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Capcom Is Bundling 12 ‘Street Fighter’ Games In A Single Release To Celebrate The Franchise’s 30th Anniversary

For the 30th anniversary of ‘Street Fighter,’ Capcom is releasing an anthology game that contains 12 games from the series. Launching sometime in May 2018, the game will feature online play and an interactive museum.

Video Games December 11, 2017

Mega Man 11, All X Games Heading To The Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC

The Blue Bomber is making a comeback this 2018 in 'Mega Man 11.' It's heading to the Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, along with all eight 'Mega Man X' games to boot.

Video Games December 5, 2017

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Trailer Shows Off New Moves And V-Triggers

A 'Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition' trailer revealed some of the new moves and V-Triggers in the upcoming re-release of the fighting game. It will be sold at $39.99, grant access to all DLC fighters, and introduce two new modes.

Video Games November 20, 2017

Final DLC Character To Be Added To 'Street Fighter V' Roster This Season Is Zeku

The ever-changing ninja Zeku is joining the 'Street Fighter V' roster as the final DLC character for season 2. For the first time ever, he's now a playable character.

Video Games October 15, 2017

Okami Is Getting Remastered For The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, And PC, Will Feature 4K Graphics [Trailer]

Capcom has now announced that a remastered version of 'Okami' is going to be released this December for PlayStation, Xbox One, and PC players. Why is there no Nintendo Switch version, though?

Video Games September 13, 2017

Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition To Launch In December With All 4 DLC: Chris Redfield Will Be Back

Capcom announced that it will release the 'Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition' on Dec. 12. The special edition will include the Banned Footage Vol. 1, Banned Footage Vol. 2, Not a Hero, and End of Zoe DLCs.

Video Games September 6, 2017

Menat The Fortune Teller Set To Join 'Street Fighter V' Roster: What Do We Know About The All-New Character?

Capcom revealed Menat, the fortune teller from Ed's story mode, as the next character in the growing 'Street Fighter V' roster. She carries with her a crystal ball, and her attacks are heavily based on the item.

Video Games August 28, 2017

The Hype Train For 'Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite' On Full Speed: Offline And Online Game Modes Detailed, Full Launch Roster Revealed

Capcom revealed details of all the offline and online game modes of 'Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite' along with its full launch roster. The crossover fighting game will be released on Sept. 19 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Video Games August 18, 2017

Nintendo Switch Will Get Remastered ‘Resident Evil Revelations’ Bundle Later This Year

Capcom has just announced that 'Resident Evil Revelations Collection' will be hitting the Switch later this year. It contains both 'Resident Evil Revelations' titles for $39.99 or $19.99 each.

Video Games August 2, 2017

Monster Hunter Stories For Nintendo 3DS To Launch On Sept. 8: Demo For The 'Monster Hunter' RPG Spin-Off Coming Soon

'Monster Hunter Stories,' a turn-based RPG spin-off of the 'Monster Hunter' franchise, will launch for the Nintendo 3DS on Sept. 8. To give players a closer look at its art and gameplay, a free demo will be released next week.

Video Games August 1, 2017

Abigail From 'Final Fight' Will Join The 'Street Fighter V' Roster This Month

Abigail from 'Final Fight' will arrive in 'Street Fighter V' on July 25 as the fighting game's newest character. Abigail can be purchased with in-game money or acquired as part of the Season 2 character pass.

Video Games July 17, 2017

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Roster Expands With Jedah From 'Darkstalkers,' Gamora From 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'

Capcom has now confirmed that Jedah Dohma from 'Darkstalkers' will join the 'Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite' roster. A gameplay video showcasing both him and and Gamora from 'Guardians of the Galaxy' has also been released.

Video Games July 16, 2017

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Datamine Reveals Over 30 Characters, Playable 'Monster Hunter' Elder Dragon - But No 'X-Men' Superheroes

The full roster of 'Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite' has been datamined, and it shows that the upcoming fighting game might have a playable Elder Dragon from 'Monster Hunter' but no 'X-Men' superheroes.

Video Games June 16, 2017

Monster Hunter Returns To Consoles: 'Monster Hunter: World' Arrives Early 2018 On PS4, Xbox One, And PC

The 'Monster Hunter' series is returning to consoles with 'Monster Hunter: World,' which will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2018. The game's trailer revealed both familiar and new elements for the series.

