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Microsoft May Have Copied A Redditor's 'PUBG' Concept For An Ad

Microsoft may have copied a designer's idea for a 'PUBG' ad from a post on Reddit. Its ad for the full release of the game bares a strong resemblance of the original idea.

Video Games December 28, 2017

Facebook Strikes Deal With Universal Music Group So You Can Put Songs In Videos

Facebook just made a deal with Universal Music Group. This means that soon, Facebook users will be able to upload videos with copyrighted music and not get taken down afterward.

Business Tech December 24, 2017

Kodi Faces Major Crackdown In The UK As Premier League Continues Its Anti-Piracy Campaign

Kodi gets swept up in a major anti-piracy campaign in the UK that will block service for its streaming application. ISPs will lend a hand.

Internet April 2, 2017

Nintendo Throws Blue Shell At Business That Lets You Play 'Mario Kart' In Real Life

Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against Tokyo-based MariCar for copyright infringement. The 'Mario Kart'-inspired business offers go-kart tours around the city, with riders provided costumes of various Nintendo characters.

Business Tech February 25, 2017

Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom Faces Extradition To The US After New Zealand Ruling

A New Zealand court ruled that there are grounds to extradite Kim Dotcom to the United States. It stated that the conspiracy to commit copyright infringement constitutes fraud.

Internet February 20, 2017

Oracle-Google Lawsuit Continues: Oracle's Appeal Starts New Battle In Massive Copyright Infringement War

Oracle is waging a new battle in its legal war against Google over the use of some Java APIs in Android. Back in May, a jury unanimously sided with Google, but Oracle has now filed an appeal.

Business Tech February 11, 2017

The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Rarbg, Torrentz2, 1337x, Kickass Torrents Users: No More Warnings Or Punitive ISP Action

Users of The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Rarbg, Torrentz2, 1337x, Kickass Torrents, and other similar websites need no longer fear warnings or CCI action from their ISPs. The Copyright Alert System 'Six Strike' program has officially been discontinued.

Internet February 4, 2017

Kickass Torrents Owner Artem Vaulin Denied Motion To Drop Charges: KAT Was A 'Flea Market For Infringing Files,' US Court Argues

Kickass Torrents ringleader, Artem Vaulin, just got another blow in the United States. The U.S. court denied his motion to have the charges against him dropped, and even compared him to a drug lord seeking immunity because he didn't take drugs.

Business Tech November 14, 2016

Apple Claims About 90 Percent Of Its Chargers Sold On Amazon Are Fake

Apple filed a lawsuit against company Mobile Star for selling allegedly counterfeit products under the Apple logo and brand on

Apple October 20, 2016

Kickass Torrents Defense: Torrents Are Not Copyrighted Material, Case Must Be Dismissed

Kickass Torrents’ defense team has filed a motion to dismiss the U.S. government’s case against the former file-sharing website. The defense argues that torrents in and of themselves are not copyrighted material.

Internet October 19, 2016

The Pirate Bay, Extratorrent, Rarbg, Uploaded, Rapidgator And Others Cited In MPAA Report To US Government

The MPAA has submitted to the U.S. government a list of file sharing sites it claims are a part of ‘notorious markets’ engaged in copyright infringement. The list includes popular torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, Extratorrent and Rarbg, and direct download sites like Uploaded and Rapidgator.

Internet October 11, 2016

YouTube Names Lyor Cohen New Global Head Of Music To Address Royalty, Copyright Issues

Music industry veteran Lyor Cohen has been named YouTube’s new Global Head of Music. The former record label chief will address issues such as YouTube’s low royalty payment rates and stream ripping in an attempt to ease relations between the company and the music industry.

Internet October 1, 2016

Viral Web Sensation 'Grumpy Cat' Caught Up In Copyright Battle

The internet’s most famous feline, known as 'Grumpy Cat', is caught up in a legal battle. Grumpy’s owners have just filed for a default judgment against a company which they say used Grumpy’s image and name to sell unauthorized products.

Internet August 30, 2016

Free Artem Vaulin: Ira Rothken Asks US To Drop Charges And Release Kickass Torrents Ringleader ASAP

Kickass Torrents purported ringleader Artem Vaulin is still in prison, but his lawyers are pushing for his release. Led by Ira Rothken, the defense urges the U.S. DOJ to dismiss the criminal complaint against Vaulin and free him as soon as possible.

