Amazon's 'The Grand Tour' Is The Most Pirated TV Program Of All Time

Amazon's 'The Grand Tour' had a record-breaking debut not only on Amazon Prime Video, but also in terms of illegal downloads. The new 'Top Gear' spinoff is now the most pirated show ever, dethroning even 'Game of Thrones.'

Movies/TV Shows December 13, 2016

Amazon Go No-Checkout Store Is Real, But There Won't Be 2,000 Such Futuristic Shops - 'Not Even Close'

Amazon unveiled its futuristic Amazon Go grocery store this week, introducing a solution to eliminate checkout lines and registers. However, the company says it has no plans to open 2,000 such stores, 'not even close.'

Business Tech December 9, 2016

Google Home Now Open To Developers: More Conversation Actions For Assistant Soon

Google Home begins its campaign against Amazon's Alexa with an invitation for developers to begin creating 'conversation actions.' These are claimed to be more sophisticated alternative to Alexa skills as they allow users to converse with bots when accessing a service.

Google December 9, 2016

Pokémon GO Plus Now Up For Preorder On Amazon

Amazon now has the Pokémon GO Plus up for preorder. The device, which can be worn like a bracelet or clipped on to one's bag or outfit, will ship anywhere between Dec. 19 to February 2017. .

Gadgets December 9, 2016

Alexa Finds A New Home In C By GE Lamp

GE integrates Alexa into its new C device, which the company touts as a lamp that responds, speaks and makes life easier, contributing to a new way of living. It is currently a concept but is expected to hit the market in 2Q 2017.

Smart Home December 7, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Best Wireless Headphones On Amazon To Give Your Audiophile Loved Ones

Wireless headphones are popular gift items during the holiday season. Here is a gift guide to some of the best wireless headphones available from Amazon.

Gadgets December 7, 2016

Amazon Go Convenience Store Eliminates Lines And Checkout: Grab What You Need And Just Go [Video]

Amazon just introduced a futuristic, high-tech convenience store called Amazon Go, which eliminates lines, registers and checkout altogether. Intrigued? Here's how it works.

Apps/Software December 6, 2016

Alexa Is Getting Smarter: Amazon Voice Assistant Upgrades Skills From 100 To More Than 5,000

Amazon has announced that Alexa will be getting smarter in the next few weeks. The improvement to Alexa means that the intelligent personal assistant will not ask users needless questions as before.

Apps/Software December 3, 2016

Amazon Prime Reboots Cult Classic ‘Sigmund And The Sea Monsters’ Starring David Arquette In Krofft Resurgence

The classic cult series ‘Sigmund and the Sea Monsters’ is being revived by original producers Sid and Marty Krofft. The show will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime and star David Arquette.

Internet December 1, 2016

AWS Snowmobile Is Amazon's Truck That'll Move Your Data To The Cloud - Yes, It's Literally An 18-Wheeler

Amazon has introduced a new data transfer method for its Amazon Web Services cloud platform. Named the Snowmobile, the 18-wheeler climate-controlled truck will take companies’ exabyte-scale data to the cloud.

Internet December 1, 2016

Unlocked LeEco Le Pro3 And Le S3 To Hit Amazon, Best Buy And Target On Dec. 1

LeEco's Le Pro3 and Le S3 smartphones will be available in the United States via Amazon, Best Buy, Target and the company's own website. Both handsets pack in impressive features that could impress many customers this holiday season.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 30, 2016

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Now Available In The US, Costs $285

The factory unlocked variant of the Galaxy J7 Prime is now available for purchase in the United States for $285 from retailer Amazon. The retailer only has few units of the smartphone in stock so one needs to rush.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 30, 2016

New Amazon Echo With 7-Inch Touch Screen Reportedly Coming Next Year

Amazon has reportedly been working on a premium Echo speaker with a 7-inch touch screen and improved audio, according to Bloomberg. The new Amazon Echo should debut in the first quarter of 2017, but expect a higher price.

Gadgets November 29, 2016

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