Video Games June 13, 2017

Mega Man Legacy Collection Brings The Classic Platformers To Modern Consoles

Capcom is giving us an early E3 present with the latest entry in the 'Mega Man Legacy Collection.' The latest entry in the series will bring Mega Man 7, 8, 9, and 10 to modern consoles.

Video Games June 6, 2017

Capcom Publisher Sale Kicks Off With Discounts On 3DS, Wii U Games; Nintendo Bans Hacked 3DS Devices

Nintendo 3DS and Wii U owners are in for a treat, as Capcom's Publisher Sale is up and running. However, the same can't be said for those who hacked their 3DS devices, as Nintendo has swung the ban hammer.

Video Games June 2, 2017

Nintendo Switch 'Monster Hunter XX' Edition Is The Console For Big 'Monster Hunter' Fans, But You Can't Buy It

To complement the release of 'Monster Hunter XX' on the Switch, Nintendo and Capcom will release a special edition of the console, featuring special markings on the dock. However, either sides have yet to confirm a U.S. release.

Video Games May 30, 2017

Here's What 'Monster Hunter XX' Will Look Like On Nintendo Switch [Video]

'Monster Hunter XX' is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Here's a look at the first gameplay trailer.

Video Games May 27, 2017

Capcom Will Support The Nintendo Switch If You And Your Friends Buy 'Ultra Street Fighter II'

To assess its support for the Switch, Capcom is waiting to see if 'Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers' performs well on the console. Suppose it does, it’s not clear exactly how Capcom plans to support the Switch.

Video Games May 25, 2017

Ready For More 'Resident Evil' Movies? Reboot Confirmed For Most Successful Video Game-Based Film Franchise

Constantin Film board chairman Martin Moszkowicz confirmed that the 'Resident Evil' movie franchise is heading into a reboot. Will it shift its genre from action into horror, similar to what Capcom did for 'Resident Evil 7'?

Movies/TV Shows May 22, 2017

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Release Date Revealed, Along With Story Mode Trailer And Preorder Details

Capcom has given 'Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite' an official release date. Players will get the game Sept. 19, but that’s not all what Capcom revealed.

Video Games April 25, 2017

Street Fighter V Work Costume DLC: Here's What To Expect

Capcom announced through a Unity blog post that work costumes will soon be coming as DLCs to 'Street Fighter V.' Also coming to the fighting game are school costumes and the remastered Thailand stage.

Video Games April 21, 2017

Capcom’s ‘Monster Hunter Stories’ Is Heading West This Fall To Nintendo 3DS

Capcom is bringing its popular monster-slaying franchise to the United States this fall with ‘Monster Hunter Stories.’ This is a spinoff RPG that was released in Japan in 2016 on Nintendo 3DS.

Video Games April 14, 2017

Capcom Is Taking You On A Nostalgia Trip With ‘The Disney Afternoon Collection’

Four classic '90s Capcom Disney games are making a comeback in 'The Disney Afternoon Collection' bundle. The collection will launch on April 18 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 systems.

Video Games March 17, 2017

Capcom’s Arcade Shooter ‘1942 Mobile’ Is Now Available To Download For iOS And Android

Capcom released the mobile game based on its popular aracade shooter in the Google Play Store on Thursday.

Apps/Software March 9, 2017

Capcom Is Bringing Four Classic Arcade Games To Mobile

Capcom announced the upcoming release of four of its classic arcade games for iOS and Android devices.

Video Games March 2, 2017

Dead Rising 4 Coming To Steam, Capcom Announces

The popular zombie game 'Dead Rising 4' is coming to PC players via the Steam store. The game will be available on March 14.

Video Games February 24, 2017

Next 'Resident Evil 7' DLC Will Star Chris Redfield: What Might Happen In 'Not A Hero'?

The next DLC for 'Resident Evil 7,' titled 'Not A Hero,' will feature Chris Redfield. Why is he making an appearance in the game, and what is his connection to Ethan and the Baker family?

Video Games February 24, 2017

Resident Evil 7 Tops US Sales For January 2017

Capcom’s ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’ topped the U.S. sales for January according to an NPD Group report. ‘RE7’ has sold 3 million units since its launch on Jan. 24, 2017.

Video Games February 17, 2017

CG Movie ’Resident Evil Vendetta’ Releases Latest Trailer

Sony Pictures has released a new trailer for Capcom's ‘Resident Evil Vendetta,’ the latest CG film for the franchise. It is due for release this summer.