Business Tech August 9, 2016

Kickass Torrents Purported Ringleader Arrested In Poland, Charged With Copyright Infringement In US

The alleged ringleader of popular torrent site Kickass Torrents, Artem Vaulin, was arrested in Poland and charged with copyright infringement in the U.S. Ironically, Vaulin was caught following a legal transaction on iTunes.

Business Tech July 21, 2016

Chinese Firm Accuses Apple Of Copying Its Smartphone Design For iPhone 6

A China-based company called Baili Marketing Service Inc. has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple. The company claims that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus' designs are a copy of its 100C smartphone.

Apple June 17, 2016

The Pirate Bay’s File-Sharing Websites To Be Handed Over To Swedish Government

The Pirate Bay loses its main domain name in a court battle.

Internet May 13, 2016

'Game Of Thrones' Season 6 Spoilers Restored Online After Failed HBO Censorship Attempt

A YouTube video containing potential 'Game Of Thrones' spoilers was removed by YouTube based on HBO’s claims of copyright infringement, even though none occurred. The clip has since been restored.

Internet May 11, 2016

Google And Oracle Heading To Trial Over Android Java Copyright Infringement

Google will face Oracle in court again over the Java copyright infringement accusations. The ongoing lawsuit stands before Judge William Alsup again, and the impact of the ruling could be significant for all developers that rely on APIs.

Business Tech May 8, 2016

Under Armour, Meet Uncle Martian: Your Brazen Chinese Clone And Obvious Ripoff, Taking China By Storm

Under Armour discovered that it faces disloyal competition from Chinese clone brand Uncle Martian. The rip-off sportswear company emulates the original in more than one way, but the American firm woes that it will press charges.

Business Tech May 2, 2016

Oracle And Google Still Locked In Android Lawsuit After Failing To Settle: Trial In May

Oracle and Google failed to settle a copyright lawsuit that started back in 2012. A trial has been scheduled for May to finally come up with a decision on whether or not Google owes Oracle $8.8 billion worth of profits, plus damages worth $475 million.

Legal April 16, 2016

EU Court Advisor Against Playboy In Landmark Case: Hyperlinking Is Not Copyright Infringement

A European Court advisor ruled in favor of a Dutch magazine that linked copyrighted content from Playboy without the author’s permission. The precedent could set new ground for copyright infringement laws applied in the European Union.

Legal April 8, 2016

Snapchat Users In The UK Can Go To Jail For Taking And Sharing Screenshots

Ed Vaizey, the U.K.'s culture minister, warned Snapchat users they could be facing jail time for saving and sharing screenshots.

Apps/Software March 28, 2016

YouTube Policy Team Creates Group Dedicated To Minimize Mistakes, Improve Quality Of Support

YouTube created a human team that will focus on minimizing video removal mistakes. The company says that user feedback has led to the creation of the dedicated team.

Internet February 29, 2016

Neuroscientist Sets Up Website To Offer Millions Of Academic Papers For Free

A neuroscientist created a website offering millions of academic papers for free. Despite a lawsuit filed against her, she does not intend to back down and has even moved to a different domain.

Society February 16, 2016

PayPal Blacklists VPN And DNS Masking Service For Allegedly Violating Copyright Laws

Following Netflix's lead, VPNs are also taking a hit from PayPal. The online payments platform has recently started blocking its services from VPNs and other DNS masking services because they allegedly enable copyright infringement.

Internet February 8, 2016

Android Reportedly Raked In $22 Billion In Profit For Google, According To Oracle

Oracle revealed in court that Google was able to make $22 billion in profit through its Android operating system. The company is planning to use Google's revenue as basis for the amount of damages it will seek for the copyright infringement the Android maker allegedly made in using Oracle's Java software.

Business January 22, 2016

Cox Communications Ordered To Pay $25 Million For Customers Downloading Pirated Content In Landmark Piracy Case

A federal jury in Virginia ordered Cox Communications to pay $25 million to BMG Rights Management in damages. The music company sued the ISP for not taking the necessary actions on its subscribers' illegal downloading.

Legal December 18, 2015

Razor Sues Hoverboard Maker Swagway Over Copyright Infringement

Razor USA filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in California against overboard maker Swagway for copyright infringement since Razor owns the rights to the patent from the toy's creator.

Legal December 4, 2015

The Pirate Bay Won In Swedish Court, But It's Not Over Yet: Copyright Holders Want An Appeal

Copyright holders aim to bring their case to an appeal following their disappointment by the ruling made by the Stockholm District Court. The court ruled that copyright holders cannot force Swedish ISP Bredbandsbolaget to block the Pirate Bay and Swefilmer.

Legal December 1, 2015

Pirate Bay Scores Major Win In Sweden As Court Declares ISPs Cannot Be Forced To Block Torrent Sites

After a month of deliberating, a Swedish Court ruled ISPs cannot be forced to block consumer access to BitTorrent portal The Pirate Bay and video streaming website Swefilmer. The ISP cannot be held liable for the copyright infrigement offenses of its subscribers, according to the court.

Internet November 30, 2015

YouTube Will Help Some Video Creators Pay For Legal Fees In Copyright Infringement Cases

YouTube said it will financially support four video creators who are being unfairly asked to take down their content by copyright holders.

Legal November 19, 2015

Jay-Z Testifies He Had Rights To Use Arabic Loop In 'Big Pimpin' Thought Sample Was By Timbaland

JayZ presents evidence in court to disprove accusations of copyright infringement against him by an heir of Egyptian composer Baligh Hamdi. He gives his testimony in a humorous yet straightforward and humble way

Movies/TV Shows October 15, 2015

PETA Files Lawsuit Over Monkey Selfie, Says Copyright Should Go To The Animal

PETA filed a lawsuit in San Francisco federal court on behalf of the macaque named Naruto to get the copyright to his famous monkey selfie.

Legal September 23, 2015

Samsung's Galaxy S3, Other Older Smartphones Banned From The Market For Copying Apple's iPhone

A United States federal appeals court has ruled to block Samsung from selling several older models of its smartphones in the country after overturning the ruling of only monetary damages for Samsung's infringement on Apple's patents.

Legal September 18, 2015

SoundCloud Sued For Copyright Infringement

SoundCloud is being taken to court for copyright infringement. UK songwriters licensing group PRS for Music claims the service is not compensating its members for streaming songs they have written or for which they own the publishing rights.

Legal August 31, 2015

Now Facing Potential Legal Action From PRS For Music, SoundCloud Is Not Having A Great Year

The UK's Performing Rights Society For Music has announced its intention to to take legal action against SoundCloud's loose and often-nonexistent copyright policies.

Legal August 27, 2015

Twitter’s iOS Interactive Notifications Allow You To Respond To Tweets While Using Other Apps

Twitter has released slight updates that allow iOS users to respond to tweets while not in the app, as well as easily access drafts.

Apps/Software July 28, 2015

Artist Sells Instagram Photos Of Other People For As Much As $90,000 And He Can Do It To You, Too

New York artist Richard Prince makes as much as $90,000 selling photos of other people which he took from their Instagram accounts. While some people believe that what he’s doing is a form of stealing, Prince doesn’t really care.

Society May 26, 2015

Got Google Fiber And Downloaded Illegal Content? You Might Be Receiving Notice For Piracy Fines

Google Fiber is sending out copyright infringement notices to subscribers. The notices also serve as automated fines and propose that subscribers make settlements that range from $20 to $300.

Internet May 21, 2015

Grooveshark Is Dead: Music Startup Gives In To Legal Pressure

Grooveshark chose to shut itself down over paying $736 million for distributing unlicensed songs.

Legal May 2, 2015

Sinking Ship? Pirate Bay Upload Function Not Working

The Pirate Bay seem to have difficulty in making the site run smoothly after it has returned online. Several users reported being redirected to accounts of other users after logging in.

Internet March 3, 2015

Ericsson Sues Apple For Copyright Infringement, Seeks iPhone Sales Ban In US

Ericsson has filed nine lawsuits against Apple, saying that Apple infringed on a total of 41 patents. The news comes after licenses for Apple to use those patents expired last month, after which the company rejected new terms proposed by Ericsson.

Legal February 28, 2015

Megaupload Piracy Case: Mega Programmer Pleads Guilty, Faces One Year Prison Sentence

Mega programmer Andrus Nömm pleaded guilty to charges of copyright infringement caused by his involvement with Megaupload and other piracy websites. He was given a one year and one day prison term for the conspiracy act involving felony copyright infringement.

Legal February 16, 2015

The Pirate Bay Returns From The Dead: You Can't Just Put It Down

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of its old life, The Pirate Bay is back and it's never been more alive than in the last seven weeks.

Internet February 1, 2015

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