Movies/TV Shows February 15, 2017

Ultra Street Fighter II For Nintendo Switch To Feature First-Person Mode For Launching Hadokens

The announcement trailer for 'Ultra Street Fighter II' on the Nintendo Switch showed Ryu launching a hadoken in a first-person view. It seems that the game will have such a mode, with players launching hadokens using the Joy-Con controllers.

Video Games February 14, 2017

Have You Ever Wondered Why The Bakers Of 'Resident Evil 7' Have Perfect Teeth? Producer Explains

The white teeth of the members of the Baker family in 'Resident Evil 7' are very unsettling, especially compared with the grotesque imagery in the game. The series producer, in an interview, explained why the Bakers have perfect dental hygiene.

Video Games February 13, 2017

Capcom Ships 3 Million Copies Of 'Resident Evil 7' Over First 3 Weeks: Success Or Failure?

Capcom revealed that after the game's first three weeks, it has shipped 3 million copies of 'Resident Evil 7.' Does this figure mean that the game is a success, or a failure like its predecessor?

Video Games February 12, 2017

Resident Evil 7: How It Fits Into The Game Universe

'Resident Evil 7' looks and plays like a completely different standalone game. But connections to the game universe, both subtle and outright, abound in the game.

Video Games February 5, 2017

'Resident Evil: Final Chapter' Lands At Number 4 On Opening Weekend

'Resident Evil: Final Chapter', opens the box office weekend at number 4 spot. 'Final Chapter' is the sixth movie for the Resident Evil franchise, starring Milla Jovovich.

Movies/TV Shows February 4, 2017

'Resident Evil 7': Theories On The Ending After 10 Hours Of Gameplay

'Resident Evil 7: Biohazard' has finally been released after a long wait. But many players are puzzled over the game's endings despite almost 10 hours of gameplay.

Video Games January 29, 2017

'Resident Evil 7' Survival Guide For Beginners: Survive The Game ... If You Can Survive The Scare

'Resident Evil 7,' the game that started the survival horror genre, is back with its return-to-roots seventh installment. Here are tips and tricks to help you survive the game.

Video Games January 28, 2017

'Resident Evil 7' Review Roundup: Franchise Revitalized As Horror Is Once Again The Focus

'Resident Evil 7' has launched with expectations of returning the long-running franchise to its glory days. With a return to the franchise's roots as a horror game, 'Resident Evil 7' delivers on its promise of revitalizing the series.

Video Games January 24, 2017

Namco's Katsuhiro Harada Explains Why 'Tekken 7' Launch Was Delayed

Bandai Namco has apologized to fans after pushing 'Tekken 7' release a few months later than what was promised. Its officials underscored that the delay was necessary to ensure game contents are not scaled down.

Video Games January 24, 2017

'Resident Evil 7' Not Heading To The Nintendo Switch: Capcom Has 'No Plans At The Moment'

Capcom has doused speculations that 'Resident Evil 7' is also going to support Nintendo Switch. The company, however, is developing a number of titles for the console since it is one of its development partners.

Video Games January 23, 2017

Resident Evil 7 Will Support Xbox Play Anywhere Initiative

‘Resident Evil 7’ is all set to be released on Jan. 24. This is the first game that was not published by Microsoft and can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Video Games January 19, 2017

'Resident Evil 7' Season Pass Unveiled: Here's What You'll Get

'Resident Evil 7' will launch with a Season Pass on Jan. 24. It will include at least seven DLCs, which are split in two volumes of banned footage and an additional episode.

Video Games January 17, 2017

No, 'Super Street Fighter V' Not Happening: Capcom Confirms No Other Versions Coming

Capcom has refuted that it is going to release 'Super Street Fighter V' and other additions reiterating its previous position that it is committed to supporting 'Street Fighter V' until 2020.

Video Games December 27, 2016

The First 6 'Mega Man' Games Will Be Released On iOS And Android Next Month: Thank You, Capcom!

Capcom announced that it will be releasing the first six 'Mega Man' games on the iOS and Android operating systems next month. The mobile-optimized games will only cost $1.99 each, with no microtransactions after the initial purchase.

Video Games December 21, 2016

'Street Fighter V' Leak Reveals Players Who Rage Quit Often Will Be Publicly Shamed With Skull Icon

Rage quitters will now incur a badge indicating their behavior. This public shaming strategy is reportedly going to be instituted so that 'Street Fighter V' provides the best possible gaming experience to ensure its place in the emerging eSports industry.

Video Games December 19, 2016

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